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Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 9 with a focus on gaming & a brand new S Pen «Android :: Gadget Hacks

After the recalls that plagued the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung delivered a killer device in the Galaxy Note 8. Unfortunately, many felt the subsequent Galaxy S9 and S9 + were not exactly heady enhancements, so Samsung wanted to get it out of the park, their next flagship, the Galaxy Note 9.

The Galaxy Note 8 sold like "hotcakes" and sold alone in South Korea over a million units. Samsung is not keen to be outdone (especially by itself), so expect the Galaxy Note 9 to be even better than its predecessors.

As with all rumors, you should take them with a grain of salt. While we already know most aspects of the phone, this information is not yet confirmed by Samsung. Now let's go to the brass and rethink everything we know.

Rumored Report

Exclusive Fortnite Access for 30 days

According to 9to5Google, the popular video game Fortnite Battle Royale will celebrate its Android debut on the Galaxy Note 9. To make Note 9 even more attractive, Fornite will be exclusively on the phone for the first 30 days. Since the device is supposed to be delivered in late August, this means that other Android devices will not have access to the game until the end of September.

Epic Games will also be giving away $ 100- $ 150 worth of V-Bucks (in-game currency) with all pre-orders. For fans of the game this will be difficult to overtake. According to XDA, the popular Twitch streamer Ninja will be at the event (more on that later) to announce this deal.

XDA also reports that Fortnite Mobile uses Samsung DeX, Samsung's technology that lets you interact with your phone much like a desktop. This will no longer require a dedicated pad or station, and it may work similar to the Huawei desktop mode, which uses only one cable. DeX allows you to connect a mouse and a keyboard so that you can destroy the competition with a touch screen.

The Note series is now a gaming phone

Speaking of exclusivity, according to XDA Samsung advertising will be the Galaxy Note 9 as a gaming phone. Samsung has installed a Vapor Chamber heat pipe to support cooling during long gaming sessions. While this is a significant shift from the target market of the previous iteration, you can see how this change in marketing makes sense. With its larger display (see below) and the even larger battery, the Galaxy Note 9 is similar to the only other Razer Phone gaming device available in the US.

Samsung Mobile News Image Twitter

In addition, XDA reports that the S Pen is also being integrated into Fortnite. Our guess is that the stylus works just like the right analog stick on the console and controls the aiming. Potentially, the clicker could also work as a way of shooting.

6.4 "Super AMOLED Screen

According to @MMDDJ Samsung will again include a display of more than 6 inches The Galaxy Note 9 will have a larger screen than its predecessor at 6.4 inches According to rumors, the resolution at 2960 x 1440 will remain the same, which means a lower PPI than last year's model (around 514 ppi vs 8 521 ppi)

As always, Samsung will still have it's most advanced screen, the Super AMOLED Panel Not Known Downgrade, we expect at least the same well-regarded screen from its predecessor, which had a peak brightness of 1200 nits and was designated by Displaymate as the most powerful smartphone display (until they checked the screen of the iPhone X) expect Samsung to get back this title from Apple, so expect an even better display this year.

Massive 4,000 mAh battery [19659030] With a larger one Display comes a larger Ba ttery and rumors indicate that Samsung does not skim in this department. Contrary to last year's strange decision to have a smaller battery than the Galaxy S8 +, even though the 8th has the larger display, it is rumored that the 9th note contains a whopping 4,000 mAh of battery

It's been released for two years The Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung feels at ease again to push battery capacity for all-day performance. And to mitigate all your fears, a problem with the Galaxy Note 7 was the limited space that the heat could vent with its large battery. However, the Galaxy Note 9 is longer (6.37 "vs. 0.64"), wider (3.0 "vs. 0.291") and thicker (0.35 "vs. 0.031"), so it seems Samsung has out learned from his past

Dual-aperture variable-aperture cameras

Samsung introduces its new feature, the variable aperture, from the Galaxy S9 (and S9 +) to the Note Series. Similar to the S9 +, the Galaxy Note 9 has two rear cameras, both with 12 MP and optical image stabilization. The primary lens can set the aperture from 1: 1.5 to 1: 2.4, and the second lens has a fixed aperture of 1: 2.4. For more information on the operation of the variable iris, visit the following link:

Faster Wireless Charging

Samsung Introduces a New Wireless Charger, known as the Wireless Charger Duo. As the name implies, it can load two items at the same time; specifically, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 in addition to your new Galaxy Note 9. This charger is the most powerful wireless charger from Samsung, with an output power of 25.2 W (12 V / 2.1 A). With so much power, the base supports fast loading on both pads, so you do not have to wait long for one of the devices to fully charge.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

There is little doubt that the Galaxy Note 9 will rock anything but the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in the US and South Korea. The use of this SoC was also confirmed in a Geekbench leak.

As is tradition, the Exynos model is likely to be reserved for other regions, such as Europe. While Exynos generally performs better than its Qualcomm counterpart, the Snapdragon 845 is still the best SoC found in the US market for Android phones. This SoC will give you flagship performance and is a remarkable upgrade from last year's Snapdragon 835.

The Snapdragon 845. Image via Qualcomm

Bluetooth S-Pen

It seems that the S-Pen too receives an upgrade. The previous iteration of the S-Pen was based on Wacom's licensed technology. According to ExtremeTech, an active digitizer on-screen recognizes the tip of the pen and measures the force to register a tap. It did not have to be loaded, but was limited in his abilities.

According to rumors, the new S Pen will use Bluetooth. With Bluetooth, it can now control much more of the phone and expand its user base. XDA was able to uncover firmware for the Galaxy Tab S4 (the upcoming tablet that also uses the S-Pen) and reveal some of the features of the new S-Pen.

According to XDA, the new S-Pen will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Control your music
  • Serves as a camera shutter so you can remove a picture from your phone
  • Unlock your phone from the Remote
  • Access a selection of apps
  • Open a specific app
  • Assign Actions for One-Touch and Double-Press

Android already provides native support for Bluetooth stylus so that it can be possible S-Pen to use on other devices. Unfortunately, you now need to recharge the pen as it requires power and has its own lithium-ion battery. It is possible that the phone will automatically charge the pen, but we have to wait and see on this front.

New paint

There is also a new color on the horizon. Apparently Samsung will introduce a copper color in addition to the traditional blue and black. We're not sure if Samsung ties it to a specific region or variants, but we know that a copper color exists.

In addition, the blue version will be the only version with a different colored pen. As you can see (thanks to the leaks of Evan Blass ), the blue option will have a yellow pen, while the styles of the other variants will match the color of the phone.

Picture by Evan Blass / Twitter

The latest Galaxy Note

Rumors suggest the Galaxy Note 9 be the last touch the series. According to The Bell, Samsung is considering combining the Note and S-Series in a lineup so that the grade 10 is actually the S10 +.

That would make sense, since Samsung has already announced a phone with a foldable screen year (although new reports indicate that this will be next year), which more than likely take the note series as the second flagship series becomes. As the S9 + comes closer and closer to the Touch Series screen, it makes sense to combine them to better segment your products.

Pricing and Availability

Samsung is very methodical in terms of introducing its phones. The new Galaxy Note model is usually announced in August and released in September, ready to tackle Apple's offerings. Samsung announced an event on August 9th to unveil the 9th grade named Galaxy UNPACKED. The livestream will start at 11:00 ET and you can watch it on Samsung's website. Rumors indicate that the release date will be 15 days later, on the 24th.

Image via Samsung

Price, thanks A recent leak from ETNews, we now have an unconfirmed price, with previous assumptions matches. According to ETNews, the Galaxy Note 9 is offered for markets outside South Korea at $ 979.99 for the 6GB / 128GB base model and $ 1209.99 for the 8GB / 512GB variant.

There are other features added The Galaxy Note 9th Bixby 2.0 will make its debut, a new image sensor called ISOCELL Plus will enhance the camera, a new DeX solution and a new version of Samsung Experience based on Android 8.1 Oreo. The Galaxy Note 9 will be a great upgrade for those who know what they are looking for.

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