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Six Month Xbox Live for $ 25 – Review Geek

  Two Xbox Live Member Cards

Yes, nobody wants to pay for Xbox Live. If you want to play online, you have a limited choice. Fortunately, the service is not too painful, especially if you can find a good member deal.

Currently, the three-month Xbox Live BOGO card is on Amazon. If you buy the three-month live ticket, you will receive one more for free. Give a modest $ 25 bill and you can take Xbox Live home for six months. Normally, six months of live costs about $ 35.

Before you buy a bunch of these cards, you should know one thing: this deal is limited to a purchase. Just add a three-month Xbox Live card to your cart and buy it. The website will automatically issue an additional three-month live map.

These live maps are digital codes and can be redeemed at any time. You could also give it to somebody who needs a few months of live. Of course, you can take this opportunity to stack another six months on your live account.

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