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The Best Card and Dice Game Stocking Stuffers – Review Geek

Not every table game needs a lot of space in your game box. Some are small enough to fit in your Christmas stocking, and that's what we're looking for – perfect gifts for cards and board games that your loved ones adore.

Given the size limits, it makes almost all sense card games, but as any selfish table fan knows, you can have a lot of fun with a gripping card game. There is also a small room for some entertaining dice games. In any case, they will not break the bank, and they usually fit well into your Christmas stocking.

Find the best card and dice games for your Christmas stocking needs.

Love Letter (1
2 $)

The love letter sounds pretty cute, but it really is unbelievably outlandish. The players compete to deliver a love letter to the princess in front of their rivals. Sounds adorable, right? It's actually full of risky behaviors and devious deductions. Players have to fend off the letters of their opponents to get there faster.

It's a fast game that only takes 15 minutes, but you and your loved ones will want to play more than once. It's easy to learn and fun. It's also the perfect size to slip into a stocking.

Zombie Dice ($ 9)

Zombie Dice is always a popular choice for game fans and newbies. It is very easy and super portable. His 13 dice represent zombie victims and you have to throw the dice to find out whose brain you are eating. A shotgun completes the round and passes the game to the opponent.

Like love letters it is easy to learn and play. Sure, like any dice game, there's a huge element of randomness here, but it's still a satisfying experience.

Fluxx ($ 12)

The beauty of Fluxx is that the rules are constantly being changed, making each session a little different from the last. Two to five players can participate in games lasting between 5 and 30 minutes.

Action is simple – draw one card and play another, changing the rules for the rest of the game. As goals change regularly and action cards turn things upside down, this is a living experience that will surely delight even those who are inexplicably anti-gaming. There are several different thematic versions available, but try the original and preferably right at the beginning.

Sushi Go! (11 $)

Colorful, vibrant and good for almost all ages. Sushi Go! is also the perfect size to put in a stocking. The goal here is to get the best combination of sushi dishes as they fly by. You get points if you do most maki roles or collect a complete set of sashimi. You have to keep room for the dessert, otherwise you lose it.

It's a simple concept that thrills sushi and game fans alike. It is harmless enough that it is also ideal for family games. Do not be surprised if you are hungry halfway.

Unstable Unicorns ($ 20)

In a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, unstable unicorns are about building a unicorn army to betray their friends. Serious. In a strategy card game, the goal is simple: Build an army of 7 unicorns to win the game. Along the way, you can use the magic to increase your chances, but you can also set yourself up as the target of the mockery of your friends.

On the way there it is still very pretty and a lot of fun. It is ideal for the lover of a unicorn in your life who also has something bad in his sleeve.

Qwixx ($ 6)

Qwixx, a bargain for a little stuff, is a game for the whole family. It's a bit easier than some of the other games here, but it's a great gift for beginners to get kids to table games. Each session lasts about 15 minutes and depends on a combination of probability, mathematics and strategic thinking.

Each player has a colored score sheet, and the goal is to mark as many numbers as possible, with certain rules limiting what is achievable. It's fast to learn, but it's fun to play. Exactly what you need on Christmas morning.

Jaipur ($ 21)

Jaipur is a fast card game for two players. A mixture of tactics, risk and a touch of luck. Players are traders who strive for the highest profit. A mix of cards and tokens represents the progress of the game, and some successful sales are required to succeed.

Each card is charmingly designed, making it a truly attractive-looking card game and captivating. There is a reason why this is a popular favorite in the card game world.

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