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The Best Car Chargers with USB-C Power Supply – Review Geek

  AUKEY 18W USB-C Car Charger for Charging an iPhone

No matter how large the batteries of cell phones, tablets, and computers become, they never seem to last long enough. These USB-C car chargers are ideal for charging outside your own home.

We have put together different chargers for different requirements. All have at least one USB-C port with power delivery. This is exactly what you want when you want to transfer your modern technology from the latest Android phone to a notebook.

These are our bestselling car chargers with USB C power, including their favorites.

Best Low Profile Car Charger: AUKEY CC-Y1
2 18W PD Car Charger ($ 17)

  AUKEY Car Charger

[19659004] Loading your belongings out of a car is great, but no one likes to make a giant adapter stick out of the dashboard. This ultra-slim AUKEY car charger is ideal for people looking for the best accessories.

The 1.5-inch AUKEY CC-Y12 car charger is almost flush The 12-volt connector to which the plug is connected is so shallow that you probably have the dust cover on your 12-volt connector directly can close about it. Despite its small size, however, it delivers 18W of power over the single USB-C-PD connector and charges your iPhone or Android phone easily.

If you're using car chargers, this is the best-looking device from AUKEY. If that's your priority and you do not need more power to charge a larger device faster, this is your car charger.

Best High Performance Car Charger: Nekteck 45W PD Car Charger ($ 22)

  Nekteck Car Charger

What makes USB-C Power Delivery so great is how high the Performance compared to previous iterations of the USB standard (USB-C PD can be up to 100 watts). While you can not find a car charger with a small form factor and performance, you can go far beyond the 18-watt range and still keep things compact. Charge your USB-C device up to 45W with this Nectek charger, making it ideal for charging your phone as well as your laptop, thanks to a standard USB-A port. This port can be charged with 12W and offers an option for those who need to charge USB-A and USB-C devices at the same time. In addition, the included USB-C cable saves you the expense of purchasing an extra cable.

Best Multiple Car Charger: Nekteck 3-Port Car Charger ($ 18)

  Nekteck Multi-Port Charger

If you want to charge multiple devices, this 3-port car charger Charger from Nekteck just right for you. This car charger not only has an 18W USB-C power delivery port, but also two USB-A ports. You can charge your USB-C enabled phone while charging or powering two additional devices, such as your GPS device or Dash Cam.

Like the other Nekteck charger mentioned above, there is an additional benefit: a 3.3-inch USB-C charger cable. This is the most comprehensive model in our roundup, but for extra USB-C PD + charging this is a great value.

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