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Should you buy the new disc-free Xbox One? – Check Geek

  An Xbox One S alongside an Xbox One S All-Digital with Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza Horizon, Ori and the Background of the Blind Forest

Microsoft has just released the Xbox One S All-Digital Version announced Xbox without a CD drive. They cost $ 250 and include three games to get started. So the question is: should you buy it? Surprisingly, the answer is not "no, never".

Look, Ma! No discs!

The latest Xbox from Microsoft is a bit curious. Imagine an Xbox One S. Now remove the drive and cover the hole with a plastic surface. And you have the Xbox One S all-digital version. Why not retool the console to consider removing the drive? In an interview with Microsoft's Ars Technica, GM's platform and equipment, GM Jeff Gattis said that although it looked like a ten-minute design job, they actually went through a new test cycle and chose the same form factor to keep costs down

But the change is more than just a redesign or a lack of it. On our sister site How-To Geek, we described in detail how this new Xbox meets Microsoft's original vision for this generation of consoles. But to find out if you should buy it or not, we really need to find out what you are giving up and what you are gaining.

Say Goodbye to Purchasing Physical Games and Movies

  Over 15 Xbox One Games
Just a few of the games I own on the new Xbox and could not play Josh Hendrickson

purchase The Xbox One S all-digital version (whose name is so terrible that it's against the purchase of the Xbox One thing) means giving up the ability to use physical media. And that is to think on several levels.

Do you ever buy used games? This is not possible with this system. Do you trade or rent CDs with a friend? Also a no-go. Are you interested in the best price? Physical media are often cheaper than the digital version, but that does not help you with this Xbox.

Do you prefer the absolute best picture and sound in your movies that only physical media can offer? Well, you have to buy a Blu-ray player to use this thing. Do you already have Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on discs? You can not play them on this console.

Do you have multiple Xbox consoles in your home? We've had a lot of controversy in our article about whether you should buy physical switch games or not, depending on whether you have multiple consoles and players at home or not. While the Xbox has much better cross-console sharing than the switch, you'll need to download the data to multiple consoles, which challenges our ultimate consideration.

While none of the previous points may apply to you, this may be your first Xbox. You only ever buy movies in digital format, or you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, and other services instead. However, you still have to ask yourself an important question: "Do I have an upper data limit?"

Unfortunately, many ISPs are now forcing Data Caps. And it's not unusual for a game to be 80 gigs or more. Buying a disc does not completely cover that, but much of it is compensated. Even streaming a 4K HDR movie is not helpful. If you have a data cap and are an avid gamer and media consumer, be sure to do without your hard disk drive.

As the name implies, your game library becomes digital

  List of 293 digital Xbox games
My digital library far surpasses my physical games.

But it's not all damnation for this console, digitizing brings benefits. I admit that this might be the most defining example of First World problems, but as someone who plays Xbox weekly, if not daily, I can not stand changing the discs any more. I have several games on discs that I bought in this way because they were cheaper than digital games that I never play. When I sit down on the couch and power up the Xbox, I often go for a game just to realize it's in the box. And I just can not bother with it, so I'm playing a game that I own digitally.

If this sounds like you then a fact speaks against all the points of the dollar that you can save By buying used products or during the sale: If you do not play the game at all, you have spent too much money on it no matter how high the price is. And that brings you to the point, what the All-Digital Xbox offers. A digital library that you always have access to (if you have internet access). If you go to a friend, you can log in with your profile and bring your games. You never have to worry about which box this game ended with, because no one can put things back where they belong.

It may be the world's first problems, but it's about playing expensive games, a device for that special purpose, which also serves as an excellent media stream, but does not realistically bring any life-changing use. Since the main purpose of the Xbox is fun, high-priority comfort makes sense. Just maybe not with this price scheme, especially if the main advantages are to have on the regular Xbox One S.

At best, $ 50 savings are not enough to give up the disc player

  An Xbox One S and Xbox One S all-digital version for the same price
This is from the Microsoft website. Why should you buy the right one if it costs the same?

Now you know what you are losing and what you are gaining up to brass nails. You should not buy the Xbox One S all-digital version today. But it's worth considering in the future. The problem is the price, no matter how you look at it. You can easily find both for $ 250, even directly from Microsoft. Of course, if you want to pay in the same way, you should get one with more features.

They have three games, but two of these games ( Minecraft and Sea of ​​Thieves ) come with a Game Pass. The third, Forza Horizon 3 is not on the Game Pass – but its continuation is Forza Horizon 4 and you probably want the newer game. If you choose All-Digital, it's likely that you want to buy the Game Pass. Finally, Microsoft offers you three months for a total of $ 1. The regular Xbox One S usually offers at least one game, but not more, so the idea of ​​the included games overall is a bit washable.

Microsoft has already stated that the target is a price difference of $ 50. Presumably, this means that the normal Xbox One S returns to a "normal" price of $ 300. This feels unlikely, as it's easy to find the Xbox One S for $ 250, even outside the holidays. But suppose the Xbox One S price has steadily dropped to $ 250, and this new all-digital version costs $ 200. That's still not enough.

For $ 50, you're not just a disc player, but a 4K Blu-ray player. 4K Blu-ray players are expensive; You can find them at the bottom at $ 100. For less than the price of a brand new game, you have limited your ability to buy physical media. That's not enough to justify the loss. As long as the price difference is only $ 50, it makes more sense to move on to the next model.

If not now, when do we recommend buying the Xbox One S All-Digital version? It's hard to speculate on what Microsoft will do. However, if the price of this new console dropped to $ 150, and the original One S stayed at $ 250, we would feel much happier at the time. But even then you have to ask yourself what is most important to you. Lower game prices? Or convenience? At least now you can not have both. However, as digital console businesses continue to grow, you can have both in the future.

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