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The 5 Best Free Twitter Clients for Android «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Twitter is effectively the marketplace of our time, where people can share and discuss ideas on a variety of topics. While the tech giant has its own app for Android, it's pretty sober in terms of features. This has paved the way for third-party clients that are rich in customization options.

It's easy to get lost in the sea of ​​Twitter client apps available on the Google Play store, and this makes it time-consuming to find the right product to process. But you're in luck ̵

1; we've done the leg work for you by comparing the top Twitter customers in detail and examining all the features to find out which one is the best. After countless hours of research, we are confident that the apps listed below are the best solution for free third-party Android Twitter clients.

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Comparison Chart

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Important Comparison Points

  • Play Store Rating: Overall rating of the app below the users.
  • Accounts Supported: The number of concurrent Twitter logins you can use. Mixing work and pleasure can get you into trouble. So, if you have a client that keeps track of multiple accounts, you no longer have to manually switch between these accounts.
  • Price for Pro version: The price for the full version of the app.
  • Pro Features: When you purchase the full or pro version of an app, more features and removal of ads are usually unlocked.
  • Ad Type: Because they are free apps, ads are a necessary evil we have to live with. However, some apps are better at dealing with it and display ads ingeniously, almost unnoticed.
  • Widgets: This handy option lets you view new tweets directly on the home screen of your device.
  • Interactive Notifications: If this small but useful feature is supported, you can preview new tweets and other alerts to decide if you want to open the app to fully view or simply close it ,
  • Shortcuts for the app: Similar to the iPhone 3D Touch: This feature allows you to capture tweets or send messages by simply holding down the app icon and tapping one of the available options in the pop-up that appears.
  • In-App YouTube Playback: Watching YouTube videos from within the app is ideal because it eliminates the hassle of switching apps and lets you go through your timeline without interruption.
  • Instagram Image Support: Basically the Sam As when watching YouTube videos above, but in this case when viewing content such as images and GIFs from Instagram.
  • Dark Mode: Dark theme support has become a desirable feature for many, and not only easier on your eyes, but can also save battery life.
  • Customizable UI: The ability to personalize an app's interface has become the standard for many apps, from applying different colors to changing the font size. [19659010] Swipe Navigating: Navigating between multiple tabs can be cumbersome if you work only with your fingers, so the ability to scroll sideways from one page to another has a big impact on the user experience.
  • Schedule Posts: ] This feature is particularly useful for habitual posters because they can automatically tweet ideas and thoughts at regular intervals to keep the content flowing.
  • Post Muting: Your Twitter feed is constantly bombarded The distracting posts that often bury important tweets. Muting these annoying posts will delete the feed and make sure you only see what you need.
  • Download content: This functionality is extremely useful as you can save media on your device without you wanting it. The original tweet must be revisited.
  • Post GIFs Often a GIF can convey your thoughts and leave a stronger impression than words alone.
  • Location tagging: Use this feature to share your location helpful for arranging meetups.
  • Save Drafts: An ingenious idea often comes out of nowhere, although sometimes it takes a little more time to put the right words together to convey the message correctly. Drafts can be helpful here.
  • Where: Where is the search feature in the app. As an important feature, we've chosen apps that let you search for apps from the navigation bar at the touch of a finger, forcing you to tap a menu button, and then to find the search option. The ability to send private messages to other Twitter users that are not visible to the public.

How we chose these apps

To narrow down the scope of Twitter apps, we've laid down some basic rules. First, all apps had a free version, so great options like Talon and Tweetings were excluded.

To make sure we're dealing with the best of the best, all apps had to have a play Save a rating of 4.3 stars or higher to make this list. This excluded some popular Twitter apps like Falcon, Plume and Finch.

From there, we reduced our original list to five apps, based on the rating of apps in the above comparison points. So we stayed with the top five Twitter client apps, which I will highlight in detail below.

App 1: Owly for Twitter

Owly for Twitter is relatively free, thanks to useful features that merge seamlessly with each other at the top of the Twitter experience. Owly gives you the freedom to add as many Twitter accounts as you need to meet your personal and professional needs, and that's only the beginning.

Owly Offers Most UI Customization Options Customize the header and position of the navigation bar and even change the font style for a unique look. The app also offers several dark themes to choose from, including blue, black and even purple.

Timeline filters are another powerful combination of Owly. Allows you to declare your feed to show only tweets that you actually read, and you can see more options for filtering distractions such as retweets, responses, and automatic video games with a number of switches found on the settings page. When ads are served, Owly displays them as promoted content that fits into your Twitter feed to avoid distractions.

(1) Media attachments are by default displayed in good visibility. (2) You can hide images, GIFs, and videos for easier browsing.

If you're new to downloading media, Owly also provides an overview. With the app you can download all kinds of media directly to your device, including GIFs, videos and pictures. In addition, Owly also supports widgets and app shortcuts so you can view and post tweets, search for users, or even send a message from your device's home screen.

There are only a few limitations with the app. These include a search feature hidden behind the three-point overflow menu and the lack of swipe-based controls for navigating between various tabs such as direct messages and timeline. Fortunately, Owly compensated for this by giving you the option to place the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for easier range. This is handy if you have a device with a large screen like Note 9.

App 2: TweetCaster

TweetCaster is another great Twitter client that has a bunch of features that other apps usually charge. For example, you can add as many Twitter accounts as you like without having to pay for a Pro version. This is very convenient if you have two or more accounts for both personal and business use.

Another great feature in TweetCaster is the Smart Filter system, which you can access via the overflow menu button at the top right. That way, you'll be able to filter out the noise and display only keyword-only tweets, posts with media, a gallery view, or tweets with links. You can even hide the retweeted content. If that's not enough, the app sends separate notifications for each account with a quick preview, so you do not have to manually change the account to see new content.

Similar to Owly, TweetCaster has a large selection of light and dark themes that you can apply to a custom feed. Unfortunately, the app's interface is not so flexible, and while you can change the font size of the app to make it easier to read, TweetCaster does not give you the ability to set the navigation bars to a location of your choice. However, this is not a real deal, as TweetCaster comes with gesture-based navigation that lets you instantly view other tabs just by dragging sideways.

To further distance yourself from the rest of the package, you can use TweetCaster to schedule and post your contributions at a later date save so you can fire the tweet if you're happy with it, without having to start from scratch. In addition, TweetCaster also supports in-app viewing of YouTube and Instagram media for unhindered browsing of Twitter feeds.

As great as TweetCaster is, it has some shortcomings that ultimately prevent it from reaching the top. TweetCaster is pretty limited in terms of direct downloading of media content, so you can only save pictures. The app gives you the ability to upload videos and GIFs, and redirects you to a YouTube sign-in page that leads to a bug.

Static banner advertising is always present in TweetCaster and is fixed at the bottom of the screen. While relatively unobtrusive, these banners are still a stain, especially when compared to advertised content found in apps like Owly that blend seamlessly into your timeline. If you ever want to get rid of these ads, you should be prepared to pay $ 4.99 for an ad-free experience.

App 3: Friendly for Twitter

Friendly for Twitter is a vibrant, eye-catching, easy-to-view layout with an intuitive interface and simplified settings that help you spend less time on the app and more time spend the content of your Twitter feed.

App 4: TwitPane

Although Not As Esthetically Appealing As a friendly or friendly person, TwitPane can still stand out from the rest of the crowd because of its general flexibility and customization options. In addition to the standard dark theme, you can also use the app to change the font size, remove annoying source texts on the bottom of tweets and much more.

Where TwitPane really shines though is in the customization tab. The app has 15 separate tabs that you can access by swiping sideways, including Timeline, Likes, Profiles, and Search tabs, just to name a few. To minimize confusion, the app gives you the ability to rearrange, remove or add tabs to suit your needs.

In addition, TwitPane offers a number of other features that make it compatible with other Twitter apps, such as direct, aggressive support for messaging, the ability to download media files directly to your device, tweeting GIFs, save drafts for later posts and much more. With support for widget and app shortcuts, you can even view and post tweets without having to access the app.

On the other side of the coin, with TwitPane you can only log into three separate accounts. This can be less than ideal if you rely on more than what social media needs in terms of work or hobby. And like TweetCaster, there are static banner ads in the app, which are clearly visible at the top of the screen.

Finally, TwitPane is also limited in terms of third party support – it does not let you view any YouTube videos within the screen, view app, or view content hosted on Instagram. All in all, TwitPane is still a good choice if you're in the market for a Twitter app that lets you control which tabs you want to access, rather than the relatively minor issues mentioned above. lies.

App 5: Tweecha Lite

Last but not least, Tweecha Lite is a simple Twitter app with a number of great features and options to maximize your social media experience without getting into the user interface customization to lose. The app can be tested for free. You can buy the full version for $ 5.49 to get rid of banner ads and unlock more features.

Tweecha Lite has an amazing 18 separate tabs that cover all the basics of tweeting. In addition to the important timeline, you'll also get separate mentions pages, tweets and responses you've created, a search page with custom advanced search options, retweets, likes – the list continues.

Obvious The sheer number of tabs can make navigating Tweecha Lite awkward. To facilitate navigation, the app has a simplified navigation bar at the bottom for important functions such as instant tweets and quick access to all tabs via a menu button. In addition, the app gives you the opportunity to scroll through the pages by swiping left or right.

If you create tweets carefully before publishing them in the world, you can save unsent tweets as drafts. You can re-visit and post at a later time. In addition, the app has a dark design, which you can access from the Color Settings section of the app's Settings page. However, the options for customizing the app's interface are quite limited and consist essentially of tweaking background colors of certain tweets to facilitate sorting.


In the end, owing to his meticulous balance, Owly gained ease of use and customization options. However, it was by no means a punch, as the other apps on this list each had outstanding features that allowed for a solid selection, such as the TweetCaster Smart Filter, Friendly's Battery Optimizer and Tweecha Lite's intuitive navigation controls.

to Twitter Client App and what do you love about it? We look forward to hearing your thoughts, so do not hesitate to let them know by posting comments in the following section.

This article was created during the special coverage of gadget hacks about obtaining a social media expert on your phone. Take a look at the entire social media series.

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