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The best accessory for your Oculus Go Headset – Review Geek

The Oculus Go is one of the most affordable routes in the world of VR. However, if you want to get the most out of your Go headset, you need some accessories.

The Oculus Go is a powerful, small headset, but has some limitations. It is fragile, has poor battery life, does not have much storage space, and does not work with Bluetooth headphones. These restrictions can be frustrating and limit the enjoyment you receive from VR.

But these problems are easy to fix, you only need the right accessories. That's why we took the time to find some great accessories that can compensate for Go's shortcomings and enhance the VR experience.

Dinly VR Display Stand ($ 20)

You're gentle with your go when it's turned on your head, but where do you keep it when it's not being used? Are you putting it in a drawer with a variety of office supplies? Is it floating around the edges of your desk? You could put your Oculus Go on an exhibition stand to protect it and demonstrate your passion.

The Dinly VR Display Stand is a neat 10-inch exhibition stand for VR headsets. You can securely attach your Oculus Go to the Dinly stand so it does not tip over or fall to the ground. If you own a few different VR headsets, you can use two or three of these tripods to get a clear view of your entire VR tech.

RAVpower Filehub ($ 25)

The Oculus Go comes with 32GB or 64GB of memory. Not much storage space and a handful of videos or movies will take full advantage of your Oculus Go. And since you can not connect an external hard drive to the Go, file restrictions can quickly become frustrating.

Fortunately, you can use a wireless file-sharing device to add remote memory to your go. The RAVpower Filehub can turn any SD card or external hard drive into a wireless storage device. Think of it like a cloud storage device or a streaming service that fits in your pocket. Your Oculus Go can stream videos and open files from the RAVpower filehub as long as your filehub and go have the same internet connection.

Portable RAVpower 22,000mAh Battery ($ 42)

The Oculus Go has a terrible battery life. It's no big deal to be home next to a store, but what if you need to charge the go away from home? Well, you could always use a portable battery.

The RAVpower 22,000 mAh portable battery is small and inexpensive, but it can contain a lot of power. A 22,000 mAh battery could fully charge your Oculus Go a few times, and you can even use it for your phone or laptop. Honestly, a portable battery is a great investment, even if you do not use it for your go.

ZRSE Magnetic Breakaway Micro-USB Cable 2-Pack ($ 17)

Again, the Oculus Go has a sad battery life. Although you can use the Go while charging, it's not the most convenient setup. In the event of a sudden head turn, the Micro USB cable could be torn out of the Go, damaging the charging port and confusing the blind cable to quickly locate the detached cable.

If you have an Oculus Go, chances are you'll use it while loading, even if you know the risks. However, you can minimize this risk by using a magnetic ZRSE micro USB cable. It works like the breakaway collars that people put on their cats and dogs. The tip of the ZRSE cable stays connected to the Micro USB port on your Oculus Go, regardless of whether you charge the Go or not. There are magnets on this tip, and these magnets are connected to the USB charging cable to charge the device.

The ZRSE charges at normal speed, and it simply allows you to blindly connect to your Go during a game session. It also extends the life of the Micro USB port on your Go. If you pull on the ZRSE cable during an intense game, it will break out without removing the magnetic tip from the USB port.

If you're more interested in a long cable than a freaky magnetic cable, then you could always grab a cheap 25ft micro USB cable. Keep in mind, however, that a longer USB cable will not save your Go's charging port from crack-related damage.

Hard Eva Travel Case ($ 21)

Why not take your Oculus Go with you? Go? However, you should not put your expensive VR headset in a plastic bag every time you want to take it out of the house, because there are many hardshells that you can use to keep your Go device safe, affordable and big enough to handle one extra Controller or portable battery. It's a great option for hardcore gamers who are away from home all the time, and it can even be used as a home storage for your go.

SteelSeries Bluetooth Gaming Controller ($ 38)

The controller for this comes with the Oculus Go a little shaky. It's not always great for intense games and it can be difficult to navigate when your head is in a VR cocoon. Fortunately, there are gaming-oriented Bluetooth controllers like the SteelSeries that are supposed to replace Go's standard controller. The SteelSeries controller consumes 40 hours of life with two AA batteries, so you do not have to worry about dying during a game session. Plus, it feels like an Xbox controller, so it's easy to keep an eye out without help.

Of course, you can use a modern home console controller instead of a third-party controller. The Xbox One S controller, the Playstation DualShock 4 controller, and the Nintendo Joy-Con controllers are all Bluetooth-compatible and can all be used with the Go. However, they are a bit expensive and can be difficult to set up.

Archeer Blutooth Transmitter ($ 19)

Connecting headphones to your Oculus Go makes it easy to enhance the game experience. Cabling cables from a pair of earplugs can easily turn you into a blind gimmick. Unfortunately, the Go does not support Bluetooth headphones. However, it is not difficult to use your Bluetooth headset with the Go, all you need is a Bluetooth transmitter.

The battery-powered Archeer Bluetooth transmitter is a great way to use wireless headphones with the Go. It's a small transmitter that does not bother your gaming experience, and the 19-hour battery life keeps you entertained during these one-day Oculus Go sessions. You need to attach the Archeer to your Go with a piece of Velcro tape or double-sided tape so it does not flop around the side of your head, but hey, it's better than dealing with wires.

Replacement Foam Interface ($ 20)

If you wash (should) the foam pad of your Go between intense play sessions, you're probably caught waiting to dry. Would not it be nice to have an extra liner so you do not have to see any foam dry?

You can get an extra deposit from the Oculus website, and they really are not that expensive. These interchangeable inserts are also slightly more comfortable than the use of the Oculus Go. If you find the go uncomfortable, you should get two of them.

By the way, if you're just beginning to realize that you should clean the foam of your Go, it's probably time to buy a replacement. It's easier to wear a headset that does not smell like over 400 hours of sweaty gamer-forehead. Do not be embarrassed, we'll make mistakes.

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