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Sinemia Is MoviePass with More Viable Ticket Subscription Options «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

In the wake of MoviePass' controversies, there's room for who's in charge of steal the limelight. Sinemia is one of those services.

Before jumping into the details about the different plans and movie clips, it's sometimes just as interesting to use them as MoviePass Sinemia has mobile apps for both Android and iPhone users, so you'll be able to use the movie subscription service no matter which smartphone model you have. For Android users, you need Android 4.2 and up, and for iPhone users, the app works on iOS 9 and up.

  • Install Sinemia: Android | iOS (subscription needed for both)

. Plan Prices

As of now, Sinemia is running a holiday sale, where "all-week" plans range from $ 4.99 each month to $ 29.99. Typically, these plans run from $ 12.99 all the way up to $ 89.99, according to Sinemia. Sinemia to stray from its initial request price frequently.

Sinemia also offers "weekday-only" plans for 20 percent off. So the $ 4.99 / month plan would be $ 3.99 / month instead, and the $ 29.99 would be $ 23.99, at the current holiday prices. However, the weekday plans can not be used on Monday, not Friday or the weekend.

  • 1 Classic: $ 4.99 / mo. or $ 3.99 / mo. for weekdays only
  • 3 Classic: $ 8.99 / mo. or $ 7.99 / mo. for weekdays only
  • 30 Classic: $ 29.99 / mo. or $ 23.99 / mo. for weekdays only
  • 2 Elite: $ 12.99 / mo. or $ 10.99 / mo. for weekdays only
  • 3 Elite: $ 17.99 / mo. or $ 14.99 / mo. for weekdays only

There are also family plans galore. Almost every regular plan has 30 members, so you can choose from 2-6 members.

For family plans, there is a catch; If your plan is for six people, you can make a movie with five friends and family members, which is excellent. For this reason, individual accounts may make more sense.

  • 1 Classic: Add $ 5 per person or $ 4 per person for weekday only
  • 3 Classic: Add $ 9 per person or $ 7 per person for weekdays only
  • 30 Classic: Not available
  • 2 Elite: Add $ 5 to $ 13 per person or $ 4 to $ 11 per person for one weekdays only
  • 3 Elite: Add $ 10 to $ 18 per person or $ 8 to $ 15 per person for weekdays only

2. Movie Options

Depending on the plan you choose, you can see up to 1, 2, 3, or 30 movies a month, either 2D movies and 3D movie plus one premium format each month (IMAX, IMAX 3D, XD, Dolby Atmos, ScreenX, Dbox, and 4DX) for elite plans.

  • 1 Classic: 1 standard 2D movie each month
  • 3 Classic: 3 standard 2D movies each month [19659009] 30 Classic: 30 standard 2D movies each month
  • 2 Elite: 2 standard 2D or 3D movies each month (1 can be premium)
  • 3 Elite: 3 standard 2D or 3D movies each month

Unlike MoviePass, you pick and choose your favorite movie, and there are no funky showtime exclusions.

You can browse movies either side

Plus, if you have an annual plan, you can reserve up to 30 days in advance online while still paying your next billing date. However, you can not reserve a ticket for a single month, so you can watch a movie in the same evening or any time in between.

3. Book a Movie Reservation

Sinemia provides for a fee, you can check it out in the theater, then pay for it at the box office. That's just how MoviePass' in-theater purchases work.

If you want a more convenient option, you can reserve your tickets online via the "Advanced Ticket" feature. You want to pay third-party providers which is a little confusing, especially if you're using MoviePass' e-ticketing, and that undoubtedly makes it the worst part of the Sinemia experience.

Pick the movie you want to see , select "Watch," then choose either "Atom," "Movietickets," or " Choose Service page. Next, the service you want to use (I usually use Cinemark) and find the time and format for the film. Once you're good, tap "Found great seats for the movie" in the Sinemia app. You'll need to choose the date, the time, the format, and how many users you want family plan.

Once you tap "Reserve Ticket," you'll be taken to the confirmation screen. If you have a family plan, it will not go, you'll get a popup. On the Confirm page, tap "Confirm." If it's your first time using the service, your digital "card" wants to be activated, whichever you can use for future purchases.

After you've got your digital cardless info, go back to the app you're going to use to purchase the tickets. For me, I use Cinemark since there's a theater near me and because I subscribe to Cinema Movie Club, which means no convenience fees.

4. When you go to see the movie, you need to print the tickets from the third-party provider. Check in at the Theater

One day of your showtime, the app will give you prompts and notifications throughout the day. You have a one-hour window to check in – 30 minutes before the start time and 30 minutes after. When at the theater, pull up the Sinemia app, go to the "Watch" tab, and your Advanced Ticket wants to be there.

Tap on "Check in" or "OK" to prove your at the theater (location services must be enabled), depending on the prompt, then you'll get a "Check-in Successful" popup. Afterwards, you can see your current ticket via the red bar at the top of the app.

Like MoviePass, this check-in is a fraud-prevention feature. While you're not checking in before you pay for a sale, it's just a check-in process for a higher price. If you can not check in, Sinemia may bill you for the full price of the ticket.

5. Additional Fees

While Sinemia has a flow problem just like MoviePass, it does not matter at all. Sinemia has, I'll sum it up in a nice bullet list.

  • Membership Initiation fee: $ 19.99 or $ 29.99 for billed-monthly plans
  • Physical debit card: Optional $ 14.99 fee instead of just cardless service [19659009] Account acceleration: Optional $ 9.99 to start using your new account sooner
  • Processing fees: $ 1.80 for each reservation
  • Convenience fees: $ 1.50, give or take, for each ticket when ordering online

Membership Initiation Fee

If you do not want to pay in a one-time charge for an annual plan, whichever you pay for, you will have to pay a "Membership Initiation" fee of $ 29.99 for the most expensive monthly plan or $ 19.99 for all other monthly plans. If it's a family plan, that is multiplied by the number of total people on the plan, which would be fairly expensive. But that's not all.

Convenience Fees

Sinemia for most people. As of Nov. 29, 2018, Sinemia started offering actual cards again, but more on that later.

Atomic, Fandango, or the theater's app (Sinemia will offer in-app purchases via third parties sometime in December 2018), all of which charge convenience fees. It could end up being $ 1.50, give or take, in convenience charges each time. However, if you are also at AMC Stubs A-List or Cinemark Movie Club

6. Other Features in the Sinemia App

Sinema does not offer concession discounts, which is no surprise. However, there are coupons available as "Privileges," which are mostly food discounts.

Sinemia for Friends

The service doesn ' when they come together, they will not pay any more. Sinemia does have a referral program, so that's something. There are many ways to refer to Sinemia via the app, and it accesses your contacts to let you proceed.

Canceling Ticket Reservations

When it comes to canceling reservations, if you are going to use the physical card to pay at a theater, you can check in, then cancel the check-in at any time at least when reserving an Advanced Ticket online, canceling is definitely not as easy. Since the third party provider, you have to try and cancel the reservation from that specific provider. Customer Support

While MoviePass' support is not the best, it's not worth it service is better than sinemia's, so do not expect to get a hold of someone when you're having issues at a theater. Unlike MoviePass, there is no in-app chat available and you need to contact us via email or its Twitter page .

Your Movie Lists

Your entire history is accessible via the "Profile" tab in the app Sinemia "to see all of your movies with the service. Watched titles thus appears to appear in the "Watched" list, and you can also read the Sinemia service as well. You also get a "Watchlist" to keep track of films you'd like to see.

Plus, you can make your custom lists as well. To create a list, tap "Add to list" from a movie page, then the "+" button up top. Create the new list, then you can add any movie to it. Custom lists can be accessed via your profile page. By default, all lists are private, but you can make them public too. Sinemia Is MoviePass with More Viable Ticket Subscription Options ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

 Sinemia Is MoviePass with More Viable Ticket Subscription Options

The Social Side of Things

Sinemia So Has A Pretty Decent Social Angle Built Into The App. You Can Watch It? / heart) rating you can give as well as a thumbs down. You can add quick reviews to a movie's page in the app, take selfies with filter overlays of movie title or theater, use AR filters to shoot lively videos, and follow other users.

About Rides & Compare Showtimes

Other in-app Perks include quick access to a tool to help you

7. So, Is It Worth It?

It may have been many options, but on the surface, Sinemia is a noble evolution of MoviePass' original vision. Take a look at their different price points, and see if any work for your movie-going needs.

You really have to do. Think long and hard about what is the best option for you the math on this one. For instance, if you only plan to watch one movie each month, the $ 4.99 classic plan is a good option, but if you would like to play online versus the movie, you might end up paying around $ 8.29 for that ticket.

If you ever decide to cancel, you can join again if you change your mind, which is a big plus compared to services like MoviePass and AMC Stubs A-List.

This article was produced during Gadget Hacks' annual Movies & TV on Mobile special coverage.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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