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The 25 best IFTTT applets

If This Then That (IFTTT) has become the ultimate small-task integration service between Internet-connected services and devices. IFTTT can handle all channeling support from its member service and combine it to automatically do something for you (but with restrictions set by the service providers – see you, Gmail). And all for free.

Enable one of the available channels of IFTTT for services or products that you use or own. Each has its own set of triggers (the "if this" part) or actions (the "then this" page) or both. For example, make a status update for a service (a trigger), and IFTTT makes sure that an action is performed on a different channel, such as: B. re-provisioning this update. The result is called an "applet" (formerly called a recipe).

There are channels for only for every reputable web service, smart home product and many more. too many to call them here. It is organized by category, from devices to language assistants and weather. Use the search above to narrow down a service you want to use.

You can create applets on IFTTT.com or in the iOS and Android mobile apps. There are generic channels for things like stocks, weather, date, time, and receiving or making text messages and phone calls. There are even some "button widgets" for creating instant applets that are activated from the smartphone's home screen.

Imagine putting these services into service and automating any annoying operations that you now perform manually. No cross-posting, no additional e-mailing and no backup with cut-and-paste jobs anymore. IFTTT takes care of everything.

Below are links to some of the best and most widely used applets that IFTTT has to offer. Applets can be shared so you can easily customize them. But this is only the tip of the IFTTT mountain. Create yourself a great applet, share it and post it in the comments below so we know what we're missing.

Tweet Your Instagram Shots

  Best IFTTT Applets - Tweet Charts as Native Photos If You Want If you want to instantly share Instagram photos in more than one social network, let them IFTTT them tweet with the full picture for you. Of course, you can do this right in the Instagram app, but that makes the picture look like you've uploaded it directly to Twitter.

Alexa, Call My Device

  Best IFTTT Applets - Use Alexa to Find Your Phone This one does exactly what it promises: You can use any Alexa speaker to make a call ( with the IFTTT VoIP call service) to a predefined number. You can set the exact phrase that you use with Alexa for the call.

Hey, Google, Find my Phone

  Best IFTTT Applets - Use Google Assistant to Find Your Phone IFTTT also features a Google Assistant version of the IFTTT VoIP Call Service in action. Note that if you want to make a call to a number other than yours, for example to find your wife's lost phone, you can set the IFTTT Telephone Call Service (US only) to the second person's number by clicking Settings , and using IFTTT VoIP calls the service for your own number (because you apparently can not handle it). VoIP calls must be used if the phone has a number outside the US.

Android wallpaper is the image of NASA of the day

  Best IFTTT applets - Android wallpaper for NASA image of the day Android phones can enjoy it Courtesy of the IFTTT Space Service, by NASA, Open Notify, the Mars Atmospheric Aggregation System, and the current number of people in space. Space junkies should try this channel of IFTTT to create many applets. (There is nothing like it for iOS, so Apple does not allow IFTTT to do that.)

Learn When the ISS Is Overloaded

  Best IFTTT Applets - Notification Under the ISS Another great example of space fun from IFTTT, simply enter your location during setup, and the IFTTT notification service will send information to your phone when the International Space Station is near you.

Tweet Via Voice

  Best IFTTT Applets - Tweet What You Say to Google Assistant Another feature for smart speaker users. This feature only works with Google Assistant because it analyzes and converts it into a tweet. Amazon Alexa can not currently do that through IFTTT. You can set up this applet to use a "text ingredient" by inserting a special character (in this case, the dollar sign ($)) to represent what you say. The Google Assistant will send it back to you before tweeting for confirmation. It acts like a charm. Please refer?

Speaking with text with Google Assistant and Android

  Best IFTTT applets - Text someone uses with Google Home speakers The only way Send an SMS message with IFTTT using the Android SMS service. (Neither SMS nor iMessage are an option for iOS users over IFTTT, which is the wish of Apple.) This SMS works only if the IFTTT app is installed on the Android phone that sent the message. If you're using an Android Assistant-powered speaker at home, you can tell him "Hey Google, message [name] $", replacing the name (obviously) and turning the dollar sign into what you're saying.

Stay up to date with Giphy

  Best IFTTT Applets - Get Giphy Emails on Trendy GIFs You always want to be up-to-date with the memes, right? This applet will ensure that you receive a weekly (or daily) summary message containing all the animated GIFs currently being sent by Giphy so you can share them.

The best IFTTT applets – Feedly stored items go into the bag "border =" 0 "class =" left "src =" https://assets.pcmag.com/media/images/656114-best-ifttt- applets-saved-feed-articles-go-to-pocket.png? thumb = y & width = 980 & height = 370 "/> Your Feedly RSS reader is pretty good, but not perfect for saving and reading later. Why Annoy With this applet, IFTTT throws every article you save in Feedly to Pocket, the best service for later reading.

Tweet Your Facebook Status Updates

  Best IFTTT Applets - Tweet Out a FB Status Status Updates On Facebook, it may almost seem like passing, but a pithy little blurb, preferably with less than 140 characters, is still the best way to bring out your elaborate emotions.This applet ensures that a status you post on Facebook instantly shared on Twitter.

Tweet your Facebook links

  Best IFTTT applet s - Share Facebook links on Twitter This is almost the same as the above applet. but is for sharing links that you post on Facebook. The tweet receives the same link and all your followers know where to go, no matter what service you use. But guess what? You can not go the other way and have your tweets automatically posted to your Facebook timeline – unless you have a Facebook page that's usually for business and big names.

Save your tagged photos on Facebook

  Best IFTTT applets - Save FB photos with tags in iOS album They do not publish every photo of you on Facebook. If friends tag you all the time and you want to have a collection of those recordings, this applet will download them to a photo album on your iOS device. It only works with newly set images. It will not find any old stuff, because that's not how IFTTT rolls. Live in the now.

Creating events quickly in Google Calendar

  Best IFTTT applets - Creating Google Calendar events IFTTT provides some services that appear as widgets on iOS or Android devices. This is specific to the IFTTT Note widget. Click to activate the widget, and you'll get a quick notepad that you can enter on the screen of your phone. Fill it in with as much detail as possible about an upcoming appointment and it will be saved to your Google Calendar at the right time. You can also use the Notes widget to post a tweet, post to Blogger, email yourself, or set the temperature on a smart thermostat.

Extract yourself.

  Best IFTTT Applets - Get Out of Unpleasant Situations. [19659049] The Button widget provides a quick way to activate things by quickly pressing the screen of your smartphone. In this case, you can pretend to retrieve a message, press a key, and activate a call back to your phone. Use it to overcome the catastrophic date or interview. </p>
<h2>  Pocket Links of Tweets for Reading Later </h2>
<p><span class=  Best IFTTT Applets - Saving Tweet Links in Pocket A Great Way to Save Links in a Tweet for Reading Later, this applet places the first link found in a tweet that you want in the tray of the Read-it-Later service.

Get Alexa Timer Notification via Smartphone

  Best IFTTT Applets - Get Notification by Phone When the Alexa Timer Expires The most used item in my Amazon Echo is the timer, from the watering of Orchids until preparing fancy dinner. But sometimes you have to get away from the Alexa speaker counting down for you, and you may miss the alarm. This applet sends a notification with the option "IFTTT notifications" directly to the IFTTT app on your phone.

Place your Facebook profile picture on Twitter

  Best IFTTT Applets - YouTube to Spotify Why a Static Twitter Account? Profile pic? Every time you update your look on Facebook, it can automatically be played back on Twitter with this applet.

Favorite YouTube Songs Retrieve Spotify Playlist

  Best IFTTT Applets - YouTube to Spotify Mark a video on YouTube as desired (thumbs up) and this applet searches the title on Spotify for the same name. If a match is found, the song will be added to your Spotify playlist named "YouTube."

Saving evidence in Evernote

  Best IFTTT applets - Saving evidence in Evernote This applet uses the IFTTT camera widget on your smartphone. Click the button to activate the widget. Take a quick snapshot of your receipt and send it to Evernote for later use in an expense report to prove that you've really bought a gift that you forgot Ringing

  Best IFTTT Applets - Mute the Android Phones at work With an Android phone, you can use your location (for example, when you arrive at the office) to automatically switch the phone to vibration. This should be used by everyone, but if you enter the address for your local movie theater, I would appreciate it. Be sure to use it in conjunction with the "Unmute when I'm home" applet.

Backing up new iOS contacts

  Best IFTTT applets - syncing iOS contacts with a Google Sheet Always adding information to your iPhone or iPhone iPad? The IFTTT app for iOS ensures that new contacts are backed up when they are created. Use this applet to attach to a new row in a Google Drive table. Note that this only works for new contacts. Existing contacts are not backed up.

Be lit at sunset.

  Best IFTTT Applets - At Sunset the Lights Are Lighting Smart lights like the Philips Hue can do much more than being controlled by an app or you. Use IFTTT to change the lighting based on your location, or change the weather as in this case. This applet is looking for changes from Weather Underground to turn on the lights when the sun goes down. You can also change the color tone when it is raining or snowing.

Prepare Pollen

  Best IFTTT Applets - Get Pollen Notifications Weather services like Weather Underground also monitor pollen counts. It may send you a warning if your allergy trigger number is displayed on the scale of 1 to 11 (usually 6 or higher) so you can remember the antihistamine before you leave home.

Reminder of the anniversary of the emergency

  Best IFTTT Applets - Send a week before the anniversary by email The IFTTT's own date and time service can be set to run applets at different times (from hourly until annually). This is the latter, which allows you to create a cleverly timed email reminder so you do not forget to receive a gift. Take a lot of screenshots to work on, especially on your iPhone. They know that organizing these screenshots is a painful experience. Take advantage of additional organization by having IFTTT bridge any screen you visit in OneNote for later editing on the desktop itself. You can also create your own applet to send screenshots to other services like Evernote and Flickr.

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