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The Best Black Friday Deals for 2018 on Android Phones «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

It's time again. No, not Thanksgiving. Black Friday. There is a lot offers available this holiday weekend, many of which include flagship Android devices. Whether you're thinking of buying a phone for yourself or looking for a gift for someone else, you can save a little money on smart shopping during the holidays.

Some of these phones are available at the moment, while others are not available for sale until Black Thursday (aka Thanksgiving) or Black Friday weekend. For some offers there are also some requirements, eg. For example, opening a new line or having to go to a retail store. Please read our description and the fine print to make sure you do not miss out on anything. [1

9659003] 1. Up to $ 200 with Amazon

If you are in the market for GSM enabled devices (phones that are not equipped with SIM cards, but with either T-Mobile or AT & T compatible with a suitable SIM card), this should be one of the first places you look at Amazon. In addition to offering deals on Prime Exclusive phones (GSM phones preinstalled with Amazon Bloatware at a discounted price), Amazon also offers standardized, unlocked devices (phones that are not supplied with a carrier or Amazon Bloatware). And with an Amazon Prime subscription, you can enjoy the free 2-day shipping.

Unlocked Phones

Prime Exclusive Phones [19659019]. 2 Walmart $ 300 Gift Certificate (& Other Deals)

Walmart has a lot to do with Samsung's latest flagship – a $ 300 Walmart Gift Certificate with qualifying activation. This is the same offer that they offer for iPhone models. Activation must be either through AT & T's Next Plan or Sprint or Verizon's device payment plan. However, you must make the purchase in the store.

  • $ 300 Gift Card When You Purchase a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8, S9, S9 +, or Note 9 (AT & T, Verizon, or Sprint)

They also offer general discounts on select Samsung Galaxy devices.

. 3 Up to $ 200 off Best Buy

The Best Buy Best Price is the $ 200 savings on Pixel 3 and 3 XL you can get for qualifying activation at Verizon. Similar to Walmart, you must sign a 24-month payment plan with Verizon for this deal, reducing the monthly rate to reflect the savings. In addition, there are some savings for unlocked devices and phones locked phones.

4. Up to a Gift Card worth $ 300 from Target

Target gives away free gift cards with a qualified activation, however, for the two hottest Android phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 3 (or 3 XL). The Galaxy Note 9 gives the larger gift card for $ 300, while Pixel 3 or 3 XL is limited to $ 200. To qualify for each offer, you must purchase and activate the unit at either Verizon or AT & T. There you pay monthly either 24 or 30 months (depending on the carrier). You must be in the business to receive this offer.

5. $ 100 on OnePlus

OnePlus offers one of the best smartphone deals on Black Friday. As of November 20, at 3:00 am EST, OnePlus will be deducted by OnePlus 6 for $ 100. This lowers the price for the entry-level 6 GB / 64 GB Mirror Black to 429 US dollars. Not only is this an amazing phone, but it's the last OnePlus phone with headphone jack, so get it while it's hot.

6. Free Cell Phones at T-Mobile

From 11/16, T-Mobile will be running what they call " Magenta Friday". During this time, you can get a free Samsung Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6T and more by exchanging a legitimate device and opening two to three leads. Every phone has its own requirements, but there is a wide choice.

New customers need to activate two new qualifying service lines, while existing customers need to activate at least one new qualifying service line. You also need to exchange a suitable device, purchase the phone through the equipment installment plan (either 24 or 36 months), pay the required down payment and any applicable taxes (along with the SIM Starter Kit, if applicable) and stay active in good Call.

You can trade in the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Series, Galaxy S7 Series, Galaxy S8 Series, Note 8, Note 5
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
  • LG V30, V30 +, G7, V20, G6
  • Motorola Z2 Force, Z2 Play
  • One Plus 5, 5T, 6

If all these criteria are met, the following phones are free Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • LG G7 ThinQ
  • LG V40 ThinQ
  • OnePlus 6T
  • These phones will be reduced by € 750 unless they're free. Requirements: [1965] Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 +
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Enable
  • You can also get a free REVVL, REVVL Plus, REVVL 2 or REVVL 2 Plus by activating a new line and the phone to buy over the equipment plan for 24 months. You must make a down payment and be active and in good condition during the 24 months.

    7: Buy one, available at AT & T for free

    AT & T makes it easy to buy yourself and someone by letting you buy a phone and get a second one for free (or greatly reduced). To qualify, you must add a new line to your account. You must pay all taxes for both devices and activate the phone for 24 monthly payments.

    These phones are completely free if you meet the requirements above:

    • LG Galaxy S9
    • LG V35 ThinQ
    • LG V40 ThinQ

    These phones, on the other hand, are discounted at $ 790: [19659021SamsungGalaxyS8Active

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 +
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • 8: Up to $ 150 off Newegg

    Newegg has some offers for GSM devices that are not locked. The best deal would be $ 150 from the Honor View 10, a phone that already had a staggering price at $ 499.

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