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The Best Cotton Candy Machines – Review Geek

Cotton candy is more than just a sugary snack. It is the lifeblood of our collective childhood. Whether you're having a party, feeling nostalgic, or craving a sweet snack, a cotton candy maker is an absolute necessity.

Like most snacks, cotton candy is wrapped in secrets. How do people make cotton candy? How much is a cotton candy machine? Do I have to work on a carnival to learn some cotton candy skills through an old trading system that has been handed down since the Middle Ages? It turns out that making cotton candy is easy and affordable. All you need is a cotton candy machine and some sugar.

There are a lot of sugar cakes on the market, and some work better than others. That's why we took the time to find the best cotton candy machines, from table models to commercial giants. Remember that most of these machines do not contain sugar. You can get away with hard candy (like mints) for some funky creations, but if you want the real experience, you need cotton candy.

Best For Most People: Nostalgia Electrics Countertop Cotton Candy Maker (30 USD)

Put on these nostalgic glasses for a minute and look back on your childhood. You see smiling faces, flowers, carnival rides and a sweaty older man handing out colorful cotton candy. Now take off the nostalgia glasses and look at the cotton candy machine from Nostalgia Electrics. With this old machine you can bring a childhood with sweet cotton candy directly to your kitchen worktop.

This cost-effective machine is easy to use and clean. And since it's surrounded by a steep plastic dome, you do not have to worry about messing up your worktop. In addition, this cotton candy machine is equipped with two reusable cones and a plastic bucket for sugar. So you just have to buy some sugar. It's a great choice for easy home use because it takes up little space but still provides an authentic cotton candy experience.

Best Extra-Old-Worlds Choice: Nostalgic Carnival Cotton Candy Machine ($ 28)

OK, you caught us. This choice has the same courage as our best choice above. But if the Nostalgia Electrics sugar candy machine of the 1950s does not work for you, why not try the Nostalgia Cotton Candy Machine in the carnival-style. Given that cotton candy is often used for celebrations such as children's parties or baby showers, we could not resist adding this extra time-consuming option. Accept both cotton candy and hard candy and get a dome guard and reusable cones. The real difference is the form factor, where instead of an old-fashioned jukebox vibe you get an old-fashioned carnival vibe – without the cost of buying an actual car. If the car is what you are looking for, scroll on.

Best All-in-One Kit: Cotton Candy Express (63 USD)

If you want your cotton candy setup to get going right away, try the Cotton Candy Express set. It comes with a high-speed cotton candy machine, five sugar flavors and 50 disposable cotton candy swabs. This machine is very similar to the Nostalgia Electrics and Nostalgia cotton candy makers, except that it looks a little less old-fashioned and contains some extra extras. Whether you are impatient or buying it as a gift and you want everything to be included in a simple shipment, with this complete package you can not go wrong.

Best for Events: VIVO Commercial Cotton Candy Machine (185 US Dollars)

If you are trying to make a ton of cotton candy for an event (or for yourself), you should visit the commercial cotton candy manufacturer VIVO. This sweet beast can emit two to three servings of cotton candy per minute, and its sleek design is easy to clean and disassemble.

Although using this cotton candy machine is a dream, it probably is not the place to be. You will stay at the kitchen counter (unless you are a serious cotton candy enemy).

Best Premium Machine: Olde Midway's Commercial Cotton Candy Cart ($ 243)

Need a cotton candy machine for a party, or do you have a home theater setup that will not cost you anything? If you looked at the previous commercial model and thought, "If I pay a lot, it's better to ride a bike!" Consider using the Olde Midway cotton candy wagon. This retro machine is cute and practical, so it's the perfect cotton candy machine for big gatherings with lots of kids (or adults who love cotton candy).

The Olde Midway machine can produce two to three servings of cotton candy per serving minute, which is perfect for most party situations. And although it's a little more expensive than most commercial cotton candy makers, it comes with an extra set of belts, three integrated cotton candy pockets and a pull-out drawer with three compartments.

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