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The Best Cooperative Board Games for Your Next Game Night – Review Geek

  Friends playing board games in a brightly lit living room
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Not all board game experiences need to be competitive. For some of the best tabletop games, you have to work together to be successful. Here you can see the best cooperative board games.

We tested a lot of different board games. There's room for challenge, family games, great storytelling, and quick sessions that only take a few minutes. And of course they are also great fun. Here are some of our most popular cooperative board games:

Best Challenging Cooperative Game: Pandemic ($ 24)

  Pandemic Board Game
Z-Man Games

Pandemic is not an easy game, but successful is a lot of fun in the meantime. You and your teammates are the last defense that stands in the way of deadly diseases, and you must travel the world together to treat infections while trying to discover a cure.

Each session lasts about an hour and there is actually a passionate sense of urgency. Who wants to run away and watch the plague eradicate them all right? Strategy and luck play a role in using time management skills and thoughtful thinking to try to be successful. Spoiler alert: It's not easy.

Best Family Collaboration Game: Forbidden Island (18 US Dollars)

  Forbidden Island Board Game

A little more family friendly than Pandemic, Forbidden Island has 2 to 4 players collaborating to bring four sacred treasures from the island ruins to find. It requires a mix of strategy and problem solving, and it's actually pretty smart.

You must use a combination of cards to prevent the Forbidden Island from going down while exploring the mission when you complete the mission. do it in time There is endless replayability with random tokens and cards as well as the ability to adjust the level of difficulty.

For horror fans: betrayal of House on the Hill ($ 30)

  Betrayal of House on the Hill Board Game
Avalon Hill

Ideal for horror fans: betrayal at House on the Hill tells a scary one History. With 3 to 6 players, there are several scenarios and a different layout for each game, so you have many excuses to return again and again.

It takes a while to figure out and set up It's very satisfying to see how the & # 39; house & # 39; grows and the monsters and pieces develop. It's about exploring the board you're building with some scary surprises. For those who are a bit suspicious of the occult or the voodoo, this is not a great idea, but for everyone else it's fun to see the house grow differently each time. Just be happy with yourself if you all survive.

Best Storytelling Game: T.I.M.E. Stories (48 $)

  T.I.M.E. Story board game

Probably the most beautiful looking board game here, T.I.M.E. Stories also tell a fantastic story. Players become temporal agents who have been sent to different realms to fulfill specific missions. Think of Quantum Leap (but less cheesy) and you are not far away. It's all designed to ensure that you do not confuse the fabric of the universe while achieving your goals.

Because of this creativity, a degree of role play is encouraged, but it does not matter if you do not feel in the mood for it. Instead, you can spend your time fighting bad guys, charming the characters you meet, and so much more. Sounds wonderfully open, right? Yes, that's about right. Be aware that each session will take a few hours, so this is more of an obligation than some other options listed.

Best Fantasy Fighting Game: Gloomhaven ($ 95)

  Gloomhaven Board Game
Cephalofair Games [19659003] Gloomhaven is a huge, stubborn world full of shifting motives, tactical struggles and the kind of things that are immediately at stake Fantasy fans will be thrilled (hey, Game of Thrones addicts). It's not cheap, it's not a game that can take just minutes, and it's a bit complex, but boy is it worth while.

Players assume the role of a mercenary, exploring remote corners of the world and working together to cleanse and ruin dungeons to become stronger and more powerful. Think of Diablo, board game style. Due to his ambitious ambition, it was designed for several game sessions. Each session will take a few hours, but you will probably return again and again. It requires dedication from your team and will not appeal to casual gamers, but it's worth investing the time.

Best Couple Game: Codenames Duet ($ 14)

  Codenames Duet Board Game
Czech Games [19659003] Date Night and you just want to do something different than watching a movie? Buy Codenames Duet and you can enjoy finding secret agents based on One World hints. It's that simple, except it's not easy.

The goal of the game is to expose all 15 agents in time, without removing too many innocent bystanders. It involves strong teamwork skills as well as some good inference skills, but it's a great time. Learning does not take long and every game is fast, so it's ideal for a quiet night out with your partner. If you work together, there is a low risk of being overly competitive.

Best Fast Game: 5-Minute Dungeon (15 $)

  5-Minute Dungeon
Spin Master Games

Many of the games here take you a long time to play through. 5-minute dungeon is not, because if that were the case, he would not really have earned the name 5-Minute Dungeon.

A fantasy-based card game that uses quick thinking and teamwork to defeat monsters. Overcome obstacles and escape dungeons. In 5 minutes. Serious. It may sound implausible, but it really is, with an app timer that ensures that you do not exceed that limit.

It's likely to be chaotic at times, but incredibly enjoyable. Each card is vital in its own way, and the extra time pressure means you learn to think quickly if you want to succeed. It's like very little out there.

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