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Prevent Carved and Uncarved Pumpkins from Decaying Food Hacks :: WonderHowTo

Carving and decorating pumpkins is a popular October pastime. After you have carved a great design or face into one or two pumpkins, you want to present it through your window or put it out on your porch so the neighbors can see it.

But without knowing the tricks to save your face Holiday gourds can become slimy, moldy and mushy in just three days.

Do not let that happen – let everyone see your original masterpiece, not a muddy, sunken, sad version.

This is your pumpkin lantern … just before mold begins. Image by Robert Xyster / WonderHowTo

So here at WonderHowTo we've been scouring the web to find all the tips and tricks to figure out how to put carved and unharvested pumpkins in the distance – until after Halloween and beyond out! [19659002] Read on to find out what worked best, what did not and how to get the best Jack-o-Lanterns in your bonnet.

Remember, if you live in a high humidity area. When it rains, your carved pumpkins will not last as long as in arid environments.

These pumpkins definitely deserve to be conserved! Image of Shawn Campbell / Flickr

Method 1: Soaking in a bleaching solution [The19659011] Dipping in bleach is an easy and effective way to prevent your carved pumpkins from taking up to seven years long form days. The sodium hypochlorite kills microorganisms that cause the pumpkins to rot, and dries out the pumpkin.

You need:

  • Bleach (available from Amazon or Walmart)
  • Water
  • A bucket or container large enough to fit your pumpkin (if you have nothing in the house, try it) Amazon or Walmart).
  • Your Carved Pumpkin

The steps to make the solution are super easy:

  1. After you carve your pumpkin, rinse it with water to remove excess filaments and fiber.
  2. Take a large bucket or tub and add three gallons of water.
  3. Stir three teaspoons of bleach into the water. [19659015] Dive into the pumpkin. Hold it down as it will try to float. The whole pumpkin should rest for two minutes in the solution. You may also want to wear gloves.
  4. Remove the solution and let the pumpkin dry in the air.
Image by Wikivisual / WikiHow

You For more information, visit the Clorox website. It is also interesting to note that at My Science Project, a bleached pumpkin lantern held for up to ten days with minimal degradation.

Some people instead spray their carved pumpkins daily with a bleach solution to do the big dunk. Regular spraying works too, but your pumpkin will probably expire faster. It does not rot as fast as an untreated pumpkin, but it does not last as long as one soaked in the bleach solution.

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While it seems strange with so much airflow in a carved pumpkin, one can Open Silica Pack Keep the rotting off your Jack-o. -Lantern. Mental Floss compared some of the methods in this list and found that the bleaching solution described above and an opened silica packet would best extend the life of a carved pumpkin.

Since silica packets are a desiccant, it's no surprise that they work well. They absorb moisture and keep things reasonably dry when they are moist. A non-moist carved pumpkin means less mold and less drooping.

Of course you should not eat these things. And if you have pets, keep them away too. Image by Martin Lissmats / Flickr

Method 3: Spray It With … Pumpkin Spray

Using a specially designed pumpkin preservative is probably the simplest solution available. Pumpkin Fresh is specially formulated to prevent mold on your pumpkin, whether it is carved or whole. You can order it online or find it in your local pumpkin patch.

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My science project describes the ingredients as "water, sodium tetraborate decahydrate (borax) and sodium benzoate (a preservative and fungicide) describes it as a "fungicidal solution."

This stuff is not available in many stores to remove from their website.

Method 4: Spray it with WD-40 It is also ideal for pumpkin preservation. How and why does it work? The company keeps its ingredients list secret. However, WIRED magazine sent a bottle of the stuff to a lab and broke down the ingredients it contained.

If you want to be extra secure, do not use a candle for at least 24 hours. Image from Yumi Sakugawa / WonderHowTo

It turns out that the main ingredient of WD-40 is mineral oil – the same material in Vaseline (see below). Your pumpkins stay hydrated, protected from moisture and look fresh. It also contains several alkanes that are water repellent and frost resistant. So go and use it to preserve both carved and uncarved pumpkins. The instructions are simple:

  1. Get some WD-40 (try Amazon or Walmart if you do not have one in the house).
  2. Spray everything on your carved pumpkin to look shiny and new. Spray carved pumpkins inside and out, making sure all parts are saturated.

Note that mineral oil is flammable. Therefore, you should be careful when inserting a burning candle. Some people say they have never had to deal with a lantern en fuego . However, we recommend that you play it safe and grab a battery-powered LED pumpkin light (9.90 USD on Amazon) to light your lantern.

These and the next methods do not work as well as bleach and silicic acid, as more moisture is present.

Method 5: Rub with Vaseline.

Vaseline is a great way to prevent carved pumpkins from drying up to get that wrinkled look. It is water repellent, so that it encloses the natural moisture and keeps moisture away from the outside.

  1. Take some Vaseline (try Amazon or Walmart).
  2. Distribute Vaseline in your pumpkin and around all cut out areas.
  3. Apply again if necessary.
Do not attach the pumpkin to the outside. Picture of a real housewife

Extreme Pumpkins does a good job though: spreading Vaseline on a pumpkin is a pain. We recommend putting on a disposable latex glove so you do not have to lift your hand and blush the stuff with minimal dirt. This also applies to the following method.

Method 6: Apply to some vegetable oil

If you do not like Vaseline, you can also use a vegetable oil such as for the same preparation.

Most of the oils in your kitchen, such as almonds, avocados and sesame seeds, are occlusive substances – that is, they hold moisture, just like vaseline. Apply oil to the inside of your pumpkin and to all cutouts. If necessary, reapply. As with Vaseline, we recommend using a disposable latex glove to minimize contamination.

Method 7: Shine With Ground Wax (Uncarved Pumpkins Only)

Yes, floor cleaner is an excellent preservative, but not for un-carved pumpkins only. Brightening up your pumpkin is a great trick for those who like Halloween and Thanksgiving the look of a whole pumpkin decor in their homes. With the floor cleaner your pumpkins will stay shiny and fresh for up to four weeks.

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Many brands of ground wax preserve pumpkins as long as it's a liquid acrylic cleaner, at least according to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Simply apply the liquid acrylic floor cleaner to a damp towel and gently wipe over each pumpkin, leaving a thin layer.

You can not eat the pumpkin once you've treated it this way, but would have eaten it anyway? It is unlikely that you will always use this bright orange, perfectly spherical pumpkin for cooking. When we talk about pumpkin pie, what you eat is not the same type of pumpkin you would have spilled on the stairs. However, the true differences between squash and pumpkin sold in a can of squash are controversial.

Other cleaners such as Pledge Floor Care and Quick Shine Deep Cleaner are also working. Image via Hey Now Whoa Now

If you are not quite sure how to handle a pumpkin with ground wax, Stephanie Lynn has another solution for keeping whole pumpkins. Clean the pumpkin or pumpkin with a mild bleach solution (ten parts water to one part bleach) to kill bacteria on the surface. Then apply some Vaseline and polish the pumpkins to a high gloss. You can also use plain, old, white vinegar and water to rinse the surface because it is food safe and kills most viruses and bacteria.

Now that you have the best tricks to conserve pumpkins, you should do better Carving! More entertaining Halloween food hacks are waiting for you!

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