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So you make your next move without going crazy – LifeSavvy

  Family unloads a moving van and brings the boxes to their new home.
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Moving is stressful, no matter what ̵

1; but also expensive. That's why many people choose the DIY way to keep costs down. Here are some tips on how to do your next step yourself.

Let's take a look at the details for a DIY step, such as These include recruiting your friends, hiring additional help, using the best boxes, and some packing and unpacking tips. Do not worry – you have that fully understood!

Recruit all your friends

Try to spend a moving day among as many friends as possible. The more hands you have on deck, the easier and fun it gets. Those who are not strong enough to lift heavy boxes can perform random tasks, such as: B. Bring last-minute donations to the second-hand store, pick up or clean pizza.

You can quarrel with friends, colleagues, relatives, and even your children – to help babysitters. The more, the better – and the faster you get done.

It's also worth hiring help. They help you with loading and unloading, but do not drive with the truck. You will also receive an hourly rate (plus tip). You can visit Hire A Helper and smaller companies hiring local college students. Just make sure that the hired helpers are tied or insured.

Be sure to reward your friends. Most like to help in exchange for pizza, ice cream, snacks or a cold beer at the end of the day. Do not forget to also have chilled mineral water on hand. If you're on-site, home-cooked food is a nice bonus for anyone after settling in their new location.

Make sure you play a few catchy tunes to improve everyone's mood and avoid making someone feel overwhelmed.

Book your vehicle and equipment.

When it comes to home improvement, you have to coordinate and plan everything yourself. Make sure you plan early, as trucks and trailers can be fully booked, especially if your move is on a long weekend or college is down.

Here are some details to consider when booking your removal kit.

Renting a lorry

Most truck rental companies give the approximate size of their truck, eg. B. "big enough for 1-2 bedrooms". If you move from your current location within about 30 minutes, then a smaller truck is usually sufficient as you can do several trips. Smaller trucks are also cheaper, easier to drive and easier to park on narrow streets. But if you move further away – especially off-road – a larger truck is the right choice.

Remember that the estimated space in a truck depends on you packing everything tightly. You have to decide if you want to throw away boxes or turn them into a Tetris game.

Ask for insurance, mileage fees, and a drop off point near your destination. Also check the operating hours as some rental locations have an afternoon service and others have none.

Hiring a Trailer

If you move nearby, you'll need to recharge a trailer and make several trips Another excellent option: Make sure your vehicle is capable of handling heavy loads. If you have a lot of stuff, renting a truck is a much better option.

Using Moving Containers

Another popular home improvement option is a move container. These are commonly known as PODS. You can use it instead of a truck or with your truck / trailer. The company will hand over the relocation container, spend a week or two (or a month) filling it, and then it will be delivered to your destination. You are not ready to move to your new home yet? No problem. You can store the container in your warehouse and deliver it when you are ready.

Some popular companies that offer moving containers are U-Haul, PODS, U-Pack, SmartBox and 1-800-Pack-Rat. [19659014] Other Accessories

  Female hands tie a box with an adhesive tape gun.
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You want to rent (or buy) other accessories while you're at it, z dolls, furniture cushions, belts, etc. Most of these are available from the truck or trailer company for a minimum price.

For cartons and packaging materials, you will often find used moving boxes on Craigslist or in the Facebook Group region. You can go to a grocery store for free and buy boxes of various sizes. However, we recommend using suitable moving boxes. They are more durable and the uniform sizes make packing in your truck a breeze.

Moving boxes are not that expensive if you have to buy them yourself. These banker boxes are perfect for wrapping and moving books. They are durable, durable, have easy-to-grip handles and foldable flaps so no tape is required. And remember that you save money overall because professional moving companies charge so high prices.

Get a suitable tape – not the cheap stuff from the Dollar Store. The last thing you need is a box that explodes during transport. And buy a lot more tape than you think necessary – that's fast!

You can save packaging materials from Amazon and other locations from which you receive packages in advance. You can also use towels, washcloths, cloth napkins, pillowcases or even sheets to pack your valuables.

Check Your Insurance

No one likes to think about the "what if," but it's hard to move and keep it all in top shape. And yes, it's well known that even moving companies can ruin things!

Check the details of your tenant or home insurance before you move. There may be special clauses about how to generally move, make friends with your belongings, and what to do when something breaks down. Some guidelines even cover your belongings while they are in the truck or in the packaging container.

These are important details that you need to know in advance to ensure that your belongings are adequately covered.

Packaging Tips

The better prepared you are, the faster the move will go (and the happier your friends will be). Take some time each day to pack (you can start packing one month in advance if you have a lot of belongings).

Here are some quick and easy packing tips to help you get on the right track:

  • Clean, Clean, Clean: Take this opportunity to get rid of as much stuff as possible , If you have not used it in more than six months to a year, you probably will not use it in the future.
  • Always enter one room at a time: Instead of hopping from room to room and packing a bit here and there, we recommend that you take one room each. Pack it in completely and proceed to the next one. Make sure you empty the cupboard, look under the bed, empty all drawers, and remove all the hooks and posters.
  • Stack everything in one area: This makes loading trucks easier. Preferably, stack your boxes near the front of your home, such as in the living room. Try to place heavier items / boxes near the front to load them first. Leave room for people to walk past the boxes and grab furniture like your couch, bed, table, and more.
  • Label Each Crate: Sometimes at the end of the packing process, we lose our diligence and simply throw things away in crates. That's fine, but make sure you write down the space these items came from. This will allow you to open all the "bathroom" boxes looking for your nail clippers. Avoid mixing rooms, eg. For example, adding crockery to your bookshelf because there is more room here. You do not want to go on a treasure hunt when you unpack.
  • Transport valuables yourself: Consider transporting your more valuable items in your car while someone else is driving the truck. That way you can keep an eye on them and they will not be thrown around (or broken) in the truck.
  • Pack a suitcase with the bare essentials: Treat your move like a vacation, and pack a week's worth of clothing, toiletries, snacks, chargers, and other essentials in an easily identifiable suitcase. Do the same for each family member. That way you'll at least have the basics at hand when you're having trouble finding specific items.
  • Guide your Moving Team Using Sticky Notes: Try to get to your new home in front of your moving team. Come on and label where it belongs with sticky notes and a Sharpie. In this way, people know where to put the couch, your bed, a particular bookcase, etc. You can change things later, but you'll be grateful if your bed ends up in your room and not your child's.

Moving can be stressful, expensive and fun. But does not have to be! Invite your friends, eat a lot of snacks, make music and motivate everyone. With a solid, entertaining team, the hours go by quickly and you'll be housed in your new home before you know it. Just think of all the money you save when you do it yourself!

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