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Quickly search a website using shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

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Apple's Shortcuts app is as powerful as you'd like, and it can do some incredible things if you know how to work around it. You can also use it for some very simple things, such as: For example, searching a website for text.

If you need to search a site regularly for something, you are familiar with the site search operator. Go to Google ̵

1; or use the address bar. Type "site: nameofsite.com keywords" to search this site. For example, if you're looking for shortcuts on the how-to-geek website, you'll need to use site: howtogeek.com shortcuts and you'll be rewarded with the results.

It's not a complicated process, but typing is cumbersome every time. That brings us to shortcuts. And do not worry, if you want to jump to the end and download the link, that's okay too.

Creating a Shortcut to Search a Website

It's pretty easy to see what shortcuts look like. It consists of two variables and a text box and only needs four actions:

To get started, open the shortcuts and tap the small "+" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

 Touch the plus symbol

. Then search for "Ask for input" and tap it. Do this twice to create two actions.

 Search for text input and tap it.

Enter a text in the two new actions. These are pop-ups asking you to find the site to search and the keywords to use. Examples can be found in the screenshots.

 Enter two appropriate text strings for your two prompts

Next, search for a Text action and tap it. Enter "site:" and tap the button for the magic variable.

 Search for

Select the first of the two input actions we created earlier.

 Tap the first text Input Action

Now enter a space and select another magic variable. This time, select the second text input we created earlier.

 Enter a space and then select another magic variable. Select the second text input this time

Finally, look for a "Search Web" action and tap it.

 Looking for a

And that's all that goes with it. Run your link and you will be amazed. It's like magic!

You can run the shortcut from the Shortcuts app, access it from a widget, or add it to your Home screen.

Alternatively, you can access the same shortcut here and download it. Do this if you want to compare the link you made with the original, especially if you have problems.

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