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SpaceX delayed the first commercial launch of Falcon Heavy



It seems that today we only received an incredible space history . SpaceX's most powerful missile – the Falcon Heavy ̵

1; was ready to launch Saudi Arabian telecommunications satellite Arabsat-6A on Wednesday, but the strong atmospheric wind forced SpaceX to postpone the start by 24 hours.

On Wednesday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk guessed that a lag was likely due to "upper atmospheric windshear" and SpaceX confirmed there would be no launch today.

The launch was scheduled at 17:32. After the atmospheric conditions, PT pushed the historic flight to the end of its launch window. SpaceX now uses its startup backup window to open at 3:32 pm. PT on April 11th and stays open until 5:32 pm. PT.

As with all SpaceX launches, this will be a livestream event. It's especially notable as it was the second Falcon Heavy ever and the very first commercial launch for the gigantic launcher. It's been more than a year since SpaceX launched the Tesla Roadster from Elon Musk into space, and Falcon Heavy's second launch has been postponed until the end of the launch window due to high-level winds, according to the SpaceX report.

The official livestream is available 20 minutes before launch on their website and on the YouTube live link below:

The payload of the rocket, Arabsat-6A, will be released in 34 minutes. As with the launch of the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX will try to safely land the two side rocket boosters in the Cape Canaveral Landing Zones 1 and 2 in Florida.

The core booster is to be caught by the dronschiff-Dronschiff "of course still I love you", which floats in the Atlantic. In this case, it will be another historic moment for SpaceX. The first call was not so good for the poor old core booster who missed the landing and crashed into the sea.

SpaceX hopes for a successful retrieval of all boosters as Falcon Heavy plans a second launch this year. And for space watchers, Wednesday is really a busy one, as we will see the very first picture of a Black Hole .

Originally published on April 9th.
Updated on April 10, 4:29. PT: Adds delay information

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