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The 5 Best Free Twitter Clients for iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The official iOS app from Twitter is sufficient if you are not a tweeter, but if you are there are many useful features missing. Fortunately, there are many free Twitter clients that you can use on your iPhone. These third-party apps have features such as customizable interfaces, post-scheduling, and a variety of browser options for opening links, just to name a few.

There are some third-party Twitter clients for iOS, but we have tested them all out and found out that only a handful is worth your time. In fact, four third-party clients and a Twitter web app that you want to use, if you're looking for too many features, stood out.

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Important Comparison Points

Not all third-party Twitter clients have equal rights. Therefore, we have reviewed some important factors in every iOS application. All the items below are in the table above:

How We Selected These Apps

Reducing the best third-party Twitter clients to only five was a difficult task, with dozens available on the App Store that seemed like good prospects. As a result, some of your favorite Twitter clients may be missing from this list, but for a good reason.

First, they must be free, and most features should not require in-app purchases. For a paid app, Tweetbot 5 would be worth something for $ 4.99, but since we're just looking for free apps, it did not cut it here. Second, these free Twitter customers should do all this to have an App Store rating of 4.3 or higher. There were a few that fit the bill missing in this article, but we cut it because our selected apps did all they could and more. There is one exception, however, and this is Twitter Lite, which is not available on the App Store. We've added this because it's a good app for users who actually want less noise, which we consider to be a feature.

App 1. Echofon

If you are not a fan of all the bells and whistles that some Twitter customers have and you prefer simplicity and minimalism. Echofon for Twitter has a clean interface that still offers some unique features that allow you to manage as many Twitter accounts as you like.

At first glance, Echofon looks very similar to Twitter. The timeline has a similar style, but the media preview in each tweet is more compact, so other tweets have more room to breathe on the screen. On Twitter, it's not uncommon for two tweets to record your entire screen at once, so it's nice to see more.

Unread tweets are kept in sync on different iOS devices between Echofon, so you never have to see the same tweet twice. The navigation bar is also at the bottom. However, not only can you access search queries, mentions, and direct messages, but also your profile, likes, followers, lists, and who you have muted.

Although Echofon has a static display directly above the navigation bar. You can close it. It does not reappear until forces the application, which is not common. The Pro version removes this display (and adds more features, such as Siri), but if you do not want to spend $ 4.99 on it, you can close the ad as needed.

You can use the search to get an overview of the trends (worldwide) (or in your country), your saved searches and tweets in the vicinity. A green pin map shows the exact location from which all local tweets were sent. However, they are only displayed if the person used location markers while tweeting. Tap on a pin and you can see the content of the tweet. If you're a fan of Snapchat's Snap Map, you'll enjoy this feature.

One of the best features in Echofon is the new tweet section. Not only can you write a tweet, you can also schedule it, mark your location, shorten links, add a description for the visually impaired (VoiceOver) and edit your photos. And when I say "edit," I really mean .

Upload a picture and you have over a dozen tools to play with, including filters, clipping, orientation, text, blur, focus, stickers, borders, red eyes, memes, and more. Swipe gestures make it easier to undo changes. By far it's a better in-app photo editor than Twitter.

But do not be fooled by Echofon's minimal style – There's a lot to discover.

There are many options in Settings that you can toggle, including font size, display style, photo preview, and topics (seven options are available). If you mess up the settings enough, you can add extra space to your timeline so you can see more tweets at once. In advanced settings, you can log in to your buffer account to shorten the links in your tweets, and Pocket or Instapaper to save articles from your timeline for later reading.

One of our most popular features (which Twitter had in one place) is that you can view Instagram photos directly from your timeline instead of having to tap on the Instagram link to display them from the in-app browser or Instagram -App to jump. And you do not have to stick to Echofon's in-app browser – you can open links in Safari instead.

App 2. Twitterrific

Twitterrific, often misspelled as Twitterific, has been considered the best third-party provider of Twitter since its first release in 2007. For a good reason: It was the first to show a character counter in your tweets, showing answers and conversation threads in the app, showing one chronological timeline when Twitter switched to his new algorithm (which he had recently rejected).

Another interesting treat: the developers behind Twitterrific used a bird symbol for their logo before Twitter, and they actually coined the word "tweet". There is no doubt that Twitterrific is an important part of Twitter's story, but how is the customer holding up now … 2019?

As you might expect, Twitterrific still manages to stay one step ahead of the game by offering you a personalized, feature-rich, easy-to-use, and user-friendly version of Twitter. An experience that lets you manage as many Twitter accounts as you can control.

Twitterrific may seem a bit awkward for you the first time you use the app because of the oversized profile pictures, embedded pictures and videos in each tweet, but this is misleading as you can customize these aspects of your timeline and many other features , In fact, Twitterrific is the queen among the other Twitter clients in this list when it comes to customization.

You can choose fonts (there are Helvetica New, Georgia and eight others), text size (from smallest to huge), line spacing, thumbnail size, avatar style, application icon, sidebar, badges, emojis displayed in user names, and so on. [19659003] There are even two options for night mode: dark and black. The latter helps iPhone users with OLED screens (iPhone X and later) save battery because black pixels do not need power. In addition, Twitterrific is the only app in this list that uses Apple-selectable app icons, so you can choose from 13 different icons.

The customization in Twitterrific is quite extensive. Sometimes it even feels a bit overwhelming, especially because the customization to iOS is limited, which could potentially annoy you.

As far as your timeline is concerned, gestures make it incredibly easy to display likes, retweets, conversations, and threads. Answers to tweets; and switch accounts. You can also view Instagram photos directly from your timeline, like Echofon and UberSocial.

If you do not like the in-app web browser, you can switch it to in-app reader mode to reduce distractions reading an article If you want to use a completely different app to open links, you can Choose between Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Tweets retrieved no longer exist, although there is a static indicator below the navigation bar to the right a heavy thumb sticks out (you can remove it with the Pro version). Sync with iCloud to see where you left off when you use Twitterrific on Apple devices. Another great feature is Center Stage, which lets you create a Rolodex that lets you quickly see all the photos in your timeline.

The Sidebar lets you access your mentions and likes direct messages, search, and lists. There's also a feature called Muffles, Twitterrific's muting feature, which lets you hide users, keywords, hashtags, and links in your timeline. However, unlike traditional muting, filtered tweets are minimized and still appear in your timeline as a single line that you can interact with, if you like.

App 4. Hootsuite

Unlike the rest of Twitter customers in this list, Hootsuite is not exclusive to Twitter. Instead, it is a social media management app, perhaps the most popular social media management app, which allows you to manage up to three social media accounts for free, including Instagram, Facebook , YouTube and LinkedIn. Additional accounts are available for $ 29.99 per month. If you want to manage more accounts from one place, Hootsuite is for you.

One drawback to using Hootsuite is that you need to create an account before you can use Twitter, which is for those who do not want to deal with more accounts, may not be negotiable. However, the process is fast and the advantage is that with this app you can not just use Twitter. When you sign up for Twitter, you can view your timeline, mentions, and tweets from your homepage.

When you create a tweet, you can take or upload a picture, mark your location, and choose to share the content of your tweet with other social media accounts connected to Hootsuite. For this reason, if you manage the social media account for a brand, you can choose Hootsuite over any other client in that list.

The Verdict

In a tight competition, we have to give Twitterrific the first place for the immense amount of features it has to offer. The customization is not just off the charts (two dark modes, each?), But it has unique features like center stage and muffles, as well as swiping gestures that make scrolling on your timeline better than on Twitter.

However, that does not mean the rest of the Twitter customers on this list are not worth considering. All are gleaming in different aspects: Echofon is minimal but full of features, UberSocial is intuitive for video playback, Hootsuite is a juggernaut for social media management, and Twitter Lite is more enjoyable in terms of battery and data plan. Depending on your needs, these may be number 1 on your list.

This article was created during special reporting by Gadget Hacks about obtaining a social media expert on your phone. Take a look at the entire social media series.

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Cover photo by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks; Screenshots of Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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