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The best accessory for your cast iron pans – Review Geek

  Cast iron pans on a worktop
Irina Rostokina / Shutterstock

A cast-iron pan is a great addition to any kitchen counter. We've already tested the best frying pans and pans for the job, but what about the best accessories for your new purchase? Read on to learn more about the best tools for this task.

Cast iron frying pans are quite easy to maintain, but this task becomes even easier if you have the right equipment to streamline the process. Here we have a lot of great items to keep the pan clean and your hands safe to handle. Everyone makes the possession of cast-iron pans a little more satisfying.

Here are the best accessories for your cast-iron pans.

Steel spatula: MANNKITCHEN Stainless Steel spatula Professional Grade ($ 25)

  MANN KITCHEN Stainless steel spatula

A spatula is an important tool for making pancakes, hashish or whatever you are cooking turning around. The MANNKITCHEN professional stainless steel spatula is the spatula for every job. Made of hardened stainless steel, it promises a flat surface for lifting.

The handle is made of a single piece of heat resistant hardwood so you will not have to suffer while the straight edge stainless steel component is easy to lift and chisel something when anything gets stuck (as unlikely as that may be). What else do you need?

Pfannenschaber: Pampered Cookware made of Nylon Pan Set of 3 (7 $)

  Pampered Cookware made of Nylon Pans Set of 3
Pampered Cook

It's not a glamorous part of the cast. Iron pan ownership, but it is important to clean the pans so that they are not scratched or damaged. The Pampered Chef Nylon Pan Scrapers Set of 3 removes stubborn, baked stainless steel shards, non-stick cookware and glass, and your pan.

This versatility means that you will quickly become one of your favorite cleaning tools. It is quite persistent and spicy, so you will not have any trouble wiping out old meals.

Pan Scrubber: NYKKOLA Cast Iron Cleaner ($ 8)

  NYKKOLA Cast Iron Cleaner

The NYKKOLA Cast Iron Cleaner is made from the finest stainless steel and offers excellent corrosion resistance. Just use it to scrub the surface of your pans and watch how stubborn dirt peels off. It's big enough to cover a lot of the surface so you do not have to go around the pan too often. Sure, it'll look a little disgusting when you're done, but there are many holes it means it's easy to rinse afterwards. There is a loop at the top so you can easily hang it on a pen for later use. It also works well with stainless steel, copper, pyrex and other uncoated cookware.

Alternative scrubbing surface: Flavemaster Chainmail Scrubber ($ 10)

  FlavourMaster Chainmail Scrubber

FlavourMaster Chainmail Scrubber works much like the NYKKOLA scrubber, but it's another form that may be better suited to your cleaning needs fits. A square shape, it's a bit easier to squeeze into the gaps and corners of your cast-iron pans and get to the stubborn areas where food was baked.

Like the other scrubber there is a loop to hang it on a spigot for storage and easy to clean and to wash.

Silicone Grips: Evoio 3-Pack Silicone Hot Handle Holder (10 $)

  Evoio 3-Pack Silicone Hot Handle Holder

Cast Iron Pans Get Super Hot And that's great for your food, but less for Your hands. Buy the Evoio 3 pack of hot silicone and you can say goodbye to such problems. One of the silicone handles slides easily enough onto the pan handle, while the other two grip laterally. Each of the handles protects your hands from -104F to 464F, so you should never have another problem.

The handles gently slide over the metal of the pan, so you do not have to worry about skidding. Instead, you get a comfortable and stable grip no matter what you do. The handles are also dishwasher safe or you can easily rinse them by hand.

Coaster Mat: Smithcraft Lucky Plus Silicone Coaster Mat 2-Pack ($ 14)

  Smithcraft Lucky Plus Silicone Coaster Coaster

You may like to see your kitchen surfaces clean and undamaged, right? You have to buy a coaster mat. Buy the Smithcraft Lucky Plus Silicone Coaster Mat, and you can safely place your cast-iron pan on the kitchen side without worrying about anything being damaged.

The Coaster Mat is made from 100% BPA-free food grade silicone -slip, flexible and creates no problems for you or your family. It's a lightweight mat so you can easily put it aside when you do not need it. Chances are, you will always find a good cause for it. For $ 14 you get a handy two-pack.

Pan Organizer: Cuisinel Heavy Duty Pan Organizer ($ 27)

  Cuisinel Heavy Duty Pan Organizer

Ok, so you can let your skillets up the cooker all the time, but that hardly looks neat, right? If you buy the Cuisinel Heavy Duty Pan Organizer, you can put it away when not in use and make your kitchen neat right away. This variant is a 5-stage version, with which you can easily stack many pans and frying pans safely.

Thanks to the strong metal used in the design, heavy cast pans can be kept. The entire organizer is 12.5 inches long with three 2.5-inch slots and a 3.5-inch slot.

Iron Conditioner: Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner ($ 12)

Camp Chef

Cast iron pans and pans do not need a large amount of maintenance, but a useful thing to do is season it occasionally. Camp Chef's cast iron conditioner is an effective method.

Simply apply a thin coat of paint on your clean and dry pots and pans and protect them from environmental degradation. It is like a top-up for the natural seasoning of the pan and extends the life and quality of your pan.

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