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The 4 Best Heavy Duty Laundry Carriers – Review Geek

  Laundry pile in front of a washing machine
Evgeny Atamanenko

Are you looking for a solid laundry bag that does not explode on the way to the laundromat? Well, rest your eyes, carefully, viewfinder: these are four of the best bags for laundromats.

There are a lot of cheap, weak laundry baskets. If you live in a city or in a big house ̵

1; or in both cases – you're a happy dog ​​- you know what it's like to carry a hefty basket of dirt. If you're like us, you'll also know what it's like when the handles tear down or torn open the bottom cracks and throw your underwear over the sidewalk.

Is it your fault if you are hesitant to fill the basket with 30 pounds of dirty Unmentionables? No! It is the fault of the fiddler, if it is a threadbare nylon net or even worse: Willow – why Weide calculated?

If this ever happened to you – or if so, then you did not get the fear – be reassured Here are four of the best laundry bags for people who do not like broken laundry bags.

Best Backpack: WOWLIVE Large Laundry Backpack ($ 25)

  WOWLIVE Large Laundry Backpack

Who does not I love a good, solid backpack? The WOWLIVE Large Laundry Backpack is essentially a tall, hiker-style, cylindrical backpack designed to carry your laundry without destroying your shoulders and keeping your hands on the long, tedious journey to where you wash your clothes.

The normal "big" bag is about 22 cm high and 12 cm wide. It's like a good hiking bag and includes an expandable top drawstring liner that provides extra storage space of eight inches for overcrowded laundry. It's also made from water-repellent Oxford cloth, so your laundry stays drier on a rainy day's laundry than you would on your way home.

A large front pocket could contain extras, such as: Oh, let's say, laundry detergent. This bag does not stand alone, as with some other options, but has a loop for a clip so you can hang it up while filling. Perhaps most important of all: sturdy seams along the load points of the bag. If this is not big enough for you, WOWLIVE also has an extra large version.

Best Collapsible Bag: CleverMade Collapsible Laundry Bag (18 $)

  CleverMade Collapsible Laundry Bag

Let's say you do not necessarily have to go anywhere to wash your clothes down just a few steps or laying around the house. This does not mean that it is safe to use a thin laundry bag. After all, most accidents involving laundry happen in the household.

This CleverMade Collapsible Polyester bag is strong enough to carry 55 lbs. from the stuff you like to wear, but sensitive enough to collapse to 2 inches if you want to put it down.

So, what makes this bag a great option for some weight? Note the punch-through design. If the belt is under the ground this means that the handles will not break, even at 55 lbs. Weight limit. This is black, but it is available in a range of colors if you are interested in such a thing.

Whitmor Round Commercial Laundry Basket

  Whitmor Round Commercial Laundry Basket

The Whitmor is the Cadillac of laundry baskets – and not only because it has four wheels like a car , The construction is centered around a sturdy chrome frame which, yes, you have to assemble yourself, but all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and a few minutes time.

In this chrome frame is a bag made of polyester fabric, with metal clips attached to the car and removable for washing. Swing the commercial wheels so there are no three-point turns in the hallway as the car's metaphor begins to fall apart.

Besides, it is spacious. This is the largest laundry carrier on this list: With a width of 32 inches and a width of 24 inches, your large laundry will look small. Luckily, you do not have to carry it – this responsible laundry bag wears itself.

Best Plastic Basket: STERILITE Roll Basket ($ 29)

  STERILITE Wheel Basket

This list would be a failure if it did not contain a solid plastic option , Cloth bags are great for many reasons, but sometimes you do not want a dirty clothes container tending to bond with your laundry. Cold, callous plastic comes into play here. All vents help to keep dirt from drying out and prevent the smell of mold from coming off while you are laying your laundry.

There are many plastic baskets, but many of them. This neglect is a simple fact: plastic can be very weak. If you overload a plastic container, you are likely to tear off the handles when you pick it up.

The solution: Do not buy a plastic basket to pick up. Try this STERILITE plastic basket with wheels instead. Of course, do not take it off the road, but you will be able to handle hard floors and carpets, no problem, and it has a luggage handle that will save your back. In the meantime, the lid prevents you from having to stop socks on the way to the machine.

This simple design stands at 28 inches. If you use plastic, you should use this roller basket to avoid the inherent defects of the material .

If you want to spend a little less, Home Depot also sells this model for as little as $ 17, but there is an additional shipping cost

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