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Setting downtime in iOS 12 to keep your kid (or yourself) distracted «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Excessive use of mobile phones for children and adults is a big problem that Apple wants to tackle with iOS 12. With the new Screen Time feature, you can set app limits not just for a more balanced iPhone experience, but also another setting that gives you control over when certain apps can be accessed.

The new "Downtime" feature not only gives you more control over when your child can access their favorite apps, but can also help you. Restrict unwanted habits that you may have developed, such as surfing through Facebook late at night. This time-based setting is pretty easy to access and configure, as you'll see below.

Step 1
: First time downtime activation

First, open the Settings app and select "Screen time." The first time you access this menu, you'll see a first setup page that highlights the features and guides you through enabling downtime. If you or your child has already accessed this menu and discarded the first setup pages, you can proceed to with step 2 .

Click Next at the bottom of the first screen When you go to a page asking you if the iPhone belongs to you or your child, either click "This is my iPhone" or "This is that." My Child's iPhone "

Step 2: Select The apps you want to allow out

After setting up the initial outage for the first time, you should decide which apps you want to restrict to your child. To do this, open the Settings app, choose Screen Time, and then tap Always Allowed on the following page.

By default, only "Phone," "News," "FaceTime," and "Apple Maps" apps can be used during downtime hours. You can set other apps to "Always Allowed" by clicking the plus button next to tap the apps you want, and you can remove apps (except the Phone App) by pressing the minus button and tapping Remove.

Step 3: Change the unlocking of apps (optional)

By default, the passcode is entered during downtime when you or your child try to open an app that is not allowed during the scheduled hours. If you prefer, you can alleviate these rules a bit by going to Preferences and selecting the Screen Time menu, typing downtime, then entering the passcode and disabling the Block on Failure option.

If you have disable this toggle the next time you open a restricted app During downtime hours, the message overlaid on the app changes from Ask for More Time to Ignore Limit. If prompted for the password at the first prompt, you can choose between "Remind me in 15 minutes" (which will give you another 15 minutes before the overlay will appear in this app) or "Ignore limit for today" You choose to use this app until the downtime hours of tomorrow.

Step 4: Customize passcode (optional)

If you need to change the parent passcode or passcode for the screen time, you can easily do so in the Screen Time menu under Settings. If you did not set an access code during initial installation, you can set an access code for the first time in this menu

Simply tap on "Use screen time access code" (if an access code was not previously entered) or "Change screen timecode ". If you had previously set a passcode, you will now be prompted to enter it. Otherwise, you can now set your desired PIN by typing twice.

Step 5: Adjusting Outage Hours (Optional)

To adjust downtime, tap "Downtime" on the Screen Time Preferences page. Enter your security PIN when prompted and set the start and end times by tapping their tabs. Once downtime is set, your iPhone will receive a notification five minutes before the feature starts.

Cover photo and screenshots of Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

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