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Setting or Changing Your Home and Work Addresses on Apple Maps «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

When you set your home and work addresses in Apple Maps, you can easily navigate to your location. If you are moving to a new house, staying in a hotel or resort while on vacation, signing up at another office, or visiting multiple job sites on a regular basis, updating these addresses is not all easy ̵

1; there are several ways to do this ,

Unlike Google Maps or Waze, your home or work address is first set outside of Apple Maps in the Contacts app, which stores all your addresses. Once set, however, you can edit or add multiple addresses by following these steps from both Apple Maps and the Contacts app:

Step 1: Add a Home or Business Address

As previously mentioned, Apple Maps retrieves your home and work addresses from the Contacts app, which you can also access through the Contacts tab in Phone.

If you have not yet entered a home or work address, just open Contacts or the Phone app. Touch your name at the top of the contact list to go to your personal information card and select "Edit" in the top right corner.

Now scroll down and choose Add Address. By default, Apple will assume that this is a "home address". If you want to select "Work" instead, tap "Home" next to the red delete button and choose the correct option. Regardless of whether you use Home, Work, Other, or a custom name, you can easily find it later in Apple Maps.

Then enter your address by filling in the blank sections with the appropriate street, state and postal code. When you have entered the full address, tap Done to complete the process and return to your information card. From our experience, you can add any number of separate addresses (we did not count at 50), just repeat the steps if you want to store more than one or two addresses.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Home or Work

Your saved addresses are on your Visiting card visible and also displayed in Apple Maps. If you zoomed in, your home address on the map will be indicated by a blue house icon, and your work will turn brown, but "other" or custom labels will not be displayed with icons.

Input Either "home" or "work" – or whatever you named the places – in the search bar in Apple Maps, they are also displayed immediately. Touch the desired destination and start the navigation as usual.

Step 3: Edit or modify existing addresses

Edit or modify If you want to use Apple Maps, open it and either open it with your fingers to zoom in on the overall location of your target Address, then tap the location pin, or enter "home" or "work" in the bottom search bar and select it from the list of displayed results.

If you use either method, you'll get an information card for your current home or work address, just tap "Edit Location" (you may need to swipe up the map first to expand it (depending on your iPhone model and settings.) If you try to change a "different" name or a custom name, you'll find that you can only see "show contact." This gives you access to the full info card, the

If you change only your work or home address, a quick edit box will appear. Next to tap label on "home" to change the name to a custom name, otherwise update Rename your address accordingly, and then click on "Next".

You & # 39; Now you have to confirm the new address location on the map, so zoom in with the pinch-out gesture and move it to the exact location if it has not already been fixed there. If you move the map to another location, Apple will ask you to report the changes so they can update their maps if necessary.

Tap Done when you're done to return to the main screen. Your new home or work address is now stored in Apple Maps and the Contact app.

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