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Should you buy or rent a pressure washer? – Check geek

  A man washes his deck with high pressure.
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If you want to clean your home, driveway, or deck, you'll need a pressure washer to get the job done. It's expensive to rent one, but is it worth buying a high pressure washer?

Types of Pressure Washers

  The Kohler Hot Washer, the Sun Joe Electric Washer and the Simpson Cold Washer.
The Kohler Hot Washer, Sun Joe Electric Washer and Simpson Cold Washer.

There are three types of high-pressure cleaners whose differences are easy to understand. Basically, more power costs more money. You have to decide for yourself which type of high pressure washer best suits your needs.

Let's take a look at the three types of high-pressure cleaners, their average prices and their use (we averaged our rental prices from one-day rentals)):

  • hot water gas (rent: $ 200-300; purchase: $ 1,000 +) : Normally Intended for commercial use, hot water high pressure cleaners quickly remove dirt. They are ideal for heavy work or situations where you do not want to use chemicals. They are also very expensive, and hardware stores may not rent you in your area.
  • Cold Water Gas (Rent: $ 80- $ 150; Purchase: $ 200- $ 350) : Your Everyday Life The gas-powered high-pressure cleaner with cold water is suitable for most jobs. It's not too expensive to rent or buy.
  • Electric (rent: 30 to 50 USD; purchase: 150 to 200 USD) : Electric pressure washers are incredibly cheap and do not require a large amount of maintenance. They are also quiet and can be used indoors (no gas emissions). But they are much weaker than gas-powered washing machines and do not last that long. They are best for smaller jobs or for regular cleaning.

So expensive hot water high pressure washers are powerful, inexpensive cold water pressure washers are located in the middle of the road, and cheap electric pressure washers are handy but not as strong as the gas powered ones.

The question now is whether you should buy or rent a pressure washer.

Weigh the costs and your needs.

  A high-pressure cleaner that cleans a deck.
bubutu / Shutterstock

Compared to rental costs, a high-pressure cleaner generally pays for itself in about four phases of use. But you also need to think about what you need to clean and how often you want to use the pressure washer (the less you use it, the more maintenance you'll need, but more on that later).

For most cleaning jobs – and especially the monthly cleaning – a cold water or a high-pressure electric cleaner work perfectly. If you buy one for about $ 200, it pays off in no time and should last for five to ten years.

If you only need a pressure washer twice a year to clean your siding, consider renting. The cold water and electric models are reasonably priced to rent, and you have the option to choose the type that best suits your needs. In addition, you do not have to worry about storage or maintenance.

For hot water high pressure cleaners, consider how often the hot water function will be useful. Sure, that makes routine cleaning a little faster, but the hot water is really meant to eliminate caricature amounts of dirt. You may notice the positive effects of a hot water washer on a driveway that you have not cleaned in half a decade, but the small difference it makes on your deck once a month may not be worth the extra $ 700.

That's hard to do Justify buying a $ 1,000 hot water washer if you only use it a few times a year. You pay extra for something you do not really need.

You can also regret your purchase if you have to worry about storage or maintenance.

Is the possession of a pressure washer worth the effort?

  A couple with dirty faces in a work suit.
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Even though owning a high-pressure washer is technically cost-effective in the long run, the expense of storing and maintaining it may not be worth the money you save ,

Owning a high-pressure washer is similar to having a lawn mower – it takes up a lot of space, requires maintenance and must be winterized. As with a lawnmower, you must regularly use gas pressure cleaners to prevent buildup and corrosion. On the other hand, electrical high-pressure cleaners are small and require minimal maintenance.

If you only need to use a high-pressure washer four or five times a year, you must weigh the costs against physical and mental discomfort. If you rent a pressure washer, you pay extra for storage and maintenance. But depending on your needs, it may be worthwhile to cover the additional costs for other people.

Rent a professional.

  A specialist washes a driveway.
sbw18 / Shutterstock

There is a third option we have not mentioned yet – you can hire a specialist to get the job done.

This option is not particularly cost effective. You'll probably spend about $ 50 per 100 square feet, or $ 50 to $ 200 an hour (a professional should be able to wash your house and siding in two or three hours).

Hiring someone is significantly more expensive than renting or buying a pressure washer. But it will take a lot of work off your hands and can be particularly helpful if you have no experience with high pressure cleaners (or transporting high pressure cleaners or handling chemicals, etc.).

This is not the case. It's something you want to pay for every few months. You could hire a professional to take care of a difficult, time-consuming job, such as removing years of debris from your siding. Then you could buy a cheap electric pressure washer and wash the siding monthly so it does not get nasty again.

Another option is to borrow a friend's pressure washer or hire him to do the work for you (hopefully, he'll give you a deal). Ask your contractor, your car-loving friends or someone who is obsessed with manual labor.

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