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Put on the daily "unplugged" time to promote distraction-free parenting – LifeSavvy

  Mother lies on the floor reading a book to her child
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We all want to be more present, attentive and attentive parents. But let's be honest, that's hard to do when our phones are constantly chirping, humming, vibrating ̵

1; and always retreating. Add to that the appeal of entertaining children's shows and exciting apps, getting our kids to pull out the plug also feels impossible.

The answer? You just have to pull the plug. Not the whole day, but for a long time. This means to keep all notifications, e-mails and texts waiting. Do not worry. You will be there when you are done with the time.

First, find out at what times of the day you can best pull the plug. Do not prepare for failure. For example, if you're used to having your kids watch TV while cooking, keep it as part of your usual routine. We want you to preserve your sanity (or at least part of it) during all that.

We recommend reducing the technique and screen time during the morning routine, while eating together, and during bedtime. Start there and try to add something in a certain hour as soon as you get the ball rolling.

Here are some quick tips for success:

  • Hide Your Phone: Right, physically place your phone in another room. Turn it on quietly. Once out of sight, you will less likely to check it impulsively every five minutes.
  • Unplug the power cord: Do not reach behind the TV and unplug! This little ritual may seem silly, but it does mean that the time of "pulling out" has begun, forcing your family to find new and creative ways to entertain.
  • Disable Wi-Fi: Disconnect Wi-Fi while using it You're there. This will remind you and everyone else that it is time to stop and be present.
  • Set the Timer: If you know the "unplugged" time is not forever, you and your family will make it! Start with 30 minutes if it feels like a real fight, and finally work up to a full hour – or even two or three hours.

Pulling out the plug is a good start, but it's not the only way to make the parents more attentive. For more tips and tricks, see our Eccentric Education Guide for minimizing distractions.

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