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Take Your Loose Leaf Tea On The Road With These Travel Tea Infusers – Review Geek

If you are not home, it is difficult to find loose leaf tea. Warm water is available almost everywhere. What's stopping you from pouring tea on the street?

Realistically, you can impregnate your loose flower tea by any means when you're on the move or working. Embarrassment and inconvenience are the only things that can prevent you from carrying your grandma-style teapot into a hot water station. However, a dedicated rice tea infuser works best. They are specifically designed for use in cup holders and will prevent you from messing up or over-soaking your tea. Some of them are even suitable as portable coffee machines or cold water infusions (for things like cucumber water, you know). Of course, there are a variety of products to choose from, and some travel tea infusions do not fit your specific needs. If you are the type of person who renews their tea, you need an infuser that makes cleaning as easy and clean as possible. If you're the type of person who needs a large, offended bottle for long journeys, you may not want to use tiny glass beads. Fortunately, we took the time to find and rate the best rice tea infusers for all needs.

Pure Zen 1
3 oz. Glass Travel Tea Infuser ($ 30)

The Pure Zen Infuser has made a name for itself through its style and versatility. It's a great little product for soaking tea or making soaked drinks on the go. You can screw the infusion basket of the Pure Zen into the top or bottom of the bottle, giving you plenty of soaking options. The design helps you overcome the disadvantages of a top-only or down-only infuser.

When you're done with one or the other, you come across this problem: If you screw it in the top, then go If you end up wanting to drip water everywhere, if you try to throw away your tea leaves or set aside If you screw it into the bottom of the glass, your tea is almost guaranteed to be too steep. With this design, you can turn the bottle over and open it at both ends so you can drink your tea without soaking the tea anywhere and dripping without tea.

The Pure Zen Infuser is delivered with a bamboo travel case and a soft shell. Tea-egg from a burning hand. The double-walled glass gets so hot that you probably want to use a sleeve. The sleeve also provides extra protection for the glass cylinder so that shocks and impacts will not damage the glass. This is a great option for users who need a versatile, secure and stylish infuser. However, if you are awkward or for simplicity, you might want something else.

Vibrant 16.9 oz. Insulated thermosinfuser ($ 25)

Another popular traveler is Vibrant's insulated thermosinfuser. The tea stays hot without burning your hands. It's lined with stainless steel so you do not have to worry about picking up any unusual plastics and it can hold up to 16.9 ounces of liquid. The Vibrant Infuser comes with a potion tray for tea and a strainer for infusing fruit. They rest under the cap so that both are easily removed from the bottle when you are done soaking. However, it is a bit cumbersome to pull a wet infuser basket out of a bottle when you are away from home or away, especially if you want to put it aside. At least your tea will not be too full.

Although the insulation is a great feature, it takes up a bit more space, resulting in a smaller basket. Ideal to drink as much tea as possible. If you use a small amount of tea leaves in a large water container, the tea will last a little longer and become more bitter. Since the Vibrant forces you to pull a small amount of loose leaf into 16.9 oz of water, you will get a drink that may not taste as good as you are used to. Of course, the convenience and size of this mug is worth a cup of tea, whose hair is more astringent than usual (and unlike a large thermos or teapot, it fits into your cup holder).

Tea Forte 12oz KATI Ceramic Infuser Mug ($ 20)

If you're in the market for a Mobile Infusor, you'll probably come across the Tea Mug Infuser Mug. They are pretty straightforward and have a big basket. They fit well in a cup holder and keep your liquid relatively warm without burning your hands.

When you dip your tea into a Tea Forte mug, you will notice that the infusion basket is resting under the lid. This will prevent you from over-pouring the tea as you will need to remove the basket for a drink. That's fine if you're in a controlled environment such as a hotel room or gas station. However, you will encounter a problem when walking around while driving or walking. Where should the loose tea lie? You will get water everywhere if you try to throw it away or put it aside. As you can imagine, rescuing your leaves for re-soaking is also difficult without causing confusion. It's really affordable, it comes with a big heatbox and looks great. However, you'll need to finish the soaking and take care of your tea leaves before you drive around, which may not fit into your tea-drinking-while-pendulum workflow.

Espro 12oz Travel Tea Press ($ 35)

The Espro travel teapress is basically a French press for tea. In fact, this travel tea infuser can also serve as a French travel press. (But note my warning, it's hard to pull the coffee taste out of a metal cup.) How do tea presses work? Well, you have to let your tea take as long as it takes, and then squeeze it down to the bottom of the container with a sieve. The Espro has a "chamber mesh" that isolates your tea leaves after soaking to prevent over-swelling. This is great, especially because you can effortlessly soak your tea leaves again without dripping water everywhere. Just refill and refill.

You can probably use Espro Travel Teapress for infused water, but it can not be completely squeezed when filled with fruit or cucumbers. You know, it would be difficult to drink out of this cup when the press sticks out. Speaking of the press, the piston and the net are made of plastic, which will not last as long as the almost immortal metal parts of a traditional French press. However, you can buy replacement / backup meshes, which may be useful for fans of the Infusor built into the press film.

ZENS Portable 7-ounce Teapot with Case (US $ 49)

The portable teapot from ZENS is the little master of travel tea additives. It has a strange but effective and clear design that is really good for portability. How does this thing work? Well, the top and bottom halves of the portable ZENS teapot are separated by a stainless sieve. Place hot water and tea leaves in the top half of the teapot, wait until it gets steep, and then press a button on the outside of the appliance to flush the liquid into the bottom chamber. Viola, you have separated your tea from the tea leaves without causing a huge mess. This is a great option for people who like to replenish their tea as it is very easy to top up the upper chamber of the ZENS with more hot water.

Of course, this is a fairly small infusion unit – 7 ounces of liquid is practically nothing, especially if you need to commute for a long time. Even the ZENS glass gets hot despite the double-walled design. It would be nice if it were delivered with a sleeve that you could hold in use, but it comes with a stylish case to keep your Infuser safe in a backpack, purse or bag.

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