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Siri Settings, Shortcuts and Hacks Every iPhone user should know «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple's digital assistant could be a post or a nuisance, depending on your daily interactions. No matter what camp you are in, Siri can be better adapted to your personal needs with a little customization. You can turn Siri into a powerhouse you do not expect, or you can reduce your presence if you only sometimes need Siri help – all without jailbreaking.

Although iOS is not famed for its personalization, it gets better iteration with every new device, and there are a surprising number of features, tools, utilities, and trivia that you can customize on your iPhone to meet your mobile needs. Siri can adapt in a similar way, and now there are at least 1

5 ways to make Siri work better for you. Follow the tips below to get the most out of your personal assistant.

. 1 Changing the Siri language for multilingual use

If you are multilingual, you may not want to talk to Siri in the standard language of your iPhone. Fortunately, you can change the language of Siri at any time without changing the language on your device as a whole.

Jump into the Settings app and tap Siri & Search. Select "Language" to see all the supported languages ​​that iOS offers. When you've found the device you're looking for, tap it and choose Change Language at the pop-up prompt to complete your selection.

If you use "Hey Siri", you need him set up again with your new language. However, the keyboard shortcut for the Start button and the Page button will continue to activate Siri (unless you have disabled it), so you can immediately ask your assistant for help. If you return to the previous language, you do not have to set up "Hey Siri" again.

2. Solve the keyfob for the Siri hands-free kit

Speaking of Hey Siri, if you have not set this up, you should do so. This is the easiest way to summon Siri without having to touch your iPhone. "Hey Siri" is part of the original iOS setup. However, if you skipped this part or enabled a new Siri language, you can only select "Listen for Hey Siri" in the "Siri & Search" settings. Follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate the speech recognition.

3. Enter Your Commands for More Privacy

If you're using "Hey Siri" alone, you can access your iPhone's assistant. In the public? Not as much. Avoid the awkward glances by enabling " Type to Siri" instead, which takes the shortcut for the Home or Side button. After summoning it up, you type in your questions or commands in complete silence to Siri (the next tip, however, should serve to silence Siri's answers.)

4. Mute Siri so no one can hear his answers

By default, Siri responds to your request or responds aloud to your command, regardless of whether you use the Home or Page key combination, "Hey Siri" or "Type to Siri," use. Even if your doorbell button is muted, Siri will always speak as loud as you've set the volume – unless you set the "Voice Feedback" settings.

With the right setting, you can mute Siri with and without ringer on Silent, but in both cases it still sounds audible if you use "Hey Siri" or are connected to a Bluetooth device, headset, or CarPlay.

5. Choose Another Voice for Diversity

When you think of Siri, you probably think of the iconic female voice, which is just a bit of a robot. Apple has improved how Siri sounds overall and it sounds more human, but Siri has more than just this lead voice. There are actually nine other options to choose from. As long as you use iOS 12, Siri can have either an American, Australian, British, Irish, or South African accent, with either a male or female equivalent.

6. Contact Nickname

Let's say Scott Rogowsky, the guy with a million nicknames, is someone you know. If you ask Siri to call Quiz Daddy, Walt Quizney, Host Malone, or Lag Daddy this will probably be pretty confusing. If you did not add the contact with his nickname, Siri will not be smarter. You can change the name of the contact, but it makes more sense to give the contact a nickname.

Go to the contact information, tap Edit, scroll down, and tap Add Field. Select "Nickname" in the list. You will find this new nickname field under the name of your contact. Touch the field and enter the desired nickname. Tap Done and you'll see the new nickname in quotes under the name of your contact. All you have to do is whirl Siri.

The only problem with this problem is that you have contact per contact can only give a nickname. However, you can work around this by typing your nickname as "maiden name," "middle name," or any other similar option in the "Add Field" entry.

. 7 Add relationships to have even more opportunities to call someone

You do not need to speak the full name of each contact you ask Siri. As long as Siri gets to know your relationship with this contact, you can ask your assistant about your girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, cousin, mother, father – whoever you have in your iPhone. There are two ways to accomplish this:

First you can mention it when you talk to Siri. For example, ask Siri to write a text to your father. Siri will say that they do not see "father" in their contacts and ask for their first and last name. Answer with your father's contact name and you will be asked for confirmation. Say or tap "Yes" and the relationship will be saved. You can also tell Siri something like "Dad is my father," and Siri will go straight to confirmation.

Second, you can manually set relationships. Open the contact's info page – or even another contact related to the contact you want to add a relationship to. Tap Edit, scroll down, and tap Add Related Names. If the wrong label is displayed, eg. For example, "Mother", tap on it and select the appropriate label from the list.

Then tap (i) to go to your contact list. Select the appropriate contact from the list, and iOS will automatically populate the contact in the corresponding name field. By default, the name matches the contact, but you can customize it without changing the original contact name.

. 8 Correct Siri pronunciation for your contact names

Siri may become a giggle from Siri when he mispricys a contact's name, but it's a little too little professional assistant. Apple knows that Siri did not pronounce all the first names and surnames of the world correctly. Therefore, they have a way for you to fix bugs that Siri fixes. Best of all, if you do not want to manually correct the display, you can use Siri to fix Siri.

9. Disable the keyboard shortcut when Siri receives Pushy

If you are a strong "Hey Siri" user, you may not always have to use the Home or Side button to access your wizard activate. In fact, you could accidentally start Siri with this shortcut, which leads to many frustrating moments. To disable it, open Settings, tap "Siri & Find" and make sure the slider next to "Siri Home Page" or "Siri Side Key" is off.

10th Lock screen disable Siri for increased security

Siri can be an indispensable asset, but the wizard can also be viewed on the lock screen. There are tasks that Siri can do without requiring a password, and new hacks are regularly found that exploit these cracks in the system. If you prefer not to risk it, you can disable Siri completely in one of the two settings menus on the lock screen.

Image by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

11. Enable support for third-party apps

Since iOS 10, some apps have the ability to access Siri so you can perform tasks from your lock screen or anywhere in the app without first opening them. While many apps have not kept their Siri integration up to date, like Facebook and Lowe's, apps like Pinterest still work great.

For Pinterest, you can say something like "Search Pinterest for gadget hacks" and Siri Ask if you can access your Pinterest data. Say or tap "Yes." You can also enable this in the "Siri & Search" settings of the app by activating "Use with Siri".

12th Create Custom Siri Phrases for Actions in Standard Apps

If the iPhone has changed the mindset of smartphones, the abbreviations of change the way you think about your iPhone. Shortcuts have seemingly endless functions to automate tasks, whether simple or complex, and best of all, you can add Siri to the mix by assigning a phrase to each key combination.

Getting Started Benefits of the suggested shortcuts that Siri finds based on your daily interactions with compatible apps on your iPhone. This is just an iOS 12 feature and is in the "Siri & Search" settings. When you have found one, tap on it to add a siri phrase.

Apple apps that allow custom shortcuts include messages, messages, notes, and more. For example, you can create shortcuts to send a specific message to specific contacts, access your favorite notes, and view a story that you want to see later.

13. Use third-party apps with suggested and built-in shortcuts

It's not just standard apps that use Siri Shortcuts. Many of your favorite third-party apps have added support since the release of iOS 12, and more and more support is being added over time. If you use a feature with a compatible shortcut in an app, it will appear directly in the Siri & Search section. However, some apps provide easy access to all the offers they offer directly from the in-app settings.

For example, you can add a Siri Phrase to show the weather in your preferred weather app, such as: Carrot Weather. Instead of relying on the current weather app. The same applies to e-mails. Instead of having Siri create a new email with mail, you can instead set a phrase in Spark. You can even assign a Siri shortcut to use Waze through Apple Maps.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with Siri Shortcuts and supported third-party apps. Use Siri to take a picture in Halide without touching your iPhone. Add a thought to a note in Evernote. Go to the next podcast in Overcast. There are many ways to use Siri with your favorite apps.

14. Create Siri phrases for your custom shortcuts

Suggested shortcuts. Whether you're getting it as a notification or finding it in the iPhone settings app or the in-app settings of a compatible app is pretty straightforward. If you're looking for something more advanced, the Shortcuts App is the place where the action literally takes place. There are hundreds of actions to play with.

The Shortcuts main gallery has hundreds of ready-made shortcuts that use everything to slow down the speed of videos in Safari or to change the font on a web page and stop music playback after a set time. For each of these options, Siri phrases can be assigned for quick access.

You can also create your own Siri shortcuts by adding any of the available actions in the Shortcuts app to a new workflow. If that's too complicated, you'll find links that work well with Siri at Reddit, ShareShortcuts and even on our own website. See our highlights below.

15. Disabling Siri Proposals You Do not Need Any More

Siri suggestions can be viewed almost anywhere – as suggestions in Spotlight search, in Spotlight search results, in look-up queries, on your keyboard, on the lock screen as suggested by Siri Shortcuts. and the list goes on. If you do not enjoy all, go to "Siri & Search" in the settings and find the section Siri Suggestions . You can disable the following system-wide settings:

  • Suggestions in the search: Removes Siri suggestions from Spotlight searches.
  • Suggestions in Look Up: Removes Siri suggestions from the search results.
  • Suggestions on the lock screen: Removes Siri suggestions from the lock screen.

If you do not want to make any major changes, you can do so on an app-by-app basis. Just tap an app in the following list Siri Suggestions and then uncheck "Siri & Suggestions" or "Allow on lock screen". If you disable the previous one, "Allow on lock screen" will also be disabled.

If you disable "Siri & Suggestions," the app will still appear in search and Siri app searches unless you enable the new "Show App". Option off. The "Siri App Suggestions" also refers to Suggested Shortcuts, so this is a big drawback.

16. Change your information to to live in someone else's shoes

Siri may know more about you than your friends and family. In fact, Siri simply pulls your data from your business card attached to your account. Your name, nickname, date of birth, address, relationships – everything comes from this card. Because of this, you can assign a different business card to replace yours. Siri will then immediately remove his data from this card and change "your" personal information.

Try it! If you go to the "Siri & Search" settings, tap on "My Information" and you will be redirected to your contact page. Touch a contact and your contact card will be replaced for Siri. Do not worry. You can change this at any time by repeating these steps and tapping your personal contact card.

17th Unlock Siri Completely If You Dislike

If Siri is not your thing, you do not have to live with it. You can disable Siri completely to never worry about another accidental charge ("I did not understand, Jake!"). There is no pressure. You can reactivate Siri at any time by following the instructions in this manual.

This is not the "complete" Siri

While we're in this article, everything deals with what you have about Siri on your iPhone It does not represent but everything that you can do with Siri. Siri is everywhere now. You'll find the wizard on your Apple Watch – with the Siri dial, for example – as well as on Apple TV, HomePod, Mac, iPad and even iPod touch. All of these Siris have their own customization levels that are not shown in this article.

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