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Seeing yourself old in this new photo filter is scary. you should try it

  Snapchat Filter

See how you age with this new Snapchat filter.

Katie Conner / CNET

So far, popular photo filters have been introduced this year, such as Snapchat's sex-changing filter and the FaceApp challenge which makes you look particularly young or wrinkled is not ready to see. Now Snapchat has released Time Machine, a new filter that allows you to swipe left and right to see how you age from child to adult, and finally to an older and grayer version of yourself.

Contrary to the FaceApp challenge I've tried I do not see as many wrinkles as I "age" with this new Snapchat filter ̵

1; but I have white hair, a broader face, and flabby skin (yuck!). Somewhere in the middle of aging seems to me the best look.

Snapchat released the new filter today. So if you do not see it yet, you may need to refresh the app. How to use it.

Katie Conner / CNET

. 1 Open the Snapchat app on your phone.

2. The camera screen should be opened first. If not, tap the bottom circle to start the camera.

3. Select the smiley icon.

4. Make sure the camera is facing you by tapping the rectangular arrows in the upper right corner.

5. Multiple filters are displayed, but the Time Machine filter is one of the first options. Select this option. It is purple, has a baby face and an older face in the symbol.

6. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to change the appearance of your age.

7. You can either take a picture or record yourself as you go through an entire life cycle.

Being played:

Turn your iPhone photos into works of art


Now you can send your age history to all your friends and family (and see if you look more like mom or dad in the future). You can also save your photo or video by clicking the arrow in the lower left corner to save it to your photo album. Then you can upload it on Facebook or Instagram.

Do you want more filters to try for yourself? Read how to do the Gender Face Swap and the FaceApp Challenge to make yourself look older.

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