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PSA: What to do if you leave your phone in the cold

  A cold phone half buried in white snow.

It happened to all of us: You accidentally left your smartphone in the car. Sometimes you may hurry back to get it, and sometimes you might think, "Hey, I do not need it now, I'll get it when I go back."

Usually, a smartphone sits in a vehicle for a few hours This is not too big a deal, but when the outside temperature is below freezing, it can cause unexpected battery problems for your phone. The biggest problem is fast draining – depending on how cold it is, a smartphone battery could change from fully charged to full discharge within minutes.

What is worse, is that immediately after the rapid emptying no charging is possible, the device.

But do not worry! Your battery is OK and your smartphone will be fine. Read on to learn what you can do when faced with these issues. Also keep in mind that the same principles apply to almost all lithium-ion battery-powered devices, including laptops, tablets, and portable gaming systems, and the list continues.

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If you have a cold phone that is empty and can not be charged, all you have to do is wait for it to return to normal temperatures. This could be as simple as getting the phone in and just letting it rest for a few hours while it's naturally back to normal.

If you can not wait that long, you can warm the unit gently Place it near a warm surface. This could be because you put it in your bag, put it down (but not on it) near a radiator, or leave it on the dashboard of your car while the heater is blowing hot air.

Be careful though: You should never put the phone in an oven or microwave and never place it on or in the vicinity of something very hot, eg. As an electric hot plate or oven. You want the appliance to get a little warm and not cooked.

During this warming process do not charge your phone . Just let it warm up without the charging cable connected.

When the phone is warmed up, turn it on. The battery may be at the same level before it got so cold. If this is not the case, you can connect and charge it as usual.

Why is the cold draining the battery?

  USB Type C Power Cable

Interestingly, scientists do not understand why this happens. Science knows that incredibly cold temperatures drain lithium-ion batteries very quickly, but the reasons are still pretty mysterious.

What we do know is that lithium-ion batteries require chemical reactions to charge, hold and hold this charge, then release this charge, and the cold slows down these reactions.

Each smartphone battery has two areas: the anode and the cathode. When the battery is fully charged, lithium ions in porous graphite are embedded in the anode, and when the battery is empty, the ions are at the opposite end of the cathode. Power is generated when individual lithium ions flow from the anode to the cathode.

For some reason, the chemical reaction caused by the movement of lithium ions slows down when lithium-ion batteries are placed in cold temperatures until they creep – or even cease altogether. The smartphone detects that the battery is no longer generating any charge and lowers the charging counter to one percent or even zero percent. If enough time passes, the phone turns off.

If you try to recharge the phone in this state, the reactions are still not running because the battery is still too cold. In fact, this new introduction of electric power could lead to problems for the battery.

Only when the battery is brought to a warmer temperature, the lithium ions move normally and everything works again as expected. For this reason, a cold battery can become depleted by warming up: The lithium ions (ie, the charge amount of the battery) were not completely shifted from one end of the battery to the other, but remained stationary. 19659003] Remember, the next time you're in a cold place! Try to keep your smartphone warm.

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