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Switch Lite pre-orders are available now from Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop


If you need it the first day, the Switch Lite can now be preordered.


Nintendo announced in early July, surprisingly, a smaller version of its console with the name Switch Lite . The more wearable version will not be released until September 20, but several retailers have already pre-booked. Amazon and Target launched on Tuesday, while pre-orders for Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop are now available.

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Amazon has the Switch Lite in four versions – Gray, Yellow, Turquoise and a special edition with Pokemon motifs "Zacian and Zamazenta" – for 199.99 USD.

Target also has the console in the four colors. Amazon shows that the Switch Lite will be delivered within two days, while Target indicates that the item will be shipped on or shortly after September 20. Rumble in the Joy-Cons, which can not detach from the device. It has a longer battery life than the older model, but it will not last as long as the new switch celebrates its debut in August.

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The Nintendo Switch is a bestseller for the company with nearly 37 million sold consoles . Of these units sold, there are some owners who had a joy-con problem called " drifting ". Nintendo is aware of the problem and repairs the controllers now for free.

Originally published on July 20th.
Updated to include purchase links and the Zacian and Zamazenta edition. Added links to Walmart, Gamestop and Best Buy.

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