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Setting Up and Using Apple Pay on an iPhone

There are many reasons to live within Apple's walled garden, and Apple Pay is one of them. Here we will go through the steps required to set up and then use Apple Pay on an iPhone.

With Apple Pay, Apple can make it easier for its users to spend money that does not necessarily sound like a great thing, it can be a true life-changer. With Apple Pay in tow, depending on your location, it's possible to leave the house without a wallet, and if you're particularly forgetful, this can be huge. Contactless payment via Apple Pay and other technologies is omnipresent in many parts of the world and the United States is beginning to catch up. This means that Apple Pay is more helpful than ever.

Setting up Apple Pay is one of the first things you should do when you purchase a new iPhone, although paying slightly has changed with some of Apple's latest iPhone versions. But do not worry ̵

1; we will hold your hand all the way. Let's go.

Setting up Apple Pay

To get the ball rolling, open the Wallet app and tap the plus sign in the upper right corner.

The next screen will tell you something about Apple Pay and what it can do. Tap the "Next" button to continue.

Now you need the physical map you want to add to Apple Pay. You can either scan the card by placing it in the frame and using your iPhone's camera, or touch the "Enter card details manually" button. If you follow the latter route, you will be prompted to enter all relevant information – card number, name, expiration date and security code.

After all your details have been entered, your bank will do this. You will need to verify your card. This should be done automatically (and fast), but may vary depending on the bank. Follow the instructions on the screen and you should not have any problems.

When you finish, your card can be used in the Wallet app.

How to Use Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay online, simply follow the merchant's instructions to the point where you are asked to authenticate for Apple Pay. The steps at this point are the same as for a purchase in the store.

If you want to make a purchase with a locked iPhone X, iPhone XR, or iPhone XS in-store, double-click the side button and look at your browser's iPhone. The Wallet app will open, displaying your default map. Face ID can successfully authenticate your purchase by looking at your iPhone. However, if you use an iPhone with a Touch ID, press the Home key twice while the device is locked, and then place your finger on the button to authenticate to Apple Pay.

If You Do Keep your iPhone in a retail store against the contactless reader. In general, you do not have to touch the reader for the transaction to be executed, although some older readers may be less forgiving. Once the purchase is complete, you will hear a beep and a check mark will appear next to the word "Done" on the screen.

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