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Removing contacts from the sharing sheet on iOS 13 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The sharing system on your iPhone acts as a hub for actions and sharing extensions, making it easy to store files, share photos and videos, and other important tasks. On iOS 13, the sharing sheet has been greatly improved, including the ability to share content more easily with your favorite contacts.

Open the sharing sheet on iOS 13, and you'll see a group of contacts at the top of your suggested contacts. There are two types of contacts: contacts you are currently connected to using AirDrop, and contacts you are currently texting (including group threads) with messages. When you tap on an AirDrop contact, you can quickly share with AirDrop. When you tap a message contact, you can quickly share messages. Simple enough.

However, not everyone may want them to appear everywhere on their device, mainly for privacy reasons. Everyone can potentially see the contacts you interact with most. Another problem could be to accidentally send something to one of these contacts. This can easily happen if the symbols are so conspicuous. Unfortunately, there is no setting that you can disable to simply remove contacts from the share sheet. However, there is a workaround.

Remove message contacts

If you want to remove a message contact from the share sheet, you must delete its contacts thread from messages. Yes, this means you lose all the photos, videos and other files in the thread. So do this only after saving everything. To delete a thread in messages, simply swipe left and then double-tap Delete. You can do this for both single and group threads.

If you delete a thread from a contact that appears in your sharing sheet, the contact disappears from it. Below you can see the contact before the thread was deleted (left screenshot) and afterwards (right screenshot).

If you want to remove all contacts from the top of the share sheet, you must delete each thread in messages, which is obviously absurd. However, if you are seriously concerned about your privacy, this is currently the only option available.

Removing AirDrop Contacts

Occasionally, AirDrop contacts appear in the sharing sheet, which are contacts stored on your device, AirDrop enabled, and you can share media through AirDrop. These contacts only appear when you are connected to them. They are therefore only displayed occasionally. If the other device is not connected to yours, the contact on your sharing sheet will not appear as an AirDrop contact (although it may still appear as a message contact if you also send it via text message).

On When you remove an AirDrop contact, you only need to turn AirDrop off. You can do this in several ways, but most easily through the Control Center. Just swipe down from the top right of the screen and press the square in the upper left corner (with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons) with a pressed or forced mouse button. Now tap on "AirDrop" and then on "Receive Off".

Next time you open your sharing sheet, no AirDrop contacts will show up at the top. Below is the Share Sheet where AirDrop is enabled and connected to another device (left screenshot) and disabled (right screenshot).

Cover photo and screenshots of Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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