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Split an Outlook e-mail into two separate sections

If you've received a long email or are writing an email, you can split the email vertically into two sections so you do not have to scroll that much to refer to different parts of the email. [1

9659002] If you ever had to deal with a long email with replies from different people, you'll see how practical this little feature is. You can use the top panel to keep an older part of the conversation in the view so you can access it while typing your answer at the bottom. And that's just a use, of course. You will surely find many others.

To share the e-mail, click in the Reading Pane or double-click the e-mail to open it, and then click Ctrl + Alt + S. This will create a horizontal divider in the middle of the Mail is displayed with a separate scroll bar in each area.

Now you can reference or compare different parts of the mail in the same window. To remove the split, double-click the separator bar.

This is a small but surprisingly useful feature.

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