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Repost tracks to populate your profile stream with SoundCloud «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

SoundCloud is a great place to collect all your different musical tastes and display them as a representation of your identity. You can view things like your own songs, albums, manually curated playlists, favorite songs and playlists, and newly published content on your profile page.

These SoundCloud features let you know what kind of music you're in. It also gives other users a good reason to follow you. In addition to displaying your playlists and popular songs on your page, re-posting songs is another SoundCloud feature that lets people know what your story is about.

Yes, so you have the "Favorite Tracks" section, which is great Here you can save the music you encounter and which you also like from a distance. However, it is not a practical place to listen to music if you feel in any way. Have you ever tried searching 200 likes in SoundCloud to find a song? There is a lot of jumping around.

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Then your SoundCloud or manually curated playlists will come into play. You can have a playlist for work, for the gym, for an event, or for the next time you come down on a Saturday night.

And then rebook? You can republish a single song, playlist, or album on your profile page. If you like an entire album and you want to save it, republish it on your page so you can quickly find it in your own collection.

As far as titles and playlists are concerned, it's up to you. You can already save a playlist in your own collection by liking it. The same applies to tracks. If you want to start a playlist of popular songs, you can do so.

Posting on your own page is also a great way to build your stream. Your stream is the first thing you see when you open the SoundCloud app. You'll find reposts from other artists, people you follow, as well as reposts from you.

Consider reposting in SoundCloud as a smaller Instagram feed account in SoundCloud. Maybe you will not keep coming back to listen to your newly released content, but it's a great way to say, "Hey, what's going on, that's what I'm doing today!" to all your friends and followers.

Now I will guide you through reposting content from SoundCloud on your own site. Prepare this SoundCloud app.

Option 1
: Repost from Your Own Stream

If you see something from another user in your stream that you want to repost, you can either "Repost" and repost it immediately or tap on the ellipsis (three points) in the lower right corner. If you tap on the ellipsis, you will find "Repost on SoundCloud" in the menu sheet. Tap to re-publish the selected song.

If you want to remove something that you have republished in SoundCloud, tap the "Repost" button again to unpublish, or on the menu, tap "Reload on SoundCloud" (iOS ) or press "Unpost" (Android).

Option 3: Re-provision a playlist or album

To re-provision a playlist or album, tap the playlist or album to go to the playlist. To redial, tap the ellipsis (three dots) next to the sharing icon below the displayed image of the content. If you want to republish your own playlist, this is not possible. However, you can republish songs within this playlist by tapping the ellipsis of each song.

Tap on "Repost on SoundCloud". If you want to remove something you've posted, uncheck "Repeat on SoundCloud" (iOS) or tap "Unpost" (Android).

If you're an artist and have uploaded original content, unfortunately you can not republish your own tracks or albums. But all in all, it's always nice to open SoundCloud and see which people you're getting into. So use the app's reposting feature as a tool to share your discoveries in SoundCloud.

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