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Switch from iPhone to Android: Transfer iMessage, Photos and more

Switching from an old to a new phone can be a stressful experience. You must hope that your service will transfer without any problems, that you will postpone all your photos and videos and remember all your passwords for accounts and apps. All of this stress is exacerbated when you switch from an iPhone [$ 999 on Amazon] to an Android phone because you're switching not just the phone but the operating system as well. Companies like Google and Samsung have made it quite easy in recent years, from their iPhone 6S ($ 249 at Walmart) plus with a broken screen to a Galaxy Note 1

0 ($ 950). Dollar at Best Buy). with an Infinity-O-Display.

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The secret of a simple transfer process lies in the tiny plastic doohickey that Google and Samsung have in their packaging. It's like hiring professional removal companies to transport, unpack, and decorate your new home just like your old one! The thing is actually an adapter and has a USB-A port on one end and a USB-C port on the other end, with which you can connect your new phone to your old iPhone.

The adapter allows you to transfer photos, videos, files, music, wallpapers and even automatically download all Android versions of the free iOS apps you had on your old Apple phone. And as for iMessage, you can transfer Apple's message history and threads to a new phone, even though Apple's messaging service does not work on an Android phone.


Google and Samsung come with a USB A to USB C adapter that allows you to connect an iPhone to an Android phone ,

Charles Wagner / CNET

I'll guide you through the process of transferring to a Google Pixel Phone ($ 125 on Amazon) and a Samsung Galaxy Phone. And if you want to join, watch our video "How to switch from iPhone to Android" at the top of the story.

Switching from iPhone to a Google Pixel Phone

If you're switching from an iPhone to a Google Pixel specifically, you'll need to charge both phones first. Next, disable iMessage on all your Apple devices – on any device that uses your AppleID. Go to Settings then News and then turn off iMessage .

If your new pixel came with a SIM card install it Turn on the phone and tap the Start button. Next, connect to a Wi-Fi network and dial . Copy your data . Unlock your old iPhone and plug your lighting cable into the bottom. Then plug the other end into the "Magic Adapter", which Google calls the Quick Switch Adapter (QSA). Finally connect the QSA to the pixel.

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The Pixel uses an adapter to connect directly to your iPhone and transfer the data you select. [19659007] Charles Wagner / CNET

When prompted on your iPhone, tap Trust . Then sign in to your Google Account on the Pixel. Next, select exactly what you want to copy (photos, music, news, and so on), and then tap Copy .

Now is the time for your pixel to actually transmit everything. Depending on how much you move, this can take from a few minutes to a few hours. During the transfer, you can set up your phone like adding a PIN or setting up Google Assistant and Google Pay. Once the transfer is complete, you're done. Make sure that everything you wanted to migrate actually worked and enjoy your new Google life.

Thanks to Google and Samsung, we found two easy ways to switch from an iPhone to Android.

Charles Wagner / CNET

Switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy phone

If you own a new Samsung Galaxy phone, an adapter is also included. You can also transfer your data via Wi-Fi. I recommend to use the adapter as it is faster. Just as with pixel transfer, you must first make sure both phones are charged and disable iMessage on your iPhone.

Unlike pixels, however, you can set up your Galaxy phone as a new phone, and then transfer the data so you can use your phone right away instead of waiting. To start the transfer, open the Smart Switch app on your Samsung phone. Downloading the app to your phone can take a minute.

After opening, you may be prompted to send or receive data. Touch Receive . Then select how you want to transfer: WLAN or cable. Then connect both phones to the adapter and the flash cable of your iPhone. If you are transferring over Wi-Fi, you do not need to connect the phones with a cable.

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With Samsung Galaxy phones, you can choose exactly what kinds of data to import from your old iPhone, just like with Google's Pixel phones.

Charles Wagner / CNET

Touch Trust on the iPhone and the message Connecting to your iPhone appears on the Samsung phone. If your iPhone uses encryption for backup, you may be prompted to enter your password. It should be your Apple ID password.

Next, the Samsung phone scans your iPhone for data. This can take a few minutes. Then you can choose exactly what kind of data you want to transfer. Then tap on the transfer arrow . The actual transmission can take a few minutes to an hour. When you're done, browse your new Samsung phone and review your data. If you can not find your photos and videos in the Gallery app, check the Google Photos app.

After moving all the data to your new phone, you can learn six new camera ticks for the Galaxy Note 10.

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