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So you have an Amazon Fire Tablet right now. What now?

Hey, congratulations on your new tablet! No doubt, the Amazon Fire Tablet series offers some of the best options for your buck devices that you can get in today's tablet market. They will love it.

As solid as it is, there are a few things you can do to make this bad boy even better. Let's move on.

Install the Google Play Store


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By default, the Fire Tablet line is delivered with the Amazon Appstore. The Appstore is not necessarily bad but it is definitely a few steps behind the Google Play Store in terms of content and updates. However, since Fire OS is based on Android, you can easily download the Google Play Store to have full access to everything Google has to offer.

The process does not require a rooted device and is pretty straightforward – it's little more than a few app downloads – so read this guide and get down to business. You will be glad that you did it.

Switch Your Launcher

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The camp starter on Fire OS is not It's really that bad, but if you want to customize your tablet a bit more (or just want a more Android-like feel) then installing a new launcher is the way to go.

As with Sideloading in the Play Store, this is a simple and straightforward process, but more complicated than simply installing and launching a new launcher from the Play Store. You need an additional app called LauncherHijack that will actually let you use your new launcher.

For complete instructions, click here.

Get Good Games

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Of course, you can read, surf the web, and watch Watch videos on your tablet, but what's the point of having a tablet if you can not play games on it? No point, I say that.

And there is no shortage of excellent AAA titles available on Android, which you can easily download to your Fire Tablet – provided you have not downloaded the Google Play Store.

If you & # 39; If you're looking for the best titles you can get on your new device, here's a list of legitimate data. Good luck.

Take control of your notifications – including the annoying Amazon

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If you received the slightly cheaper Fire Tablet With the " Special Offers "from Amazon will then display many redundant ads in your notification bar.

But do not worry, because you can pretty easily block these ads by using a feature built into Android. The next time an ad is displayed, simply long press it and then tap the small "i" icon on the right.

From there, you can turn on the Lock option to hide the notifications generated by special offers. That's a win for you.

If you want to control your notifications in more detail, read our comprehensive guide to full notification control on Android devices.

Resolve All Ads by Amazon

As mentioned in the last section, Amazon offers special offer tablets that subsidize the price of the device. Although you can easily remove these ads from the notification bar, you can also remove them from the lock screen if you are so disturbed.

But here's the thing: It costs you $ 15. I'm sorry, boys, that's just the way it is.

If you are unable, go to the Amazon Content and Device Management Portal and click the device tab. Click on the ellipse box next to your device and click the "Edit" button in the "Special Offers" section.

With one click and a $ 15 bill, these ads are finally gone. 19659008] Disable Amazon-specific junk that you do not want

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This is a tablet from Amazon So there is a lot of Amazon stuff on it. While some of these can be useful, many of them are just fluff that probably do not want or need it. The good news is that you can easily disable a bunch of garbage by going to Settings> Apps & Games> Amazon Application Settings.

There are many different improvements here, but we have a large list of things to disable here. Feel free to rummage alone!

Expand the Memory with an SD Card

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Fire pills are not that Largest storage space, so you probably fill it pretty quickly. The good news is that you can add a microSD card to easily add more memory.

Fire Tablet does not have all the bells that Android devices offer – like the option to use an SD card as its internal storage. However, you can easily install apps on SD and download movies, shows, audiobooks, books, magazines, and music to the map. You can even save your personal videos and photos to SD automatically. All this together can really clean up a lot of space on your tablet's internal storage partition.

Just insert the SD card and go to Settings> Memory. There you will find all applicable SD card options.

Fire Tablet Kids: Setting Up FreeTime (or Using Parental Control)

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If you have a fire as a parent Tablet Kids for your little ones, Now you can set up FreeTime profiles. This is basically a kind of "kid's mode" that keeps your little guy or girl away from the garbage on the internet (and system settings), but also offers all sorts of free, kid-friendly content like games, books, apps, and more.

FreeTime also lets you set goals and time limits, manage storage, and allow / disallow in-app purchases. In fact, it's very detailed, and it's one of the best children's model setups I've used on a device.

To access these settings, log in to an adult profile and go to the Settings menu. There, select Profiles & Family Library and then select your child (or add a child profile if you have not already done so.)

There are many different options in these menus, so take your time. FreeTime Unlimited is free for a year with the Fire Tablet Kids, so make the most of it!

If you are not using FreeTime or have an older child and you think FreeTime is a bit too youthful, you can also set it to parental controls Go to adult profile settings and select Parental Control. Select the "On" checkbox, set your password and get started.

Allow content dumped in FreeTime profiles

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If you have set up FreeTime just to find out your child does not have access to the content loaded from the page that you place on the tablet, such as: Eg YouTube. Then you are not alone. Fortunately, there is a workaround, though I have to admit that it's something of an argument.

Ultimately, I think it's still worth it, especially if you want your kid to have access to all the content Google has to load from the page.

We have complete instructions on how to set up everything here.

At The heart of the Amazon Fire Tablet is an Android tablet. With a few tweaks, it can also look and work like a pure Android tablet. That means a lot can be done here – if you happen to find some Android-specific customizations that you want to do, chances are good that your Fire Tablet can handle them easily.

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