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Song is in your head? Hum it to google search! – Check out geek

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Have you ever had a song in your head but had no idea what it was? Maybe you didn̵

7;t even know one of the texts, which makes it difficult to find. This has happened to me more times than I would like to think. But those days are over because now you can to hum Google search songs. And it will give you results.

The new function is available for both iOS and Android in the Google app or with the Google Assistant. It couldn’t be easier to use either – tap the microphone and search for a track. Hum, sing, or whistle what’s on your mind. Search then uses machine learning to find the appropriate title.

While it seems like a pretty simple thing, it’s actually quite fascinating to use. Google says it is able to “transform” the audio into something apart [it] into a number-based sequence that represents the melody of the song “- that is, it should work even if you can’t carry a melody in a bucket (thanks for that phrase, mom).

Google’s blog post explains that the melody of a song is “like its fingerprint” as each one is unique. If you can hum something that remotely sounds the way it is in your head, the pitch doesn’t have to be accurate at all, as the variations and changes are still unique for that particular song. Well, for most songs anyway.

So yeah, next time you get a catchy tune and have no idea what it is, you have a solution. Anyway, I am grateful.

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