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The Best Cheap Really Wireless Earbuds – Review Geek


  • 1 – Absolute hot garbage
  • 2 – Sorta lukewarm garbage
  • 3 – Heavily defective design
  • 4 – Some advantages, many disadvantages
  • 5 – Acceptable imperfectly
  • 6 – Good enough to to buy in the trade
  • 7 – Great, but not class best class
  • 8 – Fantastic, with some footnotes
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    0 – Absolute Design Nirvana

Price: $ 46

  A set of TaoTronics wireless earphones and their case.

Genuine wireless earphones are expensive. Samsung Galaxy Buds cost $ 130, Apple Airpods start at $ 160 and some sets offer more. TaoTronics offers wireless earplugs with a price of $ 46 that are well above the price the price considers possible both ears

  • housing double as a USB charger
  • And what we do not do

    • Setup is more difficult than competitors
    • The running time of three hours is a bit short.
    • Lid feels a bit fragile and button can cling
    • Charge Indicator Lights Are Confusing

    Truly wireless earbuds are, to be honest, luxury items. You can live without them until you try them, then you do not want to live without them. The biggest problem is usually the price. You can expect to spend between $ 130 and $ 300 on good earphones, and even our recommended budget pair, Soundcore Liberty Air, will bring you $ 80.

    If you spend less, check out TaoTronics Wireless Earphones. You may not have heard of the brand yet, but the hardware is solid – at least if you can accept some compromises for the low price.

    To be honest, the photos you see in the rest of the article are not a test device sent by the company. I bought a pair for my wife and she loved her so much that she turned around and bought a pair for me. This is a double vote of confidence right after the gate, so let's take a look at what we both loved (and did not love) the affordable little earphones.

    The overall design is not much to see [19659031] A top view of TaoTronics earphones and their case. ” width=”1600″ height=”900″ src=”/pagespeed_static/1.JiBnMqyl6S.gif” onload=”pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon(this);” onerror=”this.onerror=null;pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon(this);”/>
    Overall, the design is quite generic. Josh Hendrickson

    To be completely dull, the design of the TaoTronics case and earphones are incredibly generic. The case is about the size of one and a half altoid cans that are shaped like a rectangle and have the corners cut off. It's thin enough to fit in jeans pockets, but thick enough, you know it's there all the time.

    The lid is made of semi-transparent plastic, which feels a bit fragile, while the bottom is a bit harder and may feel a bit of abuse. The earphones themselves could be confused for a number of really wireless earphones, and that's fine. If your goal is a unique fashion accessory, you'll have to spend more on the look. However, low prices mean compromises, and it's more important that these buds work well than they look.

    Somewhat difficult to set up, but easy to use

      TaoTronics earphones with an earphone outside the case.
    The earphones can be used in single mode (left or right) or in dual mode. Josh Hendrickson

    TaoTronics highlights the wireless earphones with a striking feature. Both buds are Bluetooth enabled. For truly wireless earbuds, only one bud connects to Bluetooth and the other to the first bud. This usually means that you can hear only with the right ear (for example), but not just the left one.

    This group of earphones works on both sides in single ear mode. But that makes the setup difficult. In my tests, I've found that it's best to take an earphone out of the case, pair it, put it back in the case (which turns it off), then take the second earphone out of the case and close it mate. From this you can either use only the left or right bud or both. When you insert the second earphone, you have to wait a moment until the earbuds are connected.

    Once you've set up your earphones, you can just take them out of the case and wait for the connection. You can start or switch to single ear mode by putting away the second earphone. Similarly, switching from one earphone to the dual earphone mode is easy if you remove and wear the second one. The company has added jogging controls and they work well enough once you've saved them. Play and pause are just a tap of the left and right ear, and that's all I normally use.

    Earlier cheap Bluetooth headphones that I owned, the range was always a problem. I get off one or two rooms from my tablet and lose the signal. But with these earphones, I was surprised to learn that I could move on four and five rooms, and even get down one floor without a hitch.

    The case compensates for the short battery life

      Full size TaoTronics case - USB- One port
    This full-size USB-A port is a bonus feature. Josh Hendrickson

    Let's tear the plaster off: The battery life of these earphones is about three hours. I've occasionally pushed them out for three and a half hours. This is short compared to other products in this category, but the case makes up for it. Like almost all other wireless earphones, charge these earphones by plugging them into the case. What sets TaoTronic apart is the sheer number of charges you get out of the case.

    With a 3350 mAh battery, the company promises you can recharge your earplugs 40 times before you need to connect them. The case is back. I can not confirm this number, and that's because I did not have to recharge my case in less than a month. And I use it for between one and three hours, five days a week. The loading time is fast. You get 40 percent in 15 minutes and a full charge in one hour.

    TaoTronics has also put a bonus function in the loading case. On the left side you will find a full size USB-A port. With the right cables, you can use the case with a portable battery and charge your phone.

    Another feature I've come to appreciate is the incredibly strong magnets that TaoTronics has integrated into the ear body cavities. If you put your earphones in the case, they are practically sucked into the holes, making charging easy. This may sound a bit small, but I still have a couple of $ 500 pair of wireless earplugs that do not have these magnets, and I could not get them to sit and load properly on the first try. It's an incredibly frustrating experience that makes me appreciate this $ 46 set even more.

    The sound lacks the bass, but is otherwise good

    You should not expect a headset of any size under $ 50 to be able to compete with $ 150 equivalent, and that's true. Nobody will award TaoTronics prizes for fantastic sound, but honestly, it's appropriate. You may miss the dull bass, which has to do with more expensive options, but the voices are clear and the music is recognizable.

    If you generally buy "cheap headphones" and can not imagine buying the extra money for something high quality. End, then you will probably notice no difference in sound quality. If you absolutely need a dull bass or perfectly balanced headphones with a complete sound experience, you'll be disappointed with what you hear.

    It is not without flaws

      Close the case with three indicator lights
    "There are four lights! "- Not Captain Picard, watching this case. Josh Hendrickson

    For all the good things I can say, this product has some flaws. As I mentioned earlier, the initial setup is a bit more complicated than other wireless earbuds, and the runtime is a bit short, but the problems do not stop there.

    When opening the case, a small button is pressed to open the lid. The key starts sticking, which means that the case does not want to remain closed if I do not start it.

    I also can not recognize the remaining charge indicator lights of the case. Most products have four LEDs, each representing 25% of the charge. This case has three. For the moment I have decided to charge it when I come to a light once. I say "if anything," because after all this time, I'm still at two o'clock.

    The supplied charging cable is only three inches long, but each micro USB cable works perfectly. And TaoTronics only contains three sizes of earplugs. However, generic tips should work, and when I discovered that even the tiniest of tips did not suit me well (I have small ears), I switched to a pair of tips that I have. If you are often less satisfied with the included earplugs, check out our guide for the best replacement tips.

    There's Little to Lose at Less Than $ 50

      TaoTronics earplugs in the open lid.
    The cover of this case does not want to lock anymore. Josh Hendrickson

    If you spend a lot of money, the above mistakes may be a bigger deal, but they are forgivable in such a cheap product price. Some problems can be solved easily, for example the ear tips and the charging cable. The problem with the sticky lid frustrates me a little, and I'm worried that a good drop might break the lid, but that has not happened yet, and thanks to strong magnets that hold the earplugs, the lid does not feel necessary , Wearing the bag may be a little uncomfortable, but I would not worry about losing the earplugs.

    If you really want to try wireless headphones, but the price was intimidating, try out the TaoTronics entry. Even if you ultimately decide that you need something better for less than $ 50, you'll know for sure if it's worth paying more if you have good sound without a cable.

    Here's What We Like

    • Less than $ 50 [19659004] Excellent Bluetooth range
    • Works in dual mode or single mode with both ears
    • The case is a USB charger at the same time ,

    And what not?

    • Setup is more difficult than competitors.
    • Three hours The runtime is a bit short.
    • The lid feels a bit fragile and the button can stick
    • The charge indicator lights are confusing

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