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So, clean up your messy car (and keep it) – LifeSavvy

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If you spend a lot of time in your car, be it on the way to work, commuting, or both, you know how chaotic things are can get. Here's how to get organized and prevent your car from turning into an embarrassing dumpster.

Messy cars can easily pass, even if you're the only person ever in your vehicle. They get fast food and drop one or two fries. You throw a handkerchief or a napkin aside to pick it up later, it never comes later. The change falls out of the bag. Sand and gravel come from your shoes.

Just like cleaning your home or taking care of your yard, keeping your car clean is an on-going project, but there are a few things you can do to keep your car organized and make cleaning less of a chore.

Let's start by cleaning the car so you have a new slate to work with, then look at the tips and habits you can use to keep it clean in the future.

Cleaning Your Messy Car

There's One The big difference is making your car so detailed that it looks fresh in the showroom and makes things easy to clean up. There is something to be said for cleaning a car to the point where you use Q-Tips in tiny crevices, but if that's not your style, everything is really important if you give the car proper cleaning Get rid of garbage and dirt and dust.

Empty your car.

The first step in cleaning your dirty car is to get it all out, be it garbage, mess or your favorite CDs. Pull out the floor mats while you're at it. You can also do a nice deep cleansing while you are there.

Throw the garbage in the garbage and put the things that need to be back in the car aside. Anything left should be kept in your house or garage.


Take a hand and suck all the rough edges in your car. You will be surprised what is hidden under your seats (and also on the seats). If you do not have a vacuum cleaner at home, take your car to a car wash and use it there.

Also vacuum the floor mats. If you have plastic mats, you can hose clean and air dry them while rebuilding your car. Some Bay style car washes have clips on the wall of the bay that allow you to clamp your mats and thoroughly clean them with the spray wand. In this case you can spray them well and take them home to dry in the sun.

Wipe the surfaces

The last step is to take paper towels or microfibre cloths and clean the surfaces in your appliance car. If you want to stick to the pragmatic stuff, all you have to do is use a little window cleaner and a rag to clean the inside of your windscreen and inner windows. Over time, dirt accumulates on the glass and it is very hard to see clearly in the sun or during the night driving.

If you have more time, wipe the dashboard and other surfaces off to remove dust and road debris.

Keep your car clean.

Now that dirt and clutter are no longer in the way, it's time to create a plan to better organize your chaos the next time. It's also time to put all the stuff that's in your car, including your floor mats, back in there.

The key is to have a place for everything and a plan for moving things that do not belong to the (so empty) coffee cup from the way to work) back into the trash or in the trash.

Using a Suitcase and Glove Tray

Some things you need to keep in your vehicle are best stowed in the trunk or glove box, but they also need their own organizers. Keep your proof of insurance and registration in a bag in your glove box with your vehicle owner's manual. In this way, you can easily remove these papers if necessary.

Keep a car emergency kit with jumper cables, a flashlight, and tools in the trunk. You can buy them in zippered bags as kits to keep everything together and out of food and other things that are carried in your trunk. Those who hang on cabinet doors to store jewelry are on the back of the front car seats for kids can store their toys, books and other car scrap. In this way, they will not lose things on the seats and leave the car a mess, and they will make it easier for you to clean up when it's time to suck the car back. There are tons of models on Amazon in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Also in the trunk organizers can prove useful. You can use a smaller transport box to stow things in the trunk.

Get a Trash Can

Invest in a small trash can to stow it in your car. You can lay it on the backs on the backseat or even get small collapsible planks that can be attached to the back of the console or elsewhere in the car. Keep a plastic bag in it and replace it when it's full or when you've thrown in some leftover fast food. It helps to keep your car clean and prevent it from stinking there.

Finding a Home for CDs

If you still hear CDs in your car and have a CD case floating around in the car can be brought out with a visor organizer. They have room for some CDs, and they've gotten up from their seats and where they can find them when it's time to change the music!

Line Your Cupholders

Cup holders are one of those items in cars where the grossest things happen. Drinks run out, crumbs fall in and it gets sticky and disgusting. You can avoid this by investing in some silicone cupcake liners. These liners are easy to clean and will not stop your cupholder from doing his job. If you have detachable cup holders, simply pull them out to wash them once a week (or if spilled).

Take It With You

Another Great Way To Keep Your Car From Being Overloaded, You Must Take The Disorder With You. When you arrive at the office, take your shuttle coffee cup to the office. When you get home from this long drive, bring your fast food bag and mail so you can throw away the garbage or pay your bills.

Cleaning your vehicle as you leave the car means you have less work to do if you clean it weekly or monthly!

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