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Share a Netflix video you just want to watch to see your Instagram story for friends to see with you «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

For me, there's nothing better than jumping into a favorite show or movie after a long day in the office – unless there are one or two friends I can talk to about this crazy ending. Netflix is ​​not a social media app, so you can not talk about what you see there. What you can do is bring your latest obsession into your Instagram story to start the discussion with all your followers.

Netflix does a good job in this area. In fact, you can share any movie or show with more than just your Instagram story. You can send everything on Netflix to other social channels like your Snapchat story or WhatsApp. After sharing, others can see and chat with the same Netflix content you are about to see.

In the iOS app, open the main page of the show or movie you want to share, but stop right there ̵

1; we know you want to press "Play" and see any or all elements of your selection before using them but the only place where you can share this content is from this main page. Now tap the "Share" icon below the "Play" button and then "Instagram Stories" from the list. (Netflix is ​​working on an Android version of it, but it's not published yet.)

When you first share Instagram, you may need to accept a pop-up from Netflix that gives the app permission to Instagram in yours Name to open. Once you're on Instagram, you'll find that Netflix has started story mode. Either a thumbnail of your shared selection in the center of the screen or a full screen capturing the entire story, depending on the title chosen.

When you get the preview image, you can resize the preview image and move it anywhere. Plus, you'll find all the traditional storytelling tools you'd expect from Instagram, such as lyrics, stickers, GIFs, drawings, and more.

Once you share your story, followers will be able to enjoy not only your entertaining Instagram content, but theirs as well Enjoy content Launch your shared show or movie right in your own Netflix app. All you have to do is tap "Show on Netflix," and her Instagram app will direct you to her Netflix app directly to this show or the main page of the movie – whether it's an iPhone or an Android Use the device. If you do not have Instagram, this link will open the main title page as a web page.

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