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Stack of Ports and 100 Watts Performance – Review Geek


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  • 3 – Heavily defective design
  • 4 – Some advantages, many disadvantages
  • 5 – Acceptable imperfectly
  • 6 – Good enough to to buy in the trade
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  • 8 – Fantastic, with some footnotes
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    0 – Absolut Design Nirvana

Price: $ 155

Here's what we like

  • Numerous ports
  • Support for two monitors via USB-C

And 100 watts of power What we do not do

  • All ports are on the Rear side, which can be awkward
  • The 3.5mm jack on the side is ugly

Having a device that dominates all is an increasingly realistic dream, especially if this is the case Device is a Laptop coupled with a capable docking station like the IOGEAR GUD3C05 is pelt. Here's our attitude after going through the steps.

This lifestyle with a device has been a dream of mine for ages – just a laptop I can drop by and work from a desktop-like setup if I want, but it's super easy to grab and take with me. This dream can be realized very easily nowadays, because there are tons of great laptop docks floating out there. I recently got the opportunity to look at such a dock, not that smart GUD3C05 from IOGEAR. They just call it "USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery 3.0" that can not really roll off the tongue (and frankly, it's very vague). But let's put that lackluster name aside and look at the hardware itself.

The Details: A Few Ports and PD to Boot

A good dock is only worth what it can do for you, that is, the more it can do, the more useful it will be. The IOGEAR USB-C Dock contains all the useful things you need for your USB-C-equipped notebook, especially for $ 180 (currently available on Amazon for $ 155).

Here are all ports:

  • USB C Power Passage (100 Watts)
  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • Ethernet
  • SD Slot [19659004] MicroSD Slot
  • 3x USB-A ports
  • 1x USB-C port
  • 3.5mm audio jack

This dock has more ports than any other IOGEAR dock in front of it , All in all, it covers just about any base. all with a small USB-C port. With the included video ports, you can do the following:

  • VGA: 1080p
  • HDMI: 4K
  • Mini DisplayPort: 4K
  • HDMI + Mini DisplayPort: 1080p

IOGEAR claims that the latter option only Windows machines work, but I'm currently staring at a pixelbook that's docked to two 24-inch 1080p displays, and it works just fine. Yes – a Chromebook pushes (technically) three displays: the internal panel and two external devices that only use the IOGEAR dock.

  IOGEAR Docking Station USB C Port
Cameron Summerson

The overall imprint of the dock is decent. It's not the smallest I've ever seen, but it's not meant to be. This is not a dock designed to be stowed in your pocket and used like a USB hub or SD card reader – it should stay on your desk and hang all your trash.

That is, the non-removable The USB-C port has a cable and jack garage at the bottom of the device to ensure proper storage. That's a nice touch. The dock itself is wedge-shaped so it can set up your laptop. It has a nice rubber grip on the top to keep everything in place.

  IOGEAR docking station cable garage
Cameron Summerson

The only other thing to mention here is that, like most other docking stations, it is also mentioned here you do not come with your own power source. It supports up to 100 watts of power, but you'll need to use the USB-C slot on your laptop.

Using the Dock: Mostly solid (with a few minor issues)

The beauty of Modern Notebooks is that they are easy to use, that they are easy to use – mostly just plug-and-play. This is not different. Plug in your stuff, plug in the USB-C cable, and bam – everything should work.

  IOGEAR Docking Station in Action with Google Pixelbook
Cameron Summerson

That's my experience. anyway. There were some quirks that made the dual displays play well with my pixelbook, but I'm completely committed to the fact that I leave it on the developer channel, so things are flawed. Once everything went smoothly, it worked like a champion.

There are really only two issues I have with this particular dock – a rather smaller and a lot more annoying. The small problem that the 3.5 mm audio jack is located on the side instead of on the back, the cable looks just ugly. I understand why they did it. If you want to use headphones, it is more convenient on the side.

  IOGEAR docking station 3.5 mm jack
Cameron Summerson

This brings me to my biggest problem with this dock: All ports are on the back. That really only makes her painful. If you have set up your laptop to use the dock, you will need to move it to access the many ports on the back panel. If you need to constantly plug in SD cards or USB devices, it's just awkward and annoying.

Otherwise, this is a great little dock. During my time with him, I was very happy with it and have no real complaints about the functionality outside of the small problem mentioned above.

If you are looking for a good, compact little dock for your laptop, the IOGEAR GUD3C05 is an excellent choice.

Here's what we like

  • Ports
  • Support for two monitors via USB-C
  • 100 watts of power

And what we do not

  • All connectors are on the back, what can be cumbersome
  • The 3.5mm pawl on the side is ugly

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