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The Bachelorette: Your Guide to Becca's Season

Bachelor Nation is back in full strength and ready for the 14th season debut of The Bachelorette, this time with Becca Kufrin on her tearful way to find love.

Whether you're a new fan or a veteran, all that romance can be a bit confusing, so I've created a guide to the people, players, date night descriptions, and terminology you need to know most about the season , (If you think you are already an expert, I urge you to Bachelorette-off). (Here's how to stream the bachelorette .) Let's start our journey …

Who is Becca Kufrin?

Becca Kufrin was named the next bachelorette during last year's Bachelor Reunion Show, after she was summarily drafted by Arie Luyendyk Jr. ̵

1; after having .

Yes, after he had suggested. Arie then went to the After the Final Rose Show and suggested runner-up Lauren Burnham. You've set a wedding date now, and I'm still flat on how it all went. Arie proved host Chris Harrison for the first time ever – it really was "the most dramatic season finale ever".

Even before this season of The Bachelorette begins, Becca has said that she fell in love with two guys, which would mean a lot of drama. Besides, we know she was suggested and said yes, so it seems quite likely that she found Prince Charming (or at least someone who got engaged for a while).

That is, beware of spoilers everywhere today and especially on Twitter. It's more fun to try and guess who's going to get engaged in the end, so check out not Reality Steve . To really avoid all spoilers, watch each episode live or avoid Twitter altogether.

As for everything else, we have to wait for the season premiere See what the dynamics in the Bachelor Mansion are, known for awkward pool parties and heavy drinking.

Who You Need to Know

After a dramatic season with aria that did not disappoint, I expect a lot from this season. Here are the most important players so far.

  • Becca Kufrin : She's obviously the star of the show and the one that any man will argue about. So far, Becca can be listed as sweet, sweet, no BS. If you need a reminder, here's how she handled the whole breakup of Aria. Becca has a slogan: "Let's do the damn thing." She will say a lot and you will probably be tired of it.
  • Chris Harrison : He is the only other person you should really care about. No, he is not just "Chris", he is referred to as "Chris Harrison". He will happen to pop up before each rose ceremony or show up when there is a * really * good drama (JoJo season chad). He will also say the phrase "most dramatic season we've ever had" and "for the first time in bachelor history." And we'll all make the same joke on Twitter about it and then fall into a deep pit of despair, because that's the life we ​​chose.
  • Neil Lane : He provides the engagement ring, and for some reason the two finalists, when they are with him, magically know they only have to make a suggestion.

There are also all the men who woo Becca this season – and some definitely seem better than others. Here is a common thread of all their Instas but no one really stands out.

Bachelor Nation Terms to Know

Seemingly random, invented words are thrown a lot on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but I'm here to help.

A Rose : What all men are looking for.

Rose of First Impressions : Issued on the first night. It's basically about the man that Becca prefers to love so far. That's a pretty good indicator of who Becca will end up with.

Rose Ceremony : Here Becca will limit her boys every week. She'll give a name, give a guy a rose (she's hung on her jackets with magnets if you ask), and it's pretty simple. There will be 16 commercial breaks and sometimes we will not even have a rose ceremony because all the drama takes too much time and you realize that life in these weeks is awful, so get ready.

Group Date : A Many boys will go out with the Bachelorette and try to spend time with her. This will also happen when something happens to A + drama because every man "steals" them and "does not respect" the time of others on the temporary group date.

One-on-one [1]: The Bachelorette and a guy are going on a date. Tears are shed by one or both. It will be romantic or embarrassing, but either way we win.

Two-on-one : THESE DATA ARE THE BEST. The Bachelorette will have to choose between two types, so she'll take them both on a date, then throw one of them in front of the other – or she'll throw them off. I count the days until two-on-one because the drama is the best.

Fantasy Suite : Slamming at the end of the season, here's the bachelorette and a free I'll go solo without the cameras.

Hometown : The bachelorette will travel to various parts of the country during this episode, meeting their worshipers' families and leading embarrassing conversations about marriage. Sometimes exes pop up, but it's usually a pretty boring episode. Reunion show : The final show is a reunion called After the Final Rose by Chris Harrison, in which we catch up after all the finalists. Chris Harrison is constantly cutting back on commercial, cutting unpleasant moments from the season, and 90 percent of this episode will be garbage. (The other 10 percent is if we get another situation from Jason Mesnick and hell breaks loose.) [194559009] Men Tell Episode : This is a full episode that is usually ep. After the hometowns. ABC brings all the men together to hack their beef, screaming at each other and vying for the next bachelor. We laugh, we cry and bet who will decorate our TVs next season. (19659002) Insert an unknown band that you've never heard of, but for some reason, attendees know all about : This will happen during a one-on-one date. The bachelorette and the man will be impressed by a band you've probably never heard of. It's annoying, but it's worth tweeting about how you have no idea who the band is. And you can bet it's country music, with a clumsy dance on a raised podium for our couple.


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Further Bachelor Shows

The Bachelor's was premiered in 2002 on ABC and has been running for 22 seasons (that's 230 episodes!). The bachelorette started the following year, and since then, 26 territories around the world have aired versions of the bachelor's degree. There were several one-time specials (sometimes weddings), and three major spin-offs:

Bachelor in Paradise : A succession of regular seasons, it falls alum in Mexico with lots of tequila, a lot of drama and even more tears (I look at Ashley I). (Yes, this is the one who was accused of misconduct last year.)

Bachelor Pad: The worst (and original) diversion. BP ran for two years, and in the first season of Paradise, they kept trying to make Bachelor Pad a thing, but all realized that it was a trash show and stopped. End of the Story (and Show)

The Bachelor Winter Games: A two-week show that aired in February, this variation was modeled after the Olympic Games . Alums from all over the world met, exchanged pleasantries and fell in love (sometimes). A couple got engaged, but they have already separated. The format was confusing and people seemed uncomfortable. It was a total meh spin-off, so I do not expect it to return.

It's complicated: this is the age of apps. Have fun?

Solving for XX: The tech industry wants to overcome obsolete ideas about "women in technology".

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