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The best dry shampoo for all hair types – Review Geek

Many people will not wash their hair every day, either for comfort or for the health of their hair. But how do you keep your hair clean between these washes? Dry shampoo.

Before you buy the first dry shampoo you see, consider your personal hair needs. There are a number of different dry shampoos that are made specifically for different hair types. Is your hair super greasy or is it dry and maybe even chemically damaged? Do you have dyed hair? Do you like styling your hair with a bit of volume?

Even if you've found out what kind of you need for a dry shampoo, finding a good product can be difficult. Most stores carry only one or two brands of general purpose dry shampoo, and there are hundreds of brands and products that you can choose from online. That's why we took the time to find the best hair shampoo for hair care.

General Purpose and Affordable: Not the Mother ($ 8)

Some people do not need a special dry shampoo. If you're looking for an affordable, all-purpose product that will not leave your hair unwashed or greasy, consider the Not Your Mother dry shampoo. It leaves no powdery residue and just does the job.

A general-purpose dry shampoo may work well for some people, but there is a chance it will not work well for you. If your hair is dry and damaged, stained or greasy, you can use a special product more. But for everyone else, this is a real hit: 2 huge bottles for only 8 US dollars.

Toned Fat: Hairy Hair: Proof of Life ($ 20)

If your hair is particularly greasy, you should use a hair dry shampoo that has been specially developed for oily hair. The dry shampoo by Living Proof is particularly suitable for very greasy hair, without making it as dry as straw or leaving a residue.

You can always use a general-purpose dry shampoo for your extremely greasy hair, but you might decide too much of it. If you use a general-purpose dry shampoo to clog your hair, you'll inevitably leave residues on your head that cause powdery discoloration Make your hair look stiff or brittle. That's where a dry shampoo for extra greasy hair is made.

Hydrated Dry Hair: Klorane Dry ($ 20)

Some people naturally have dry hair, but they still have to look clean. The dry shampoo by Klorane is made from oatmilk, which moisturizes and cleanses your hair. It's a great option for people who have dry, dead hair, or for people who do not like the way straw feels with other dry shampoos.

Volumize Your Flat, Oily Hair: Redken Pillow Proof ($ 13)

If your hair is greasy after a spell, it can look a bit flat. This is an obvious problem for anyone with a voluminous hairstyle or loose locks. Dry shampoo is great for removing these oils from hair, but most dry shampoos can not replace the time-consuming washing and styling process that is essential to maintaining a voluminous hairstyle.

Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo is specially formulated for people who need to lend some volume to the hair between washes. It's a great time saver, and it's also pretty affordable.

The Natural Option ($ 11)

Dry shampoo is a staple of hair care, but many dry shampoos are made with strange things. Parabens, talc, alcohol, butane, silicone, and other ingredients are common in dry shampoos, and are usually contained in less environmentally friendly aerosol containers.

If you are trying to avoid unusual ingredients, you should do so. Use a natural dry shampoo. Hair Dance Dry Shampoo Powder is a good, carefree way to make your hair look a little cleaner. It's not so easy to apply a can of spray-on dry shampoo as you would expect, but if you're an environmentalist, it may be worth the hassle.

For color-treated hair (6 $ +))

Color-treated hair needs a lot of attention. A few wrong steps can cause your hair to look dull or unusually colored. Dry shampoo is a necessity for anyone with color-treated hair, as it allows them to skip washings and extend the life of the dyes used.

However, using dry shampoo for blonde hair can cause discoloration and can remove the shine you have been trying so hard to come first. For this reason, companies like Batiste make a dry shampoo that has been specially formulated to preserve the color of dyed hair. They have products for blonde, brunette and dark hair.

These products are also suitable for people who experience powdery discoloration when using other dry shampoos. Do not use any of these products if they do not match your hair color, as this will result in other colored spots on your head.

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