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Spyware is not just for Android as Exodus hits iOS devices

Facebook fixes its most common issue with memorialized profiles, Verizon fixes problems with millions of routers, Google's laptop and tablet team is not dead yet, Roku is finally counting on himself and more.

Exodus Finds a Home on iOS

Last week broke a story about a new kind of state malware in the Google Play Store. The malware, called Exodus, completely hijacks an infected phone. And now on iOS.

Before losing confidence in Apple's typically tight security practices, it should be pointed out that Exodus was only found in third-party app stores (at least now). It leveraged Apple's Developer Enterprise program, which allows businesses to distribute apps outside the App Store. This is generally not a common practice in the distribution of malware, although it has been used in the past.

Found by the Lookout Security research team, the app is supposed to be a lighter version of their Android counterpart. because it can not take complete control of a device. However, it was able to retrieve contacts, audio recordings, photos, videos, GPS location, and other device information. It was also able to record audio remotely. That should be enough to wind in your chair a little.

Lookout shared his findings with Apple, who then revoked the affected certificates and stopped the spread of the malware. Malware is not something we usually talk about on iOS, but this is a good reminder that, while less common than Android, it can still be a problem.

The biggest entry here is that you should always be careful with what you download, especially if it comes from outside your device's official app store.

[Lookout via Engadget]

Apple News: The NFC chip of the iPhone for UK users

Apple also ends the cost of data transfer with $ 99 to a new Mac.

  • Apple has reached an agreement with the British government to open up the NFC technology found in the iPhone, allowing EU citizens to scan their passports to compete for Brexit for a stay in the United Kingdom , [9to5Mac]
  • If you bought a new Mac, Apple would charge $ 99 to transfer your data from the old machine to the new machine. Now they do it for free. Yay. [Engadget]
  • Apple appointed the founder of Jaunt VR, Arthur van Hoff, to a senior position as an architect. It's still too early to speculate on what this attitude means to Apple, but there is a good chance that this is related to an AR headset. A good chance. [Variety]
  • Macworld used the 21
    .5-inch Core i5-iMac for a round and said it "represents a compelling case as an affordable professional machine." Make sure that you are picking up one on the fence. [Macworld]

The hope is that Apple will eventually open the iPhone's NFC chip for more purposes than just Apple Pay (and now residency applications in the UK). This is still unlikely. Previously, the NFC chip was used exclusively for Apple Pay.

However, NFC is widely used outside contactless payments, as highlighted in Apple's new deal with the UK government. It seems such a simple thing, but in this situation it is a pretty big step and a very useful tool.

The British government has issued an app that allows EU citizens to apply for a residence permit by completing a form. Take a selfie and scan your passport. The last point is where NFC comes in – with the deal between Apple and the British government, users can quickly scan their passports with their iPhone.

As stated by 9to5Mac, however, this is likely (and unfortunately) and unique situation and not something we'll see again. Certainly not regularly.

Google and Android News: The Pixelbook team has something new.

Plus new before: and after: date search tags, the new Galaxy A80 is official and more.

  • It was recently Google reported that Google had instructed members of its laptop and tablet department to find new departments to work on. Now, however, the company claims to have new laptops and tablets on the way. Pixelbook 2, anyone? [The Verge]
  • Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy A80, with a sliding, swiveling camera for a truly borderless display without notch or perforation. We have all the details at Review Geek. [Samsung Mobile Press]
  • Google tests "before" and "after" commands in the search so that users can find things before or after a certain date. Like other search commands, the format is " before: ". [9to5Google]
  • G Suite users will soon be able to work directly with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Dropbox. [VentureBeat]
  • YouTube wants to share in this "Plan Your Own Adventure", which Netflix did with Bandersnatch last year, so it's planning its own content. [The Verge]
  • A recent study shows that 51% of Pixel 3 owners came from Samsung devices, while 37% of previous Samsung owners chose OnePlus 6T instead. 18% and 16% respectively changed from the iPhone. Nothing groundbreaking, but still interesting. [Counterpoint Research]
  • Chromebook has released a new Chrome OS reference board called "Zork", which is the first to use AMD's Ryzen chips. Ooooooooooh. [About Chromebooks]

While Google confirmed to The Verge that it actually has new laptop and tablet hardware in the works, the most interesting aspect was uncovered here by 9to5Google, which found a session called "Google Hardware for Business" on Cloud Next 2019. [19659004] Google took the opportunity to talk about Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, but what came next was indeed curious: they talked about a new device that allowed "Leader" to be "productive" , This is a fascinating kind of announcement, because it is completely unclear what this means. The Google Pixelbook Group Product Manager, Steve Jacobs, threw out some numbers about the Google team itself, but also made an interesting comparison to the current Pixelbook and Pixel Slate:

Help people who are always on the move and a working one Paradigm has 60% of them – and that's all our employees – working outside their desk. And 43% of them work remotely, at least temporarily.

The tools they have are not really conducive to their lifestyle and work style, so they are maximally productive and can go to work every day. And we think there are some unique things we can do differently than the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate that will really help them what they are looking for when they work in this new, modern Cloud First era.

formulate the last piece – which things do you plan differently? The Pixelbook is a foldable convertible and the Pixel Slate is a removable tablet. Is there a kind of middle ground for the Pixlebook 2? Or is this a completely new device? Either way, it's pretty exciting. I am a great fan of my Pixelbook, so I am looking forward to seeing what the company has been working on.

Other News: Roku Relies on Themselves and Amazon's Kindle Reviews Are Out (19659003)] Plus Facebook fixes the problems with memory profiles. Qualcomm announced some new Snapdragon chips. Verizon fixes vulnerabilities in its modems and more. Let's get to the point.

  • Roku has long been considered a "neutral platform" that offers all the streaming options, but with the 9.1 update everything is tuned to itself and its content. [TechCrunch]
  • Facebook will soon stop reminding you to say "Happy Birthday" to your friends and family. It also introduces a tribute profile tribute tab where users can share memories of the deceased. [Engadget]
  • Facebook also wants to use AI to map people around the world. As already mentioned, this is a "humanitarian" effort, but also to "use the economic interests of Facebook". [The Verge]
  • In news that comes as no surprise, pirates use Facebook Watch parties to host pirated content. Shocker. [Business Insider]
  • Verizon fixes a number of vulnerabilities affecting "millions of routers" in the Fios Quantum Gateway suite. Well. [Security Weekly]
  • Netflix wants to buy a theater, which would be pretty neat. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Qualcomm introduced its new Snapdragon 665, 730 and 730G chips. The latter is the company's first "gaming" chip for upper middle-class smartphones. This mobile gaming thing is going to be huge. [Liliputing]
  • Good news: AT & T announces more 5G markets! Bad news: There is still only one 5G device you can not buy. Neat. [Android Police]
  • Firefox is testing a feature that blocks fingerprinting. This is a practice that allows websites to keep track of you even when cookies are deleted. Encryption scripts are also blocked. [The Verge]
  • Two thirds of the hotel pages forward information to third parties. Not surprising, but still disgusting. [Bleeping Computer]
  • Slack integrates with Office 365 to simplify document collaboration. [The Verge]
  • In some non-tech news, teeth whitening products are actually found to be harmful to your teeth. Because it always works that way, right? [Gizmodo]
  • Distracted driving increased by 10% compared to the previous year. Seriously folks, stop looking at your phone when you're driving. So just stop. Stop. [CNET]
  • In my favorite story of the day, a woman called the police on her Roomba because she thought it was an intruder. I love this story so much. [CNET]
  • Alexa can now hold long press conferences in the US. More details are always better, right? [The Verge]
  • The 2019 Kindle reviews are in progress and by and large they are … not great: not very good: Digital Trends, Engadget, The Verge, Wired.
  • Other Amazon news cashless go stores on … accept cash. Alright then. [Gizmodo]
  • The first pictures of a black hole were taken and that is fascinating. [CNET]

It's interesting to see how Roku finds his own transition. After years as one of the most popular streaming platforms, serving as a neutral base for all streaming services, it is the only platform that provides access to Google Play Movies outside of Google's own services. The introduction of The Roku Channel begins Show the direction of the company in the future: It will focus on the content.

The 9.1 update highlights the Roku channel in the search results. It also adds the option to automatically play The Roku Channel movies and TV shows within voice search results (which might seem annoying). However, it should be noted that if the particular show or movie is not available on The Roku Channel, customers will continue to receive "unbiased results".

This is the first time that Roku has prioritized its own content over all other available elements of the platform, but it is a completely meaningful shift. Everyone else is, and with the CEO's recent statements that the company is "in the advertising business, not the hardware business," this is clearly a change of direction for the company that is moving forward.

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