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The Best Deals on the Amazon Prime Day 2019 for Bedding, Air Purifiers and Housewares

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Are you ready for the Amazon Prime Day 201

9? As Black Friday, in July, the almighty online retailer will lower prices for some of the best household products, housewares, kitchenware, gadgets and more. Whether for a fancy wedding gift, a gift for a student who goes back to school or just to do something good, Prime Day is the best time to get important deals and discounts for thousands high-value homewares. From furniture to crockery, small appliances, bells and whistles to decor, we have put together the best houseware offerings for you.

But first …

When is Amazon Prime Day? [19659006] It's official, the Amazon Prime Day 2019 starts on Monday, July 15, at 12:00 pm (PT / 3:00 pm ET) and lasts a whopping 48 hours this year. The final sales end on Wednesday, July 17, at 12 clock PT. This is the longest Prime Day of all time (last year was only 36 hours), and the pre-prime offers are not included.

How to Navigate to Amazon Prime Day Housewares Trades

Consider CNET as your Amazon Prime Day offer before Command Center. We will refresh this story with the best and newest housewares offers as soon as they go online. We will also inform you if an item is sold out or if a sale has been prematurely terminated or extended.

Some sales are short term and only last a few hours or until they are sold out, while others take 36 or 48 hours! A healthy amount of Prime Day deals are only for Prime members – but not for everyone. We will therefore observe both closely. However, if you want guaranteed access to as many offers as possible, sign up for Prime today.

Disclosure: CNET may receive part of the revenue from the sale of the services featured on this page.

What You Can Expect From Prime Day Houseware Offers

We hope to repeat some of our favorite Amazon Prime Day last year home goods deals for decor, accessories, and other housewares and home furnishings. From fur covers to stylish lamps to home accessories and home appliances, there should be a wide range of household goods available if you are quick to draw.

Below are some of our most popular kitchen offerings from the last year and some recent pre-prime sales. So you can create a plan in your head and be ready to jump right away when the clock goes Prime!

Sales Now Available at Amazon

These sales before the Prime sale of Housewares are now on Amazon.

Sales on Prime Day 2018

These were the types of deals we saw and loved last year – and those brands and products are an indication of what we saw again this year.

Visit CNET's Amazon Prime Day headquarters for more deals.

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