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The 10 best apps for your new Android phone

You've just unpacked a new Android phone, logged in, entered a hundred passwords, downloaded all the major social apps, and synced all the items that need to be synced. Now is the time to fill your phone with everything else: the apps to read, perform tasks and have fun. You probably have some ideas of your own, but we also have a number of suggestions. Here are 10 great Android apps that are definitely worth installing.

We've grouped together our most popular and widely used apps, games, and utilities. Look for our tips for iPhone, PC and Mac. our favorite games for iOS and Android and our top selection for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts

Although Android has finally launched its own podcast app, you might want to try a very good third-party option: Pocket Casts, which since this year are owned by NPR and three others public radio producers. And it has only gotten better since last month with a major redesign that offers some of the most desirable features.

Dark Sky

  Dark Sky for Android

There is no beating Dark Sky when it comes to predicting the rain. Even if you have another weather app (or have a weather widget like Pixel 3 integrated into your home screen), you should pay Dark Sky $ 2.99 a year to get accurate predictions. It starts and ends stop raining.

1Password / LastPass

Password managers can be a bit cumbersome and get used to it. However, once you've used one, you'll never want to go back – it's a (relatively) easy way to make sure you have a secure, unique password for each website. Nowadays, only one fingerprint is required to transfer this password to the app you are logging in to. My choice from last year has not changed: I personally use 1Password, which is definitely worth its low monthly fee, but if you want a free option, LastPass is an excellent choice.


The designers who love VSCO regularly change the app's interface in a confusing way. Nevertheless, I can not stop coming back. The app has the absolute best photo filters, so you can apply an overwhelming variety of movie-like effects and make a number of other settings before sending your pictures to Instagram. I just wish they did not change the UI every three days.


This is more a specific feature of Google's integrated SMS app, Messages, than the app itself. When you use messages, you can sync your text to a nearby computer and from your keyboard reply. It's not nearly as elegant as Apple iMessage syncing from an iPhone to a Mac, but it's better than nothing. It's certainly a lot easier than working with apps like Push Bullet that are designed to sync all your notifications but work occasionally.


Image: Clue

Clue is one of the best apps out there, with a super easy interface that makes it easy for you to visualize your cycle and track bleeding, pill usage and more. The app tries to involve all people who are in menses, and the company behind it promises not to sell your health data (although sometimes anonymous records are shared with researchers.)

Audio Recorder

Here is another app that Android misses: something to record voice memos, or other audio you need to record. My favorite is this straightforward app from Sony, which usually only consists of a large red record button and a list of your files. Be aware that you have the option to record really high-quality formats that take up a lot of space – the medium quality setting is perfectly fine.

Alto's Odyssey

Credit: Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey is a must-have game, especially if your new phone has a brimming display – his simple, dreamy graphics are impressive on a large screen. The game is also a lot of fun. It's never that difficult to be frustrating, and it's always fast enough to keep you busy. Alto's Odyssey is free for Android, but I would recommend paying a few bucks to remove the occasional pop-up ads.

Files from Google

For some reason, Google Files are currently standalone files app that you need to download from the Play Store, but it's such a good file manager that I would not be surprised if it uses the standard version of Android replaced. This app makes browsing your files much easier than the preinstalled ones. It's a great way to find junk that takes up space on your phone.


I see articles all day at work that I want to read, but really do not have the time. Pocket is my solution. The app connects to a browser extension on the desktop, with which you can save articles for later reading. Every time you wait in line or sit on the couch with nothing to do, your pocket list will certainly be something valuable.

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