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Save up to $ 40 on Amazon Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers – Review Geek

  An Amazon Kindle

If you've been waiting for a high discount on Amazon devices, it may now be time to get your wallet out. The company has cut prices for many of its Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers by as much as $ 40.

In some cases, this pricing has so far only been offered at sales events restricted to Amazon Prime subscribers. This action is available to all. The discounted items include the standard models Fire 7 and Fire 8, the Kids Edition Fire 7 and Fire 8 and the new Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite the 1

0th generation, the device at $ 39.99, as it was previously only $ 49.99. If you prefer a larger display and a more powerful battery, the price of Fire 8 has been reduced from $ 79.99 to $ 59.99.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition now costs $ 69.99 and the Fire 8 Kids Edition $ 99.99. Both cost $ 30 from their usual rate. Amazon's "Kids Edition" products come with a protective case, one-year access to kid-friendly content via FreeTime Unlimited, and a two-year worry-free warranty that Amazon will replace any device that damages your kids.

Generation Kindle (the newest) has lowered its price by $ 25 from $ 89.99 to $ 64.99. The main features include an integrated front light for reading in the dark and a week long battery life. Alternatively, the Kindle Paperwhite, with its ultra-sharp 300 ppi display, now costs just $ 89.99 and $ 40 less than $ 129.99. Amazon UK currently offers similar rebates for the Fire 7 (£ 15, now only £ 35), the Fire 8 (£ 20, now only £ 60) and the Kindle Paperwhite (£ 30, now only £ 90). [19659003] Source: Engadget

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