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The Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts for Walls and Outlets – Review Geek

How many times have you knocked your Echo Dot behind your desk or run to save it from a meandering pool of spilled coffee? You really should protect your digital assistant from the dangers. Maybe it's time to invest in a mount?

Mounting your Echo Dot is generally a great idea. The tiny speaker is not only easier to hear when mounted at a reasonable height, it is also protected from destructive patches and bumps. And imagine how guests will react when they realize that the air freshener on your wall is actually a digital assistant that has access to the infinite knowledge and power of the Internet.

One note before we proceed: All following mounts are for the 3rd generation Echo Dot. Although it looks like the style is changing, the old generations should fit in the same mounts. It's just that the new Echo Dot is about 0.02 inches wider than its predecessor. These 0.02 inches are just enough to turn a simple Amazon "echo dot mount" search into a confusing jumble of compatible and incompatible hardware. Apart from this note, you'll be glad that none of these brackets cost more than $ 1


TotalMount Wall Mount ($ 11.99)

Looking for a simple wall mount? Now you can install the TotalMount with screws or a supplied adhesive tape. You can quickly mount your Echo Dot on drywall, glass, tiles or metal. You've heard right, now is the time to save your Echo Dot from the dystopia of your bathroom and stick it to the tiled wall. No more excuses!

Do not forget that this generation Echo Dot offers a better speaker than its predecessor. If you are mounting it on a wall, consider an area where you can listen to music or podcasts.

Unfortunately, there is no integrated cable management for the holder. This is not a big deal if you install it directly over a wall socket or behind a piece of furniture. But you have to think a bit of cable management if you decide to fix a point over the toilet in your bathroom or at the window behind your sink. Otherwise it has an unobtrusive design that would look good in any office, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. (Alexa, remember not to install any electronics in the shower.)

TotalMount Outlet Mount ($ 14.99)

The comfort of a socket holder remains unequaled. You do not have to drill holes or screw screws, you simply press the dot into the TotalMount and plug the TotalMount into a power outlet. Bam! Your Echo Dot is forever protected from splashes of water and violent table flips. Oh, and this thing is not only practical, it looks great, too. You can attach the entire power cord of the dot behind this wall mount, so your digital assistant looks like a night light of the future.

Remember that this new echo dot is bigger than the old one? Well, these extra 0.02 inches mean the TotalMount covers not just one, but two outputs. Is the convenience of totalmount worth losing a complete point of sale? Um, is "sometimes" a good answer?

Think about the space in which you want to use this rack before you buy it. Personally, I use all outlets in my bedroom, but my living room has an abundance of things. And remember, you can always unplug the TotalMount and move it somewhere else.

Pssst … Looking for something similar for an old second-generation Echo Dot? You can take a look at the Dot genius.

MATONE Wall Shelf ($ 11.99)

The MATONE is a great option for people who are interested in a wall mount, but still want to take their dot with them on the go. This wall shelf would look good behind a desk or piece of furniture and would be a futuristic addition to a kitchen or dining area. It's also a great choice for people who have an interchangeable range of smart devices at home or who want a seat for a Bluetooth speaker if their Echo Dot is not used.

You can of course position the MATONE as high Be careful when installing it too high or too far from a power outlet. You probably do not want your favorite digital assistant falling off a high shelf, and you may not want to buy an extra-long power cord. Speaking of power cord: You can wind any extra cable around the back of the MATONE. Of course, you still have to think about the cable going from your power outlet to the shelf, but it will at least be tight and will not depend on it.

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf ($ 14.99)

If you're interested in a shelf for your Amazon Echo, but do not want to drill one into the wall, chances are you like the ECHOGEAR outlet shelf. It is a replacement board for your retail outlet that has a neat little shelf. Again, a shelf is a much more flexible option than a wall or outlet bracket. You should consider the ECHOGEAR if you would like to carry your Echo Dot indoors, or if you are looking for a room that can be used interchangeably with other smart devices or a Bluetooth speaker.

Apart from the shelf at the socket The simple installation is the small hole that is at the top for cable management. Whether you plan to leave your point permanently or only halfway on the ECHOGEAR, you will know that the curse of ugly cables will not plague your happy home.

Of course you do not want to leave this thing behind your desk or tight corridors. It would be a pity if you kicked your new Echo Dot through the room.

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