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The best back and lumbar cushions for your car – Review Geek

  An illustration showing how comfortable a driver looks with a lumbar cushion.
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Have you ever gotten yourself to bend forward on the steering wheel? Maybe it's time to upgrade your car seat with a supportive lumbar pad.

What You Should Look For in a Supportive Car Pillow

Although you can technically use any lumbar pillow in your car, you may be tired of it and return back to your sluggish ways. You see, normal lumbar cushions are made for office chairs, not car seats. They may provide lower back support but often lack support for the upper back or shoulders.

We therefore recommend buying a lumbar pillow specially designed for the car. These pillows are more supportive than normal lumbar pillows and they are often much more breathable and adaptable than boots.

Of course, no two pillows are alike. Here are some things to look for when buying a car cushion:

  • Size: Small lumbar cushions can correct your posture, but rarely provide support for the upper back and shoulders. If lumbar pillows have been uncomfortable in the past, we recommend using a head or neck pillow.
  • Removable Covers: If you're worried about stains and smells, you should buy a pillow with a removable, washable cover.
  • The look: Back and lumbar cushions look super stupid. Spine health is a good compromise for the look of a nerd, but you can try to minimize the dork factor by buying a lumbar cushion that actually fits your car seats (beige pillow with beige seats, leather cushions with leather seats, etc.). ). ).
  • Breathability: Memory Foam is not very breathable, which means that your back can sweat when you live in a hot and humid environment. If you feel back sweat while driving, you may want to buy a lumbar cushion with breathable mesh or cotton lining.

Now that you know what you're looking for, it's time to get involved. Here are the best back and lumbar cushions for your car.

The Best in General: Dreamer Car Full-Back Pillow

  The Dreamer Car Full-Back Pillow for Cars.

Basic lumbar cushions can improve your posture and help with back pain. However, you can hang your upper back, which is not always a pleasant feeling.

Fortunately, the Dreamer cushion can support the entire back while riding. It consists of a supportive memory foam and is attached to the seat with adjustable straps. Unfortunately, the Dreamer's cotton cover is not removable, but you should be able to clean it with any solution that cleans the seats of your car.

Overall the best

The Affordable Choice: ZIRAKI Lumbar Cushions

  The ZIRAKI Lumbar Cushions Xpillow

If you're just looking for a cheap memory foam cushion that fits in your car seat, then The ZIRAKI Lumbar Pillow is just the thing for you. It is a supportive, adjustable cushion with a washable cover. What can you ask for less than $ 20 more?

This ZIRAKI pillow is more portable than most car pillows, which means you can use it sensibly for the other chairs in your life. That is, when you are ready to take it out of your car.

The Budget Pick

The Premium Pick: Anyshock Neck and Neck Car Cushion

  The Anyshock Back and Neck Car Cushion
Anyshock [19659003] If you want to be extra comfortable fixing your posture , you should try the Anyshock neck and back pillow. It is made of breathable memory cotton and provides extra support for the back, shoulders, neck and head.

These Anyshock pillows are supplied with adjustable straps and machine washable covers.

The Premium Pick

For leather seats: Aukee leather lumbar cushions

  The Aukee leather lumbar cushion.

Typical memory foam pillows can collide with leather seats. So if you're trying to keep your car as cool as possible, you should pick up an Aukee leather lumbar pillow. It's an attractive, leather-lined pillow with memory foam innards, providing you the back support you need without losing the cool factor of your leather car seats.

The Aukee pillow has no straps. This means that it is less stupid than other pillows, but also that it can move when you get out of your car. The leather cover of the Aukee pillow is removable, but is made of leather and should not be cleaned too often.

For leather seats

For sweaty backs: MAXXPRIME Lumbar Lumbar Cushion (pack of 2)

  MAXXPRIME Lumbar Cushion

Some people have a sweaty back when riding. It's not something to be ashamed of – it's probably just the climate or maybe it's the car seats. In both cases, Memory Foam pillows are not very "breathable", so they are not suitable for people who sweat while driving.

If you suffer from a sweaty back, you should buy a mesh lumbar cushion. It lifts your back much better than a memory foam pillow and yet provides the back support you need. MAXXPRIME mesh back cushions are a great option as they are affordable and adjustable.

For sweaty back

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