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Save your back from your desk with these 5 office-friendly routes – LifeSavvy

  A young woman makes a yoga twist on an office conference table.
Karla Tafra

Many of us spend most of our time between driving, sitting at the desk and relaxing. A main consequence of this is back pain. Here are five office friendly sections that can help!

You probably do not have the time or space to go through a full yoga routine in the office, but these sections are easy to pinch and undo some of the tensions introduced at your desk for hours.

Forward folding

  A young woman doing a yoga stretch with forward pleats
Karla Tafra

One of the best passive stretches is a simple forward fold. By pulling yourself down by gravity, you naturally create space between your vertebrae and stretch the thigh muscles and back muscles.

Many people are unaware that tight thigh muscles are a major cause of back pain and never think about including them in their stretching routine. The muscles in our body are all connected. When you think about how one muscle group affects another, it's easier to find a good stretch for it.

When making sure your knees are bent, protect the lower back and prevent the thighs from being overused. extended. Let your upper body fall over your thighs and relax your shoulders.

You can strengthen the stretch by crossing your fingers behind your back and dropping your arms over your head. This flushes out the shoulders and pulls the lats away from the lower back, creating more room and releasing tensions. Take a deep and deep breath and let your head fall hard. As you leave the pose, curve your spine and slowly curl up, stacking the vertebrae together and lifting your head last. 19659014] Karla Tafra

We sit at our desks all day keeping our chest closed while our shoulders bend forward to type on our computers. Repeating this stretch several times a day helps to fight back pain, neck stiffness, and even headaches caused by excessively strained muscles. Place your hands with your palms facing forward on the chair behind you. Make sure your feet are hip-width and press firmly into the ground to create a stable foundation. Press through your palms and let your front body open.

Make sure your neck and head do not fall back. Instead, stretch your spine by sending your shoulders away from your ears and breathing into the stretch. This will help to create the much needed lift and prevent any neck strain. Use each inhalation to extend the spine even more, and each exhale to go deeper. When you're ready to come out, turn your spine in the opposite direction and guide your chin toward your chest to avoid discomfort.

Neck Stretch

  A young woman performs a simple yoga neck stretching.
Karla Tafra [19659003] Stretching the neck prevents back pain, stiff shoulders and possible headaches. To stare at our screens all day and sit in this bent position is not a matter of course for our bodies. We compensate with every possible muscle, which in turn affects our nerves and all the signals that enter our brains.

You can do this simple yet useful stretching anytime, anywhere – as often as you like! [19659004] Slow to avoid unpleasant sensations or damage to the neck muscles. The gentle pulling down of the head creates a great relief. Listen to your body and only go as deep as you please. On some days, you may be able to go all the way down and bring your chin to your chest, but there may be situations where you are not near that depth, and that's fine. Listen to your body and let it tell you what it needs at a particular time.

Lateral stretch of the neck and shoulder

  A young woman performing lateral stretching of the neck and shoulder
Karla Tafra

Our neck is a sensitive part of our body, containing millions of nerves in the smallest space has and sends all sorts of signals into our brain and out of it. If you sit in the same position every day, these nerves become tense. Expanding everything helps immensely, and you can do it in just minutes each day.

Press your feet firmly into the ground and sit up in a balanced position. Place one hand next to you and push it into your seat with your palm. Lay your other hand on the side of your head and gently pull towards your opposite shoulder while simultaneously pushing yourself away from your seat.

Remember, do not use hard movements; You want to be as tender as possible with your neck! Breathe in the stretch and try to increase the distance between the neck and outstretched shoulder with each inhalation and exhalation. After 3-5 respiratory cycles, slowly return to the center and reset before doing the same on the other side.

Seated Turn

  A young woman performs a sitting twist yoga stretching while sitting on a bench.
Karla Tafra

Spins are an incredible way to reset our spine and bring fresh oxygen and energy to our back muscles. Their regular execution not only helps us on a physical but also mental level to improve our performance and increase our productivity in the office.

Start with a hip-width foot and squeeze firmly into the ground, sit up and hold the shoulders away from his ears. Inhale your left arm and do a spinal tightening. Then put your left hand on your right knee. Reach back with your right arm and try to find leverage by pushing away from your seat to keep your spine nice and straight. Inhale to extend the spine. Exhale to dive deeper into the spin. Stay for 3-5 respiratory cycles, return to the center to reset and repeat on the other side.

These are all stretches that you can fit into a typical work break. Go outside to get some fresh air and enjoy a few quiet minutes of stretching to release the tension of your muscles and re-center your mind.

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