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Schedule texts to be sent later in the Telegram «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Sometimes you have to send a message at a certain time. Say, a thought struck you late at night, but you do not want to wake anyone up. You can do this by waiting until the message is sent at the desired time, or you can schedule your message at a specific time.

Telegram provides a feature that allows you to send messages not only at a specific time but also at a specific time. If you want to schedule reminders, due warnings, or timed blessings, there's an easy way to do it. The planning function is quick and easy to learn. If you know how to do it, you can start batching messages in a telegram.

Plan texts

Open the Telegram App ( Android | iOS). Go to a group chat or direct message. Enter the message you want to schedule. If your message is complete, hold down and press the button instead of tapping the Submit button.

When you do this, a small pop-up window appears. You will see the option "Schedule message". Touch it. Now you can choose the time and date to send your message. When you're done, tap the blue "Send" button.

Managing Scheduled Texts

The Scheduled Messages screen appears. Here you can view and manage all scheduled messages. If you want to return to this screen, tap the calendar icon in the bottom right corner of your chat.

If you want to delete, edit, or redirect your message, you can do so here by long pressing on your message. You can then edit, copy, forward, and delete your scheduled message by clicking its icon in the toolbar.

The message in the queue is sent at the specified time. You can schedule any number of messages in group or single chats.

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