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Saving and Transporting Magic Leap One works safely with this affordable VR Case «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

Over the last few days, I've talked twice about having the Magic Leap One with me to test his mobile skills. But you may have wondered how I carried the device with me. Did I just get my brand new $ 2,300, heavy device in a backpack and go out on the street? Barely.

Instead, I found a solution right in front of my nose in the form of the harsh EVA travel case for Oculus Rift VR from Hermitshell. Earlier this year, I bought the suitcase so I could take my Oculus Rift with me. But it turns out that I've never used it, and now we have the Oculus Go, so the suitcase was unused so far.

image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

The Magic Leap One's Lightwear and Lightpack fits perfectly in one side of the case, and The associated control unit and power cords fit snugly in the pocket on the other side of the case.

Also, the case has a hard shell, so in most situations (I would not stuff that into an airline luggage box), it acts as a protective cocoon for your precious new augmented reality device.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Apart from some background information on how I handled the unit in the field, I also post it because I've already seen a few requests from Magic Leap An Owner Looking for an Augmented Reality Device

Until there's a dedicated company or Magic Leap offers its own, this is the best I've found. And the kicker is that, compared to the price of the device, it's pretty cheap, only $ 39.99.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

I also did not know how to keep Magic Leap One. I could not just hold the huge box of Magic Leap and put it in when it was not in use. That's just not practical. For a while, I just left it on my desk and draped a soft cloth over the lens area to prevent dust from settling on it. But that was not practical. However, the case is perfect, not only in terms of size, but also inside it is lined with durable, soft fabric, so I no longer have to worry about contact with the lenses of the device

Image by Adario Strange / Next-Reality

This is the part where I tell you that none of this is a guarantee that this bag will be your Magic Leap One in all situations protects. And Magic Leap did not mention the "no" carry case approval, so use this carrying case with your expensive new AR device at your own risk.

Personally, with its light weight, attached handles, and included shoulder strap I plan to transport my Magic Leap One in the foreseeable future.

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